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Berry Merry Cheerio

"Ain't nothing gonna break my stride," Began to broadcast across the room. It was 6:00 AM, time for Rachel to wake up for school. Slowly, the tried brunette opened her eyes. Once the upbeat tune filled her ears however, she was up like a lightening bolt.

Today was exciting, but today was also nerve racking, terrifying, and prone to the unknown. Diving out of her big pink comfortable bed, Rachel literally leapt over to her cupboard, opening it up with care and ruffling through it's content. Finally finding what she was searching for, the diva reached her hand further into said cupboard, pulling out an item of clothing.

"Perfect." The newly awoken girl grinned to herself. Changing out of her pyjamas, she began to slip on the fresh new outfit.

A Cheerios outfit, to be exact.

Admiring the immaculate uniform in her mirror, Rachel caught sight of the time. 6:08 AM. Grabbing some hair accessories, the brunette started sweeping the front of her fridge to the side, before starting on the main part of her hair. Lots of short frizzy clumps became visible from underneath her normally nice smooth locks, making Rachel pout slightly. How do Quinn, Santana, and the rest of the Cheerios get their hair so nice and fancy?

Sliding two small hair clips either side of her head, the frizz disappeared. Forming a bright beam at her appearance so far, she then proceeded to tie the hair in question up into a high pony tail. It took a few attempts to make it perfect, but it was all worth while because she looked fantastic. Seeking out her curlers, she added some twirls to feel stylish.

Rachel glanced over to her clock. "Damn it." She muttered, seeing that it was 6:40 AM. She should have been downstairs with her fathers ten minutes ago. Fetching her books for the day out of her bedside draw, she jogged down stairs as fast as she could without tripping over and causing a fatal injury. That would just make Sue Sylvester plain old mad.

"Good morning, Dad and Daddy!" The new Cheerio greeted her fathers in the kitchen, taking a seat at the small wooden kitchen table.

Smirking, her dad - Leroy - raised his eyebrows. "Ten minutes late for breakfast, princess." He commented. "How may we serve the gorgeous new cheerleader?

He watched as his daughter handed her other father - Hiram - her school books for him to place on the side counter. Turning back to Leroy, she apologised for her lateness and explained her hair was being a bit of a pain. After having some toast, and being smothered with kisses from her overly loving fathers, she began her journey to school.

It was her first day on the Cheerios, so she had to make a good impression. She hadn't actually been Slushied for a while, but that was because she was with Finn and he would go mad at the offender if they did. Now she wasn't with Finn, however, and she wanted a new start. She didn't want to go back to just being 'That Glee Club Loser", so she applied for the cheerleading squad. It was actually Brittany who talked her into it. Nobody could resist the puppy eyes she gave when she talked. Anyhow, she somehow made it on the team. All her morning exercises really did come in handy as she did cartwheels across the gym in front of Coach Sylvester.

Back to reality, Rachel was just crossing the road down the street when she heard a noise. Startled, the small girl span around, but she couldn't identify what the source of the sound was. Continuing on her stroll, she heard the noise again. This time she could make out that somebody was calling her name.

"R-R-Rachel… Aaa-aa-aahh!" A boy fell out from behind a bush. This said boy had an afro. Swerving round, Rachel instantly recognised the voice.

"Jacob, what do you want? In fact, what are you even doing here?" She snapped, not giving him enough time to answer before turning her back on him and power walking away. Being the annoying little thing that he is though, Jacob followed.

Microphone in hand, he chased after her asking her all sorts of questions. Many of which about Glee, Finn, and the Cheerios.

"Is it true you cheated on Finn Hudson with Noah Puckerman?"

"How do Quinn and Santana feel with your new membership on the cheerleading squad?"

"Did you only join to get your Quarter Back boyfriend to want to be with you again?"

"Please marry me?"

Suddenly, Rachel had the urge to slap the afro haired boy across the face. So that's what she did. He tripped over, screaming like a girl. Wow. Did Rachel Berry just hit someone? Obviously so. "If you continue to stalk me Jacob, I'll press charges. Now scram!"

The trip to school after that was fairly peaceful. It was 2011, a new year, a new start. Rachel was a Cheerio now and that made her feel at ease. Nobody picks on Cheerios, or they would have Sue to deal with. That's probably why Santana and Brittany haven't ever been Slushied or tormented for being in Glee.

Once at school, the brunette entered the building. Eyes followed her as she strutted down the hallway, pony tail bopping behind her. Maybe she could get used to this. She could see why half the Cheerios were bitches now, although she didn't intend on becoming one herself. She could see Finn, alone by his locker. Flashing a smile as she waltzed past, his mouth dropped open. Giving herself a satisfied grin, the brand new cheerleader headed into the girls toilets.

Lightly applying some make up, the extremely happy girl heard one of the cubical doors open. Head twisting around to see if she knew the person in the bathroom with her, she saw a very hyper - and messy looking - Brittany hopping towards her. Stumbling behind was an also very messy looking Santana, groaning and sorting out her hair as she tumbled towards the mirror. Ahh, they've been making out again. Rachel chuckled to herself.

"You got on the Cheerios!" The ditzy blonde screeched, flinging herself at the tiny figure that is Rachel. Grabbing her around the shoulders, she pulled her into a tight hug. Being caught off guard, Rachel gasped. Santana just rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry Berry, you get used to them." She mumbled, referring to the cuddle.

