Chapter Twenty Two. Ice

Previously On Poké Rangers Cosmo Force.

The rangers were sent after the assassin Rina Vela-De-Voir, aka Infiltra after Diana's guess that she had been involved in the murder of the ambassador Tanara St. Coil from the planet Hyoori. In revealing her opinion, Diana also told them of her past with the assassin and how Infiltra hated her. Later, Infiltra attacked the Yellow Ranger at her home, the two of them fighting. Thanks to the Delta Armour, Diana managed to beat her, the other rangers showing up in time to stop her from escaping. Yet, escape she did, abandoning her mechanoid when the Cosmo and Mirror Hawk Megazords battled it

"This is officially the worst task we've ever had," complained Lily, looking down at the screen in front of her. "I mean… Examining star charts to compare with a map over several thousand years old. What a waste of time and effort."

"Sorry that you think of it this way," remarked Sandy, grinning over to the black ranger. "I'm quite enjoying it. Beats the mrek out of being shot at or beaten up by Oblivings."

"Have to agree with her to a certain extent," said Diana. "After the day we just had, I'd rather have spent it doing this instead of being hit by Infiltra."

"I never want to see another chart as long as I live," Nick said. "I'm so bored…"

"That should be an incentive for you to work faster then," Max commented. "Faster we get it done, faster we can identify one of them, we can get out of here and make our way to the end of the rainbow to find what pot of gold lies there."

"There's three star systems on here," pointed out Lily. "Even if we do one, we'll still have to work out the other two. A prospect that just fills me with glee."

"You heard what the commandant said about that," said Nick. "To be fair to him, he did say we could leave the task to the archive managers once we know what needs to be doing, what needs looking for and the like."

"Yeah, that's the one redeeming thing," Max remarked. "I'm not loving this, but…"


Everyone looked around to Sandy, desperate to see what she had given the shout at, seeing the blue ranger wearing a huge grin on her face.

"We have a match. The planet Smaltempra in the Tundro system."

"Are you sure?" asked Max. "There can't be any room for mistakes here."

"Who cares?" Lily exclaimed, punching the air. "We can leave!

It seems like the end of time

Poké Rangers Cosmo Force logo appears in the starry sky.

Like something bad is coming.

It fades out to reveal the galaxy, filled with planets. The Stronghold appears in the background.

We're living in an unsafe world

Max appears in his quarters. Max Redwood. Red Cosmo Ranger. Created by Hotrod198.

The cracks are coming through.

Sandy appears in the computer room. Sandy Garcia. Blue Cosmo Ranger. Created by PikaFlash.

Darkness rising and falling

Lily appears in the combat arena. Lily Yushaa. Black Cosmo Ranger. Created by Cyborg-Lucario.

Means the universe is calling.

Nick appears in the engine room. Nick Miele. Green Cosmo Ranger. Created by Blazin' Saddles.

Poké Rangers: Cosmo Force.

Diana appears in the armoury. Diana Camerons. Yellow Cosmo Ranger. Created by PikaGod.

Nothing is quite as it seems

The five rangers morph into their ranger forms.

We're losing it all.

Falco appears in the cockpit. Peregrine 'Falco' Griote. Silver Mirror Ranger. Created by Blue Bongo.

We need a brand new salvation

Oblivings swarm across the screen in an army.

Something to save us...

The Night Hawk flies through the galaxy, panning to a shot of the crew through a window.

Poké Rangers: Cosmo Force.

The Cosmo Megazord and the Mirror Hawk Megazord appear on a planet.

From the stars and the distant past,

The rangers pose with their weapons, before firing them.

Come to conquer, you'll never last.

Poké Rangers Cosmo Force created by Blue Bongo. All rights reserved.

Cosmo Force

"We're coming up on it, Sir," called Golde. "Approaching Smaltempra, we'll hit in half an hour. Might want to get saddled up and ready to head out and look for whatever it is on this planet."

"Heh," laughed Payne, leaning back in his seat. "There's one huge flaw in all of this in that you could spend the entire time down there looking for a needle in a haystack. It's a winter wonderland out there."

"Mr. O'Roarke isn't exaggerating," said Techno 9. "Smaltempra is approximately five million square miles in circumference. If you'll allow me to scan the surface of the planet, I can see if I can get a lock on anything out of the ordinary, anything that maybe wouldn't show up on a regular scan."

