The Bet

The New Students

Jasper's POV

It was just another boring day at fork high school. Me and my brothers – Edward and Emmett- were sitting in the lunch room bored out of our brains. Edward was the player, well in away we all were. But Edward was the real deal. Love em and leave em. Emmett was liked a good fight every now and then. I think he's beating up most of all the male students. Where as I'm just there quite little brother. But I do have my moments where its me in trouble. You see I can never say No to a good bet, none of can. And that always ends us up in trouble.

The moment the News of the New students found its way to us, we can't not really care less, so what there just the same as everyone in this school.

But the moment Edward pulled Jessica off his lap and onto the floor I know something was wrong. I mean my brother never pushes away a girl that's throwing herself at him. I look over to Emmett to see that he has stopped eating and looking over at the lunch room doors. I look behind me to see what had made my brother act out of character, and what I saw stopped me breathing.

It was the new students. The three sisters we have heard so little about. They don't really look alike but then again, me and my brother don't look alike.

I knew Emmett would go after the blond, she was beautiful beyond words they all were. Edward was looking over at the brunette with lustful eyes, looks like she will be added to the heartbreak list. But for some reason I could not take my eyes off of the pixie like girl, she had deep black, cropped short hair that pointed in every direction. They all had the same colour eyes, a beautiful gold colour.

I looked away when the small one looked over at me. But my brother continued to drool over the other to. When they finally looked back at the table, I had a feeling a bet was coming, As they looked back at me I could see it in there eyes. They wanted the new girls. And I could not blame them, I could feel my own lust growing for the pixie like girl.

"Damn, who would of thought three hot chicks would chooses Fork, of all places to live. " Emmett said as he finished of his lunch. I think is sandwich was more drool then ham by this point.

"The brunettes mine." Edward had looked back over at her. When he saw she was looking at him he gave her one of his smiles that have the girls just falling over him. But when he looked back I could not help but see disappointment in his eyes.

"That's fine by me dear brother as long as you keep your hands off the blond." Emmett said as he wolfed down the rest of his food.

I know I should not take part in their little game. Our mother would be disappointed if she saw your now. But I wanted nothing more at that moment then her. And I didn't want my brother or anyone for that matter having her.

"The pixie is mine." I look over at her to see her smiling. I smiled back and gave her a little wave, she was about to wave back when the blond hissed something at her.

"So fancy a bet?" I looked over to see Edward nod and Emmett looked over at me.

Now I did tell you I could never say No to a Bet, Right? Even if it was wrong. I loved a good challenges

"So what we betting for?" I ask, its normal something stupid like having to wear girls cloths for a week or tell anyone you meat that you gay. But I had a feeling that this bet was not going to be like the others.

" 3 weeks to make them fall in love with us, the person who don't get their girl to fall in love with have to give up something he loves more than anything." Emmett informed us. It sounded easy. And I did have a fair chance at winning if the blond stayed out of my way.

"So Edward you willing to lose that piano you love so much" Emmett teased.

Edward had been playing the piano since he was small, he loved that thing more that anything else. But I knew Edward would agree, you see to be a player you need to be full of self. And that was Edward.

"As long as you willing to lose your X Box, I'm willing to bet my piano." Edward had him there. But they both agreed. And then turned on me.

"so Jazz what are you willing to lose?" Edward asked with that look that told me all I needed to know, but I looked back over at the girl she was still looking at me smiling were the other to had not even noticed that my brothers were looking at them. So I did have more that a chance then they did, right?

"I'm willing to lose my bike." and my heart I added in my head.

They nodded.

"so its a deal then. 3 weeks form now we may all be winners or one of us will be a loser." Emmett added before getting up and walking over to the girls table.

"I have a funny feeling we all might be losers" Edward said,

Edward was good at reading people. And if the high and mighty player thought we could lose then, that was something not to be taken lightly.

"I'm going to class see bro." Edward said as he walked off to find the brunette.

Alice's POV

Today me and sisters – Bella and Rosalie- are starting a new school, I had told my family about they vision I had when we moved to Forks. I really could not be happier, I mean after a 100 years of waiting I finally find my mate.

Me and my family are vampires, but we only live of the blood of animals. our father Carlisle was turned almost 700 years ago, our mother Esme was Carlisle's wife before he was turned and even after he became a vampire she still loved him. A year later Esme was attacked and Carlisle turned her. Bella Is the oldest out of the three of us, She is Carlisle's and Esme child before becoming vampires and when she turned 17 she became ill, Carlisle turned, he could not just stand by and watch his only child die. They don't talk about it much but I know Esme had told Carlisle that if he let their baby die she would follow.

It was just the 3 of them until Esme found out she was pregnant, 9 months later Rosalie was born. She will be 400 years old in May. Then there's me. The baby of the family. I'm only 100 years younger then Rose. But me and Bella are special, Bella is a shied, she can protected us from any kind of attack and me I can see the further.