"I'm sure you have." 'Berry' replied, eyebrows arching upwards.

Scoffing, the Latina placed her hands on her hips in defence. "I do not know what you're talking about, midget." And with that, she grabbed her best friend (who was trying to drink from the tap), and swiftly exited the lavatory.


Rachel was on the way to lunch time Glee rehearsal in a good mood. People had been treating her like royalty all day. Brittany had managed to convince Quinn to sit by Rachel, Santana, and herself in the English lesson they all had together. To the surprise of all four Cheerios, Quinn actually seemed to be forming a liking to her 'enemy'.

The brunette was a little bit taken back when she strolled into the choir room to find everyone with large cheesy beams on their faces, all staring at her with big boggly eyes.

"Uhm, what's going on?" She questioned, confusion very apparent.

"So it IS true!" Kurt gasped, Mercedes and himself instantly pulling out their phones and tweeting about it.

"Finn had told us you were a Cheerio but I didn't know whether to actually believe him." Tina explained, right hand in grip with Mike's left.

"Hey! I-" Finn started, but he was interrupted by Mr. Schue entering the room.

He stopped and stared at Rachel, opening his mouth to speak, before Rachel got in their first. "Yes, I am now a Cheerio." She confirmed, taking a seat besides Quinn, who she now kind of considered a 'friendly acquaintance'.

"That's, um… excellent, Rachel." The Spanish teacher stumbled, placing some paper on the piano next to Brad.

Not much work actually went down that session. Everyone was asking Rachel questions, and she wasn't objecting to the attention. She hadn't even attended her first Cheerio practice yet.

After School

Rachel was about to attend her first Cheerio practice.

Standing outside the gym, Brittany jumped on her from behind while shouting "RAWR!". Rachel's heart leaped a million miles, but quickly calmed down again once she recognised the voice of her unexpected new friend.

"Hey Brittany." The nervous dark haired girl greeted the hyper active light haired girl, who was bopping up and down on the spot.

"I'm waiting for Quinn and San. Were you waiting for meee?" She commented, over exaggerating the 'me' part.

"Yeah, I guess. I'm kind of nervous. I know that I'm obviously the star of Glee Club with my perfect voice and years of dance training, but I've never done anything like this before. Especially under the gaze of Miss. Sylvester."

At that moment, Quinn and Santana walked up to them, laughing. Rachel found this weird because she was pretty sure they hated each other.

"What's so funny, San?" Brittany questioned, a beam brighter than the many trophies that Sue has after they've just been polished.

"Guys, Quinn just told me the most amazing joke, like, ever. You have got to hear it." Her best friend answered, smirking.

Suddenly, something barged past them. "There will be no joke sharing here, ladies. Now get in that gym before I punch an owl in the stomach." They distinctively heard. Ahh, classic Coach Sylvester.

About 10 minutes had passed, the Cheerios were hard at work. The music to Telephone began to pump through the speakers at an ear splitting volume, cheerleaders skipping in circles around the hall while striking poses. Once the number had ended, Quinn was on the top of the pyramid, Santana, Brittany, and Rachel, underneath. Their coach watched on as they tried to stand as still as possible for what seemed like hours.

"How long do we have to stand like this? I'm about to fall!" Rachel panicked, whispering to Santana besides her.

In return, the experienced cheerleader replied through gritted teeth, as for Sue not to notice them talking. "Not much longer…"

Now it was Quinn's turn to speak. "Will you two just shut up?" She snapped. At the sound of the shrill tone, Brittany's knees gave way. She plummeted to the ground, bringing to whole squad down with her. They all landed in a heap on the floor, Coach Sylvester screaming at them about being failures.

"Ugh, get off me." Santana demanded, poking the lump on top of her. The lump being Brittany.

"Ow, that hurt." Moaned Rachel, rubbing her head in pain. The words of wisdom from Quinn didn't add much comfort to her, either. "Don't worry about it, Man Han-… Berry. We usually fall off the pyramid on the first practice of a new number. Coach Sylvester gives us the same rant all the time."

Practice ended at 4:30 PM, 30 minutes after the time it was supposed to, thanks to Sue Sylvester's never ending speech on 'having an early death if you can't do a round off'.

Strolling down the empty hallway with her new 'acquaintance friends', Rachel was adjusting her pony tail. "Do practices usually end like this?" She questioned, watching her feet as they moved with every step she took.

"Nah, Coach Sylvester's just in a bad mood because somebody probably forgot to replace her anti-aging cream again…" Santana smirked, linking pinkies with Brittany.

The blonde suddenly stared up, guiltily. "That was me… I, um, it looked tasty." She mumbled, not really looking anyone in particular.

"Hey, do you guys want to come by my house for a few hours?" Rachel wondered. She never thought she'd see the day she was asking her two former enemies… and Brittany, to visit her house.

"Yeah, why not. I'm trying to avoid my own house anyways 'cause my mom is pissed that I tried to drive her Volvo to school yesterday. " The Latina shrugged, pinkies still linked with her best friend's as they exited the school building out into the car park.

"Great!" The small brunette over enthusiastically exclaimed. "Wait, I mean, that y-you can come over. N-not that your mom is annoyed with you."

"So are we going to just stand here, or are we going to go?" Quinn expectantly questioned, hands on hips.

"What? Oh, sorry. Yes, let's go."

And with that, the four Cheerios made their way up to Rachel Berry's house. That's a sentence you'd never thought you'd hear.

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