"If it's not going to show up on a regular scan, then how do you expect to find anything?" wondered Golde. "If it wasn't for that small fact, I'd already have done it."

"The chart directed us here," replied the A.I. "Something linked to the Oblivings tried to steal the chart; it might not be an unreasonable decision to assume that they have some connection. We have samples of their unique energy readings on file; I could scan the area for anything closely similar to it."

"That makes sense," said Falco, stood leaning against the wall at the back of the cockpit. "Do it. Once the results are in, let me know. No point going down unless we have a viable plan of action."

"That's always a good idea," remarked Payne. "Glad I'm not going down there with you, I'll end up freezing my tail off."

"You're going down there with them?" wondered Golde, looking over to the older Aerobian. "Really?"

"Yes, that is correct," Falco answered. "There could be anything down there, we need to be at full strength."

"In case in whatever is down there resists?"

"Again, that's correct.

"Got to say," commented Lily, leaning back in her chair to look at the ceiling of the mess hall. "If you'd said to me earlier that we'd have a choice between exploring a snow bound planet or doing more research, I don't know what I'd pick."

"Don't you do snow?" asked Sandy. "It probably won't be too bad for you, you've got that fur. I mean what's a minus twenty to you?"
"Minus twenty?" exclaimed Max. "Mrek!"

"Yeah, and you're part Flarmian," pointed out Nick. "You can set yourself on fire if need be, and survive."

"Going down to the surface of Smaltempra?" asked Gordon, looking over from behind his counter. "Think you might need something hot and nourishing inside you."

"You know, you might be right there," said Diana, thoughtfully. "Wonder if there's a stand down on the space port that we can get a cup of soup or something."

"I've got soup," protested the chef. "Made from fresh Psyduck."

"Ah, Psyduck," said Nick. "One of the most understated Pokémon out there, quite underrated. "But they make good soup I've heard. Smart and tasty."

"I'm sure every Psyduck everywhere is happy that you consider it worth eating," remarked Sandy. "Either that or completely annoyed."

"Do you want some soup or not?" demanded Gordon. "Because it's not going to consume itself."
"Tasted some of your cooking before," quipped Lily. "Think there's a chance it might do exactly that before it grows cold."

"I could take offence at that."

"If you were going to take offence at your cooking, you'd have done it a long time before now," said Max. "Come on, Gordon, we want to know. How did Falco ever appoint you as the chef on this ship?"

The chef gave him a dirty look before turning away to leave, stomping towards his counter.

"Come on, I was only asking," complained the red ranger. "His sense of humour die?"

"If it did, he probably cooked it with that stew he serves up as his speciality," commented Diana, before looking over to the counter. "Actually, can I get some orange soda before we go down, Gordon?

"Glad to see you're still coming with us on this mission, Sir," said Max, as he and the other rangers walked into the shuttle bay to find the Aerobian already waiting for them, talking to Chebek and Blister. "It's good to have you with us."

"I am talking, Cadet Redwood," replied the Mirror Ranger, before turning back to the two engineers. "Everything ready and in place for take-off?"

"It is," answered Blister. "I don't recommend you try anything to elaborate with the flying manoeuvres, no barrel roles through exploding supernovas…"

"That's just impossible," said Chebek. "Moron."

"I was not intending to do such a thing, Engineering Operative Blister," replied Falco. "This is only a scanning party; we'll go down to the planet with what we have, we'll follow the trace of what Techno 9 discovered with her scan and see what it is. If it's anything too dangerous, we'll fight it as best we can, retreat if we have to and put the word out."

"Sir, if that's the plan, a quick question," said Sandy. "What if it's some sort of thing that erases itself from your memory the moment you look away from it? Then what do we do?"
"Kill it."

"So that's the great plan," said Lily, sarcastically. "Go down and look what we can find. If we don't like it, beat it down."

"Isn't that what we usually do anyway?" wondered Nick. "Isn't that the Cosmo Force Mantra?"
"I thought it was something about protecting and serving," said Max. "Not look and punch."

Rather than say anything, Diana opened up her flask and took a swig of the Psyduck flavoured soup.

"We going to get this show on the road then?"

"To the shuttle!" exclaimed Sandy. "We need to get down there right now before anything else happens. Maybe we can end this struggle with Oblivion before the day is over."

"I doubt that," said Max. "For one thing, there were three planets on that chart. We'd almost certainly need to see the other two before that happens. But just maybe we can understand it better, gain a massive advantage in this war."

