Camping Under the Eyes of Gaia

Disclaimer- Blah, blah, blah.. I don't own any of this, I just got up and was bored so I said, "Hey..I'll make a story based on Illusion of Gaia!" Therefore, I did, so...Yay! Anyway, on with the story!

Author's Notes-Alright, now in case you don't get it, the first chapter you read, then you go to either chapter two or three to decide who Will talks to, Lilly or Kara.

Prolouge-Through a forest close to Larai Cliff, in a small clearing were three bodies and a campfire, along with sleeping bags, one was Kara, a cute princess under the rule of King Edward and Queen Edwina. Kara is the usual stuck up princess, and was the one that decided to camp for the night because of her sore feet from walking all day. Another was Lilly, a strange girl from Itory Village, a place few have heard because of a magical barrier that hides the village from outsiders, Lilly and Kara have been into several arguments before due to their differences...Or maybe because they both like Will. The last one was Will, a boy who is supposedly the Chosen One that carries the Dark Power within him to destroy the Chaos Comet. Will sometimes keeps quiet and just thinks, mainly about the whereabouts of his father since his disappearance last year, and sometimes about the future...~What if I destroyed the Comet..? What would become of the Earth after that?~ He thought to himself as he stared into the fire...

Now, for the actual story!- Lilly looks over at Will gazing into the fire and whispers "Hey Will, are you okay?" Will blinks as if out of a trance and turns to Lilly, whispering "Yeah, I was just thinking." Kara on the other side of the campfire pouts softly to herself, seeing Will talk to Lilly. Her Will, the one that rescued her from the castle, remembering herself scream silently in joy as she watched him run into her bedroom, telling her that they have to leave right now, remembering reaching her hand out to him and his own hand gently grips hers as they ran off together. Her eyes closed and sighs dreamily to herself.

Lilly nods to Will and sits down somewhat next to him, not too close and not too far. She glances at Will, watching him examine his flute as she begins to remember seeing the look on his face when his grandparents escaped from an unstoppable hunter named "The Jackal" and ended up in Itory Village. His look was surprising but..She couldn't quite tell, but she thought that she saw tears come to Will's eyes. She felt happy for him at that moment, wondering what it's like to lose both parents and spending the rest of your life with your grandparents. She also felt something else towards him, she wondered if it was love and she denied the thought, remembering the village Elder telling her that she cannot love anyone outside of the village, there was one exception being that Will's parents loved each other and the Elder sensed something strange between the two, so he excused them of the rule. Lilly sighed in sadness with a hint of frustration to herself.

Will gazes down at the flute he is holding in his hands, he then raises a hand to brush his short dirty-blond hair away from his face, cursing the wind in his mind. He then turns to Lilly who quickly turns away from Will and glances around. His eyebrow slowly raises in confusion and turns to look at Kara, recieving the same response. Will blinks this time, shrugs, and goes back to examining his flute, he whispers to himself "I'm getting bored, but it's pretty dark.I'll talk to one of them for a bit, then I'll go to sleep."
(Alright, the next chapters will be if he talks to Lilly, or to Kara. You decide once I get them posted. See ya!) -Caleb