Chapter 1

I woke up, to find my alarm had gone off. I turned it off and groaned. Another day of school was just around the corner. Ugh. I didn't want to go to school, but I had to. I no choice, well I actually had a choice, but if I didn't go, there would have to be consequences. So, without further or due, I got out of my warm, comfortable bed, and went downstairs to the basement to take my morning shower, even though it was 5:00 in the morning. Actually, that's why I call it my morning shower. It's early in the morning. I am just a normal girl who goes to a normal school in the United States. I live in Nashville, Illinois. I was born in San Jose, California. So I guess I have that feeling of loving the hot weather and getting used to it and that cold feeling of loving the warm weather since I now live in Nashville, Illinois. I moved to Nashville when I was one year old so I didn't have a choice of staying in California. I am now 12 years old. My birthday is coming up soon in just one week. Then I will be 13, which I know is an unlucky number. All of my other years of my life have been good. I am hoping the next year will be the same. I have a father, a mother, and a 9 year-old annoying brother named Jake. He goes to my old elementary school, Naper Elementary School. I go to my middle school, Washington Jr. High. I am 7th grade. I have some really honest, friendly, and brave friends who are awesome. Some of the classes I have with them, some I don't. My family has three cats. Two of them are orange and the other one is all black except for some white on her chest. I call her Molly Pitcher. The other two cats are called Truffles and Orlando. Once I was done with my shower, I watched T.V till I had to leave to go to school.

* * * * * * * * * *At School* * * * * * * * * *

It was lunchtime; I had gotten through almost half of the school day. So far, I had science first period with my teacher, Ms. Lucie. Second period was math. Third period was social science. Fourth period was gym and fifth period was lunch, so I was almost half way done. I heard my lunch table get called so I go up and get some chocolate milk to drink and a bag of Sunchips to eat. Mrs. Miller said, "Dance tickets are getting sold today at lunch for $5.00 on the stage so if you want to go to the dance this Friday you better go bye one before the all get sold out." I groaned. Mrs. Miller had said that like three times today already and I was getting sick of hearing her say it. We got called to through our trash away and to go outside. It was a warm sunny day. The sun was shinning when I got outside. I loved this kind of weather when it is the sun that is the only thing in the sky. The sky was a light blue color. It was a Monday. So the week was almost over and in a week, my birthday would be here and I would finally be 13 years old.

A week passes

I hear my alarm go off for like the millionth time. I turn it off, but I don't groan. I just got up without hesitation and take my shower. Today, I feel great. I feel great because to day is my birthday! I can't wait for school. Whenever it's someones birthday they give you a pencil and a coupon for a cookie.

After school

"Happy Birthday, Ryan! I hope you have a great birthday. By the way, what do you want for your birthday?" asks my friend Jonah.

"Thanks and I don't know what I want for my birthday; maybe something special. I really don't know," I answer back.

"Well, ok. My bus just got here so I got to go. See you tomorrow!"

"See you tomorrow," I call out. Then he is out of site. I don't know if you heard Jonah, but my name is Ryan. Some people think that is crazy and weird to name a girl Ryan. I actually somewhat agree with those people yet I don't agree. I agree because it sounds plain weird so call someone that name especially a girl. Then I disagree because my parents decided to call me that name because it sounds beautiful. What is also weird is my last name. My last name is Griffanheart. All of the people I know have told me that it is a strange last name, even my friends have told me. I don't mind. I actually agree with them. My last name does sound weird, but it works for me. It was warm outside as I started to walk home from school. I actually live right across the street from school so I consider myself very lucky. When I got home, I told my mom what I did at school and what homework I have. It wasn't much homework that I had. Finally, when I was done telling what homework I had my mom said, "So you had a good day?"

"Yeah. I had a good day. What about you?" I asked.

"I had a good day too. I went out running errands and did some work," she answered.

I went to get a snack when my mom said, "There's a letter here for you."

"A letter? From who?"

"There is no return address. All it has is your name, address, state, and zip code. Plus, stamps, but it has no return address."

"Hm. That's weird. Plus, I never sent anyone a letter for a long time."

"You sure," she asked.

"Yes, I am sure," I answered.

"Ok, well, open it up and let's find out who it is from."

I open up the letter and start reading it.

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