"Wondered how long it'd be before someone called it that," Falco replied, turning around to look at them. His voice was unquestionably dry.

"Because that's been the reality ever since the day they attacked the Stronghold. War. Dangerous powerful war that has taken casualties and will continue to do so until we stop them by any many means necessary."

"Which means that we'll probably have to wipe them out," commented Nick. "That's almost certainly the case."

"Might not be," said Lily. "They're shadows. Which means you can't physically hurt it without it having a host body."

"Think I already proved that you can," Diana said. "Remember when that one took control of me? I managed to kill it, didn't I?"

"Yeah, but for the 98.88888 % of the galaxy that doesn't have shape shifting abilities, that's not an option," replied Falco. "Now get on board, Cadets. We don't have much time.

After the shuttle landed, the six of them got out into the snow covered space port, five of the group immediately starting to shiver at the frigid winds rushing through the air around them.

"Man, it's freezing!" complained Nick. "Glad I'm not in my Geckile form, would be freezing my mrekking leaves off right now."

Lily laughed, waving a finger over at him. "This has to be karma. You may mock the fur, but I'm not the one who's cold."

As if to emphasise her point, she ran a finger across her black fur. "So there!"

"Hmmm," said Diana, from beneath her hood. "Have to try this."

A split second passed by, and in that time the yellow ranger transformed into an identical replica of Lily. "Ooh, she has a point. That is warm."

"Didn't I tell you about not using my form," remarked the real Lily. "It just creeps me out seeing another me."

"Yeah, creeps us out as well," said Nick. "I mean, one's bad enough. Don't need two."

"Hey!" protested Lily. "Says you, Geckile-Boy."

"Calm it down, Cadets," Falco said, idly. "This isn't a training exercise; there could be a very real threat of attack. Don't need to let them know we're coming if there is anything out there."

"I don't think we're going to get attacked at the space port, Sir," pointed out Sandy. "If it's going to happen, it's likely to be when we go out into the big white tundra."

"Just because we're going out there doesn't mean we're going to be attacked," said Diana. "That's just being negative."
"I prefer to think of it as preparation for any circumstance," remarked Max. "Expect the unexpected and all that."

"Exactly," the Aerobian said. "Cadet Redwood is correct."

They had managed to get their hands on a rented speeder, one that didn't have a heating system in it, drawing complaints from Nick. As a half-Infernape, Max didn't appear to have too much trouble with the cold, Lily was covered in fur and Diana had taken on the aspects of a form that had no problem with the low temperatures, while both Sandy and Falco bore it without any complaints.

"Should hit it in the next half hour or so if Techno 9's coordinates are right," the Aerobian remarked. "Then we'll find whatever it is that someone was so keen on keeping hidden."

"How annoyed are we going to be if it turns out to be absolutely nothing?" Lily wondered. "Just where someone left their shopping or something."

"I highly doubt that'll be the case," Sandy said. "That map was old, older than any of us can imagine. If there are any foodstuffs involved, they'll probably have long since disintegrated."

"Thank you so much for that image, Sandy," Max muttered. "We're going to get mrekked over here, I just know it."

They had travelled a few miles further, when it happened. An orb of green energy swept down from out of nowhere and smashed down into the front of the speeder, sending it careening out of control and into a snow bank.

Thankfully, none of them were hurt.

"What the mrek just happened?" wondered Max, wiping at a cut on his face. "Any idea?"

"Bomarriors!" yelled Falco, moving to punch the hatch of the speeder open. He jumped out, spreading his wings as he rose into the air. "Move to attack!"

"Bomarriors?" Sandy repeated. "Oh mrek."

Already the beings in question were streaming over the horizon, big Abomasnow-like creatures wearing battle armour. They were thieves and murderers, able to survive in the intense cold and use their natural abilities to hunt down travellers.

Like Falco had done previously, the other five rangers quickly made to get out of the speeder, all taking up fighting stances.

"This is going to get rough, Rangers!" Falco yelled, bringing up his morpher. "Prepare to fight!"
"Right!" exclaimed Max. "Let's do it!"


As one, the six rangers morphed into their suits, the Bomarriors streamed towards them. Not hesitating, they moved to defend themselves, Ma x kicked one in the face before slamming a pair of Fire Punches down into two more, knocking them out with his flaming fists. Sandy grabbed one by the throat, and with great effort tossed it into a pile of snow. It remained there, buried down face first, the booted legs swinging around in the air. The blue ranger then swung her body around and shot two of them in the face, taking them out. Lily punched one in the body before smashing its face in with her Cosmo Baton.

