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Chapter 10: Crystal Ball

They arrived at the motel in the Midwest earlier in the day. He wanted to be close to the place where a piece of him was buried. A minor reprieve while they tried to find the location of another seal. Sam pulled Ruby close, betraying what was so close by.

Demons had been so close to them for so long, that this quiet was unsettling. Sam watched as Ruby idly played with a knife while she ordered a pizza. Sam admired her curves, completely bare and his. Tight, lithe, and peach colored body easily reached, but at the same time not.

Sam let Ruby wriggle around, burning limbs tangling around him to look for something. Sam handed her, her panties and watched her slide her slim legs into it, and sauntered out of bed as Sam went to grab a beer.

A sudden, frenzied knocking interrupted them and Ruby went to open their door. He had no idea who was on the other side.


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