When I told my family that there were three bothers at forks high that where are mates, my family could not be happier for us, they had be worried. About all of us really.

But when I told them that they were going to place a bet for us to fall in love with them, my sister where beyond angry. My parents were disappointed, but when I told them that they would change and for get about the bet because they would fall in love themselves my parents nodded and said they will forgive the boys for the bet if they make us happy. But my sisters were far from happy.

The moment we walked into the lunch room we could feel them looking at us. It was sweet that the honey blond one – Jasper- wanted to protect me. That he was taking up this bet to get to know me. I could see that Jasper and I would be happy together and could not find it in myself to blame him. But Bella hated that her mate – Edward- was a player. And when he looked over and smiled at her she paid him know notice. Rose's mate Emmett was just drooling over her. But she was still mad at him. I know I should not have told them but I saw what would happen if they found out. I could not let my sisters be unhappy while I was.

Jasper keep looking over at me and smiling. He waved and me and I went to wave back when Rose stopped me.

"what do you think your doing?" she hissed.

"Rose, just let Alice wave at him." Bella hissed at Rose. Bella might be mad at Edward but she was not going to let that stop her from allowing me to be happy. Bella knew me better than most of the family. She understood my feeling for Jasper because unlike Rose she was not fighting them.

"Why, she is only going to get hurt, as the big sister its my job to look after us." Rose hissed at her.

Rose was 18 going on 400 but Bella maybe 17 years old but she was older then both of us. And when ever Rose pulled at the big sister card Bella got pissed.

Bella stood up and lean over Rose so the humans could not hear.

"You maybe 18 Rosalie, but know matter what I will always be the big sister, and its MY job to keep you save. And if I say she can wave at him then YOU better shut up." Bella hissed before walking off. When Bella was pissed it was always best to stay away from her.

We saw Edward getting up and walking after her, but I knew he would not find her, on one can find Bella unless she wants to be found.

"Rose?" I looked up to see if she was OK, I knew she hated upsetting Bella, but before she could say anything, Emmett was at our table.

"Hey ladies, Is your sister OK?" he gave Rose a smile that would make anyone smile, but Rose was not going to forgive him as easily as the rest of us. She looked at Emmett before standing up and walking off. Rose did always like to play hard to get.

Emmett smiled at me fore walking after Rose.

"Hi I'm Jasper" I looked up and there was my angel. I smiled.

Bella's POV

Why does Rose always have to think she is older them me, just because I was turn at 17 doesn't mean I'm not going to get any older.

I mean come on she's 400 and I'm 600. really why does she all way have to pull the big sister card on me, she know how much it pisses me off.

I take a deep breath and relax myself. Father say that I need to stop thinking about what people say and do towards me, but I can't help but think.

I mean what have I done in this life to gain a player as my mate. I will always be worried about other females. If he really loves me. And what happens when we have children.

Yes stop worrying, its so easy to be said yet so hard to do.

"Hi I'm Edward" I looked up and there was the man that will bring so much worry into my life.

Edward's POV

God she was Breath taking. Even when she was mad. For some reason I could not get a read on her, I would be able to know her reactions to something I've said or something I did. But I hope that I can get her to love me.

Not for some silly bet, I don't really care about the bet. It was a means to an end really. By now the whole school will know that me and my brother have a bet on and that it is about the new students. No one else will try at ask them out, the whole school knows not to mess with us. And this bet I kind of a way to keep them safe.

I find her sitting down outside. She looked so sad I wanted nothing more then to pull her in my arms and make her smile.

"Hi I'm Edward" when she looks at me all I can see is worry.

Rosalie's POV

I never meant to upset Bella. I mean mm and dad have talked to me about this so many time that I know they don't want to repeat themselves, but when Alice when to wave at that boy- Jasper- I didn't want her to get hurt. Bella maybe our big sister, but I'm Alice's bug sister its my job. Right?

When Bella told me to tell Alice wave at him, I lost it. And play the big sister card on her. Telling her its my job to keep us safe. I know that dad wont be happy to come home and see that Bella has locked herself in her Room. I know that at first he will think its Edwards fault but when he finds out the truth, he'll be disappointed, I promise that I would never say that to Bella again. I mean dads made it clear that when its just me and my sister that its Bella job to look out for us.

I look over to the end of the field and see that Edward is trying to talk to her, Bella is going to worry none stop about him. I really do hope he changes for her.

"Hi I'm Emmett" And there he is my big Tebbybear as Alice said that's what I'll nickname him.

Emmett's POV

So she like to play hard to get huh, well know matter, I'll get her to warm up to me. I may have started this Bet, but she was so much more than that to me. I know my brother feel the same way.

We don't even No them yet we want nothing more then to keep them safe.

I noticed Edward trying to talk to the brunette. We really should learn their names. Its kinda rude calling them by their hair colour.

I found my blond beauty, she was watching her sister and Edward.

"Hi I'm Emmett."