Meanwhile, Nick sprang up and nailed another Abomasnow-alien with his Leaf Blades, the energy appendages shooting out from his wrists to crash into the opponents face. It didn't do much damage, but it did manage to force it back where the green ranger then kicked it down to the ground and stamped its face into the snow. Diana's fist began to glow with a bright white light before she swung out and punched another in the face, throwing it way back up into a snow bank.

At the same time, Falco was battling three of them, keeping them all at bay with his fists and wings. None of them could get close to him; he was simply too fast for them to track him. One tried to beat him down with a Wood Hammer attack, only for him to feint to the side and smash his Mirror Wing into its face.

"Cadets!" he called, punching another one in the face. "Go on, you have to carry on with the mission. Find what it is, I'll hold them off."

"Commandant!" Sandy shouted. "Are you sure? There's too many of them. Some of us'll stop with you, you need…"
"The mission, Cadet Garcia!" the Aerobian roared. "Get on with it! These things won't take me down, I guarantee it."

"If you're sure…" Max said, looking over to the Mirror Ranger. "Come on, guys. Let's get going."

They had ran for the best part of ten minutes, still following Techno 9's coordinates through the voice of the A.I in their headsets, when eventually they came across a slim tunnel in the side of a huge mountain.

"What do you think?" Diana asked. "Tunnel vision?"

"Seems as good an option as any," Max said. "Let's go. I'll take point, we see anything remotely bad in there, pull out immediately. I'll try to hold it back, the four of you get out."

"Wow, that's really noble," Lily said, sarcastically. "And stupid. First Falco, now you. Anybody else want to try and sacrifice themselves for the cause while we're at it?"

Max didn't say anything, instead going off to push his way through the tunnel, the other rangers following him soon after.

"I sure hope the Commandant is okay," Nick said, battling against the snow in the tunnel, the stuff being churned up by those ahead of him. "I mean, those Bomarriors could destroy him if…"

"Come on, Nick!" said Lily, rolling her eyes under her helmet. "He's Falco. You really think that a few damn Bomarriors could defeat him. He's just buying us some time and then we'll meet back up with him."

"You know what I wouldn't mind knowing?" Sandy remarked. "How, out of all the places on this planet that they could be, are in the exact place where we end up?"

"Guess it's just another one of the unsolved mysteries in life," said Diana, the light visible at the end of the tunnel. "Plenty of them out there and all that."

They fell silent as they approached the end of the tunnel, stepping out into the chamber beyond it. Once there, their jaws fell collectively at what they found.

"Holy mrekking lover of mrek!" exclaimed Lily. "What the mrek have we just walked into?"

Stood towering above them was the huge stone structure of a big white Regice.

"That's impossible!" Max exclaimed, looking up at the sight above them. "That's just… How has nobody ever found this thing before?"

"What I want to know is who would build something like that?" wondered Sandy. "Build it, fashion it, whatever it is."

"All part of the one big mystery that is this crazy world we're living in," said Diana, philosophically. "Just another piece of the Obliving puzzle… Wait a second! Obliving!"

From the shadows of the corner of the chamber, several of the black shadow creatures arose and began to move towards the Regice.

"What are they doing?" wondered Nick. "And how did they get here? Did they follow us?"

"It seems likely," replied Max. "And forget that, just stop them before something bad happens."

A hand fell down to the Cosmo Blaster at his waist, before bringing it up to fire at the creatures. The other rangers did the same, all to no avail as the shots either missed or failed to affect the target. All of the group managed to make it to the base of the Regice. They reached out to touch the statue, their hands outstretched…

… To make contact. And as soon as they had appeared, they vanished away, sucked into the stone creation. And, in no time at all, the Regice burst into life, the stones on its face flashing. It raised up its arms, crashing them into the roof. Around them, rubble started to tumble down to the ground, carving up the snow.

"That's not good!" exclaimed Lily. "This day just gets better and better, doesn't it."

"Man, guess we need to take this thing down before it does some damage," said Nick. "Thing that big could demolish half the planet if it's left unchecked."
"If it could demolish half the planet, what's it going to do to our Megazord?" wondered Diana, sagely. "But yeah, see your point."

"We need the Cosmo Fighters now!" yelled Max, looking to the sky.

