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A/N: This is set inbetween The Sinner and Body Double.

I Remain Removed

She knelt on the floor as footsteps thumped, he was in the house - shit. Where the hell was backup? Tahlia stood, keeping out of sight as she pulled out her cellphone; holding it to her ear.

"Hello - who are you?" He stared at her, "What are you doing here?" Mikael said.
"You said to wait for you, it's been an hour - where are you? Are you cheating on me?" Tahlia shoved the phone in her pocket, looking at Mikael. "I'm Tahlia - Johnny's girlfriend, or at least I used to be - cheating bastard" she faked a sob.

"How did you get in here?" Mikael said warily, what was she doing in his house?
"He gave me a key, told me to meet him here" Tahlia said.
"Funny - he never told me he had a girlfriend" Mikael watched her, "Johnny is gay, who the heck are you?"

Tahlia swore under her breath, "He said he had some Speed - I needed a fix, I looked around but - I'm desperate man" she said.
"Well get your fix elsewhere" he snapped, "I'd appreciate it if you leave" Mikael sighed. "Fucking junkies" he muttered.

A knock at the door, Tahlia sighed quietly as she walked towards the doorway.

"Somebody order a taxi?" Gabriel looked at the pair, wearing a leather jacket; he leaned on the doorway, "You got a problem buddy?" he looked at Mikael.
"Thanks" Tahlia muttered, walking towards the door as she walked out; holy crap - he actually had a taxi.

Mikael watched as the cab driver opened the door as she got in and drove down the block; disappearing out of sight.

"Oh fuck that was close, the guy was gay - I had to change to a drug buy" Tahlia sighed.

"You're a civilian, you shouldn't be doing this" Dean sighed, "And I shouldn't be helping you" Gabriel continued.

"And yet here you are" Tahlia smirked.

"Yeah yeah, rub it in" Gabriel rolled her eyes, "Be glad I put a bug on you" he said.

"You bugged me? So you've been listening this whole time" Tahlia glared at him, "Damn FBI" she muttered. Tahlia crossed her arms, slouching down slightly as she pulled her shirt off; grabbing another shirt off the bag as she slipped it on; pulling on a jacket.

"You're changing clothes in a moving vehicle?"

Tahlia grunted, slipping her heels off and her pants; pulling on slacks. "What? I'm sure you've seen it all before, you and Jane seem to be getting along" Tahlia taunted.
"Don't even go there" Gabriel scowled, "Yeah - we are" he mumbled. "And no, we're not - " Dean hesitated, she'd know he was lying.
"So what's it like?" Tahlia grinned at him, "Oh come on - I can keep a secret" she smirked.

"It's - she's very kinky, she handcuffs me to the bed; ties me up" Gabriel chuckled.

Tahlia rolled her eyes, "truth?" she said.
"She's an amazing woman" Gabriel said, "And she'd kick my butt if she knew I was helping a civilian" he continued.
"In a year, you can call me Agent Tahlia Kincaid"

Gabriel chuckled. True, in a year, she would be a federal agent; he knew undoubtedly that she would pass the physical exam, but he wondered if her mentality would change when she became an agent.

"So you are serious about this?"
"Psych is next thursday, physical is this friday"

Tahlia sighed, she knew that she would pass the physical exam - but Tahlia still wasn't sure about the psych exam. "So Jane's like - what, your superwoman?" she chuckled.

He scowled and began questioning her, he remembered some of what they'd asked him when he'd joined up - and he made up some of his own questions.

You think I'll get in?"
"I think I have to get to work"

Gabriel stared at his phone, "Crime scene, and I have to return the cab" he sighed. "Fine, you can come with me - but keep your head down and mouth shut" he ordered,

Tahlia pumped a fist in the air, "Yes" she murmured. "So do you get called in regularly on Boston PD crime scenes?"
"An FBI agent has been found dead" Gabriel said.
Tahlia choked back a gasp, "Shit" she murmured.
"Yeah, keep your mouth shut from now on - you watch, you listen, you learn; act invisible"

Gabriel scolded, heading for the scene. He could see Dr. Isles getting the gurney prepped, and Jane was getting impatient. He climbed out and nodded to Tahlia, signalling her to follow him.

"Who's that?"

Rizzoli looked at Gabriel, "She your new girlfriend?" she said. "Doesn't talk much" she noted.
"Sometimes you can be a real bitch Rizzoli" Dean muttered, "She's a trainee, I let her tag along."
"Detective Jane Rizzoli, Homicide" Jane extended a hand.

Tahlia traded looks with Gabriel before he gave her a nod. Tahlia shook Jane's hand but said nothing. Tahlia followed behind Dean three feet at all time, keeping with his stride.

Rizzoli watched as Maura placed the body on the gurney. It was a dead federal agent from the local office, but for some reason - Dean had been in Boston so he'd been called in. She sighed quietly, it wasn't an accident. His throat had been slashed from ear to ear, and there was a bullet in his head. Someone had wanted him dead, rigor mortis was barely set in so he'd been dead only a few hours. The victim's face was frozen in fear.

Maura handed them four booties to slip on, two for Gabriel and two for his 'assistant'. Maura watched as the Rizzoli and Dean talked between themselves, the assistant seemed to hang back before she walked to the tape and slumped down on the cold cement. One look from Maura could silence even the rowdiest cop, especially in the morgue. Morgues were places of respect, not whore-houses.

"So, are you FBI?"
"Planning to, I'm a private investigator - Agent Dean's been teaching me the rules, helping me"
"How old are you?"
"Twenty three"

Maura chuckled, "Never get married - you resent it months later when it stops working" Maura said, "Maybe I'll see you at the morgue - I could always teach you if you ever change your mind" Dr Isles offered. Twenty three and she already wanted to join the FBI? She had to be throwing her life away, what about partying? Then again she didn't seem the type to care for partying.

Korsak had left his wife, now he had a bachelor pad in Jamaica Plain. Widescreen TV's, surround sound, the whole nine yards. She'd seen him two, maybe three months ago. It had taken all of Rizzoli's courage to call Gabriel, he'd turned up in Boston anyway - but Jane hadn't been expecting it. With the dead FBI agent and it being his lead, Jane figured he would be here for a while.

"So why did you become a PI?"
"Better than a law student, I'm good at finding people - and keeping track of them."
"You have any pets?"
"Yeah, just two cats - I've got an apartment near the local FBI office, Agent Dean is renting out the spare room"

Jane will hate hearing that, Maura thought, even if there's nothing sexual between them. 'Agent Dean' - impersonal, not Gabe or Gabriel, but Agent Dean. After the 'Rat Lady', Gabriel had suddenly turned up; and the FBI had been involved again.

"She's just a friend, we collided on a case - I busted her, she's tagged along ever since - she's got her exams this week and next week"
"Then what, off to Quantico?"
"Yeah, twenty weeks of training, then she'll be assigned to an office"

"So where are you staying?"
"Uh, with her - she's got a place."

Jealousy filled Jane, was he sleeping with her? or was he taking her under her wing? He seemed to like her, but where did it stop and turn into sex? Jane sighed quietly, no - she couldn't be jealous. The girl was barely over legal, Dean couldn't be involved with her; because they were together. Rizzoli was pregnant.