"The new guy in school"

Morning seemed like it came really fast Stirling rolled out of bed and walked down stairs and saw his mother packing her vases. Stirling grabbed an apple, put his back pack on, and grabbed his skateboard and head toward the door.

"Stirling honey why are you up so early?" asked his mom.

"Uh going to school?"

"The school called and said they don't want you back" she said.

"Why?" he asked with an innocent look on his face.

"You know why" she said glaring at him.

Stirling laughed and his phone buzzed it was Alec.

"Hey Alec what's up?" he asked.

"Come down the Jack in the Box I got a group of friends who want to say good bye and I have a surprise for you" Alec said in a happy tone.

"What's the surprise?" asked Stirling.

"You'll see when you get here all I'm goanna say is it starts with an L" Alec said hanging up.

Stirling got on his skate board and rode it to Jack in the Box. Hmm what could start with an L? He thought once he got there he saw Alec with a group of girls and one girl was Mrs. Limbo.

"Stirling!" all the girls yelled and they all tackled him.

"We love you Stirling we are going to miss you so much" they said crying.

All the girls gave him a kiss and soon he was cover with lip stick marks then Mrs. Limbo walked up to him and started crying.

"Oh I'm going to miss you Stirling! Vous devez venire visiter oui?" she sobbed witch meant you must come visit yes?

"Yes Mrs. Limbo I'll come to visit" he smiled yes he knew French because he wanted to under stand what his beautiful teacher was saying so he took lessons.

Mrs. Limbo kissed Stirling on the forehead and he blushed. Then he turned to his best friend Alec and he realized they been threw a lot together and he hugged him.

"Dude you have to come visit" Stirling smiled.

"Ok later dude" Alec smiled.

When Stirling walked out of Jack in the Box a group of girls were crying and held out a banner that said we love you Stirling! And he blushed and walked home. The rest of the day seemed to go by really fast he helped his parents pack boxes in the moving van and thought about how awkward it's going to be to go to a new school in the middle of the school year not know any one at all. After they packed they went out for dinner and came home to get some sleep because they were leavening at 4:00 a.m. It seemed like he just put his head down and his mom came in and said Stirling it's time to leave. Stirling sighed and got up and Alec was out front with a box of donuts and a Starbucks coffee.

"Dude I'm so glad you came to say goodbye!" Stirling smiled.

"Yea its gonna be hard you were the only one who could make that school fun" Alec laughed handing him the food.

Stirling put his arm around Alec's shoulder.

"Well your going to have to take my place" Stirling smirked.

"Yea well I gotta go my mom doesn't know I snuck out to say good bye later dude" Alec smiled running home.

The cab came and took then to the air port. Once they got on the plane he turned to his mom.

"Hey mom where are we going to sleep tonight?" he asked.

"In our new house dear" she said flipping threw a magazine.

"No I mean our furniture won't be there yet" Stirling said.

"Oh well when your dad was there last week he bought new furniture and left our car there and flew home remember" she smiled.

"Oh yea" Stirling said putting on his headphones and turned up his iPod and fell asleep.

After a two hour flight the plane landed Stirling woke up and gathered his guitar case and suite case and got off the plane headed for the cab. They drove to there new home with was a very nice house once they stepped inside Stirling's mom turned to him.

"Get ready" she said getting her keys.

"For what?" he asked.

"We are going to enroll you in school" said his mom.

Stirling and his mom got into the car and drove to Bluefield High. It was a very big school but once Stirling got out of the car he noticed he didn't dress like anyone else and they all stared at him weird. Once they walked into the office an older lady smiled at him.

"Well hi there you must be the new student" she smiled.

"Er yea" Stirling said.

"Well here's your schedule we can't wait to see you tomorrow" she smiled.

Stirling looked at his schedule as his mom was signing papers and he started to laugh so hard he was crying. This schedule said: Mr. Sucknuts – Math, Mrs. Herbox –English, Mr. Tickeldownlow – History, Mrs. Bitchslap – Home Ec, Coach McBalls – P.E., and Mr. Pokerbackside – Sex Ed.

"You can't be serious right?" Stirling said.

The older lady looked at him "Is there something wrong with your schedule?" she asked sweetly.

"Are these real teachers?" asked Stirling.

"Yes their the best teachers at this school" she smiled.

Stirling nodded and sat down laughing to himself.

"Can you recommend some place good to eat?" asked his mom.

"Yes go to Uranus Café it's the best one in town" she smiled.

"Uranus?" Stirling repeated.

Once they got in the car he showed his mom the schedule and she laughed.

"Now Stirling help me find Uranus Café" said his mom.

"Mom I'm not eating at a café named after some ones ass hole" he said seriously.

"Now Stirling clam down it's just a word they said it's really good be open minded give it a try" she said.

Once they got there they were greeted at the door by an older lady.

"Hello I'm Megan Skidmark how many?" she asked.

"Two" his mom smiled.

Megan led them to a table and handed them a menu.

"What can I get you to drink?" she asked

"Water" said Stirling's mom.

Then she looked a Stirling.

"How about a nice glass of milk for you, you know milk makes boys grow big a strong" she grinned.

"Uh no thanks I'll take a coke" he said.

"Ok today's special is Beenieweenies" she smiled walking away to get their drinks.

Stirling leaned across the table.

"Mom can we just get out of here?" he begged.

"Now, now Stirling it's not that bad." She said setting her menu aside.

Megan came back with their drinks.

"What can I get you?" she smiled.

"I'll take the Anus Salad" smiled his mom.

"I'll take an uh…ass... I mean Anus …Burger?" he said trying not to laugh.

"Your new in town aren't you?" she asked taking their menus.

Stirling nodded and sipped his drink quietly.

"How old are you?" she asked.

"15" he said quietly.

"Oh I have a granddaughter who is 15 her name is Emily perhaps she can show you around school" she smiled.

Stirling looked at the lady in front of him with the lipstick on her tooth and her boobs to her knees.

"Uh maybe…." He said.

"Well there having a foot ball game tomorrow night she's a cheer leader" she said walking back to the kitchen.

"Yea you should go dear you'll make some new friends" smiled his mom.

They finished eating and surprisingly it was very good. Megan went to clear the table she turned around and smacked Stirling's drink over with her long flabby boobs.

"Oops clumsy me" she muttered then she smiled at Stirling "thanks for coming I hope you meet Emily at the foot ball game" she grinned.