Swooping down from the sky above them, the Cosmo Fighters arrived on the scene, the automated transport systems bringing the rangers on board. In response to their arrival, the morph drives activated, transforming the Cosmo Fighter into their Zord forms.

"Activating morph drive 2.0. Cosmo Megazord formation!"

In response to the command, the five Zords began to change. The Infernape Zord's legs and arms tucked in to form a torso, all while the Grovyle split into two to form a pair of legs which attached to the bottom of the Infernape Zord. Both the Porygon and the Mightyena Zords moved up to form arms that became attached to the shoulders, the Porygon on the right, the Mightyena on the left. Finally, the Ditto Zord moved up to the top of the machine and covered the Infernape head to form an entirely new facial structure.

As it landed, the rangers quickly realised something, even though they had formed their Megazord, the Regice was still larger than them, the tip of the robots head came barely up to its shoulders.

"Man, we're screwed!" complained Nick. "That thing's going to topple the crap out of us!"

In response to that, the Regice threw out a punch to the Cosmo Megazord, the blow sending it staggering back down to the ground.

"Positivity wouldn't help," said Max. "I say we put this thing on ice. Fire Bomb Blast!"
A pair of cannons emerged from the chest of the Megazord, sending a barrage of fireballs crashing into the lower part of the Regice. Other than a few burns left upon the surface of its body, no damage appeared to be done.

"What's your great plan now?" wondered Lily. "That did nothing!"

Almost as if it was backing her up, the Regice swung out another punch towards the Cosmo Megazord, the force of the punch sending it flying back through the side of the cavern and into the wastelands of Smaltempra.

Outside, Falco looked up to the source of the disturbance, shocked by the sight of the huge robot falling through the mountain, immediately followed out by the huge Regice. "What in the name is happening?" he wondered aloud, before turning back around to block a punch from a Bomarrior. It was one of the few remaining in the picture, some of them having already fled the scene at the sight of the Regice.

"Some warriors," he muttered, punching another one to the ground, one of the few remaining. "Think my rangers may need help. Techno 9, get the Night Hawk down here."

"At once, Sir," replied the artificial intelligence.

As the Night Hawk came swooping down out of the sky, the Mirror Ranger leaped up to get into the cockpit. Reaching down to a pad, he keyed in a code, pushing the numbers four, eight, seven and one, the input bringing the console to life.

"Activating morph drive! Mirror Hawk Megazord!"

Responding to the command, the Night Hawk transformed into a mechanical Pidgeot. Soaring through the air, the Pidgeot began to change, the face moving forward to balance on the body, revealing a new humanoid face ahead of the Pidgeot crest. The legs moved down to the rear of the figure, combining with the tail feathers to create legs. The wings stayed where they were, while a pair of arms emerged from the body, the talons from the feet moving up to attach to the end of the hands. The transformation complete, the Mirror Hawk Megazord landed on the ground.

"Okay, let's see what we can do with this thing," said the Mirror Ranger, the giant robot flying up into the air to come landing next to the Regice. No sooner had it come to a perfect landing did the giant statue throw a punch at it, the blow knocking the Mirror Hawk Megazord onto the ground.

"About as well as us it seems, Commandant," called Diana. "You got a plan? Because we already tried to firebomb it and that did the broad side of nothing."

"It would appear that conventional attacks are of little use," commented Sandy. "But, just to prove that point. Cyber Pulse!"
Her command rang out, the Porygon arm rose up and fired a bright blue beam towards the Regice, the blast striking it in the lower part of the body and not doing anything to it.

"Thank you for that demonstration, Cadet Garcia," said Falco. "But I suggest we try to go for the most vulnerable part."

"What's that then?" wondered Nick. "Legs? Arms? Face…"

"The eyes, Cadet Miele," replied the Aerobian. "Aim at the face, those golden dots that I presume to be its eyes."

"Already tried, Sir," said Max. "My Fire Bomb Blast attack was aimed at the face; I imagine Sandy's Cyber Pulse was as well."

"You know what it means, don't you," said Sandy. "Best theory I can formulate, there's some sort of protective field around its weak spot. It's kinetically bending our attacks away from it before they can land a blow."

"So, what do you suggest, Sandy?" wondered Lily. "How can we hurt it then?"
"We've only tried projectile attacks in this instance," the blue ranger said. "What about a physical blow? In theory, that should work. It can't bend the damage that way; at least it shouldn't be able to."

"Then I guess we know what needs to be done," said Falco. "Let's take it together on my count of one, two, three…"

"Shadow Uppercut!" yelled Lily, the Cosmo Megazord charging forward. It leaped up into the air, the Mightyena fist glowing with a black energy.

"… Four, five, Air Slash!" Falco shouted, unable to help but roll his eyes at the way she had completely misinterpreted his order. His own Megazord leaped up and struck out with its talons, only for the Regice to throw out both arms, first swiping away the Cosmo Megazord with one hand, and then knocking back the Mirror Hawk Megazord with the other one.

"No!" the Mirror Ranger barked, angry. "I wasn't finished, Cadet Yushaa! We're not going to stop this thing unless we are in complete synchronicity."

"What, like someone and their reflection in a mirror?" quipped Sandy. "What's your plan, Sir?"

"The comparison you draw is admirable, Cadet Garcia," replied Falco. "There might be one way to work this. Alone, we cannot stop this thing, as two individuals we are outmatched. But in conjunction…"

"You do know that these two Megazords can't combine together, Mr. Griote," asked Techno 9, interrupting him. "It wasn't written into their programming."

"I know," he said. "That was never my plan."

"So what do we do then?" asked Max. "Sir, what's your great plan."

"I need you to follow my instructions to the letter," the Mirror Ranger said, calmly. "Can you all do that?"

"We're prepared to do it, Commandant," said the red ranger. "Just give us our instructions."

As he relayed what he had to say, the two Megazords began to slowly move into position. The Mirror Hawk Megazord went over to stand behind the Cosmo Megazord, reaching out both arms to take the other robot by the shoulders.

"Ready?" Falco asked. "Ready to take flight?"
"Do it, Commandant," said Sandy. "We're ready to get high."

"Then prepare for take-off!"

The Mirror Hawk Megazord flared out its wings and then rose up into the air, carrying the Cosmo Megazord in its grip. High it soared into the sky, raising it above the head of the Regice.

"Think we're high enough, Sir?" Lily asked. "Can see its big ugly face from here."

"I think we're high enough," Nick said. "Let's take this thing down and out. Bag it and tag it."

"Amen to that," said Max. "Star Blade!"
The weapon appeared in the hand of the Cosmo Megazord. "Ready when you are, Sir," called Diana. "Let go at your leisure!"

The Mirror Ranger hit a button in front of him, letting the other robot fall from the Mirror Hawk Megazord's grasp.

"Star Blade Assault!"

As the Cosmo Megazord fell through the air, the sword began to glow with a bright white light. While still falling, the giant robot brought it up and slashed into the Regice's face several times. The statue stopped moving, turning as still as the stone it was made of. The face was completely demolished by the blows, the rangers only allowed a brief glimpse of their damage as the Megazord continued to fall, landing at the foot of the shaking statue.

"Nice hit, Rangers!" Falco yelled. The giant Regice gave one final shake and then began to crumble, starting off from the top and finishing at the bottom. In moments, it was a pile of white stone, still towering over both Megazords. "We did it!"

"I don't believe it!" Diana complained, kicking up a pile of snow. "After all that, there's nothing here. What a waste."

"Cadet Camerons," said Falco, looking over to her. After the battle, the six of them had morphed out of their ranger suits and gone back to the chamber, hoping to find something of value. "I suspected as much before the time, but has it not occurred to you that the big secret here may have been the thing that attacked us?"

"I had thought that," the yellow ranger replied. "But, decided that it couldn't be, really. I mean, who would build something like that and then hide it somewhere nobody would ever find it?"

"Someone who wanted to waste our time?" asked Lily. "Because, other than splattering a few more Oblivings, was there really any point us coming here?"

"I'm sure that you could have put that better if you wanted to, Cadet Yushaa," Falco said, dryly. "But, I agree. There's nothing here worth finding, I believe that Regice was about all there was to be found. And we destroyed it. Maybe there's something in the rubble, I don't know. But there's nothing in this cavern at all."

"So, what was the point of it all then?" asked Max. "We need to find out what the point of it all is. Maybe then we can work out what to do about this problem. Because there aren't any answers here."

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Chapter Twenty Three, Flare, preview.

Falco: The Council has a task for you, Rangers.

Lily: Yeah, these are always so much fun.

Nick: Space Station Thirteen. Owned by Romerenko Enterprises.

?: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we are here to witness a thing of natural beauty.

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