Jasper's POV

Today I was finally able to take my girl out on a date, there was no Charlie to try and stop us this time and I was thankful about that, the things I had seen, the things I did to my brother's well let's just say it sicken me and if I was human and love loss I would have thrown myself under the bus.

But as Emmett promised we got throw it together, Carlisle was there for us every step of the way, he truly became our dad the day after Charlie had passed away, Bella, Alice and Rose had made his death look like he had crashed his car into a tree while drunk, I think they got get pressure out of knowing he could never hurt us again.

We truly became a family and we could be happier, we finally had a family that truly loved us and would die to protect us.


I didn't move from where I stood in front of the Mirror but I could see Edward and Emmett walking into the room

"Alice is almost ready she just has to find a dress" Emmett said rolling his eyes

"Bella and Rose are helping her" Edward continued

"Awe sorry Em" I laughed

Ever since Em woke up him and rose had been going at it like bunnies and it was starting to become a little uncomfortable before both me and Ed.

"Hey we don't do it as much" Em argued

"So how you feeling?" Edward asked

"Better than I have in a long time" I replied

"That's good" Edward smiled

"So How are you Ed?" I asked

"I'm great, I talked to Bella about what I saw and why I was so angry and she understood. I couldn't have asked for a better mate. She is so selfless so pure." Edward smiled

"I'm happy for you" I smile back and patted his shoulder

"oh and I got her to finally stop with the Father thing" Edward informed us

"Really?" Emmett asked

"Yep, the first time she called Carlisle Dad, he felt pride I would tell from his thoughts and once I told her that she was more than happy to continue. She's happy about it, said she doesn't feel like an outsider anymore" Edward replied

"That's wonderful" I smiled

"She's ready" Edward informed us

"So where you taking her?" Emmett asked as we walked out of the room

"I'm not telling" I replied

"Why? It's not like she's does already know, I mean she does she the future" Emmett complained

"He hasn't made a decision" Alice asked as she came down the stairs

"You look beautiful Darling" I said walking over to her

And she did she was wearing a beautiful pink dress that flowed down to her knees at the front and continued to the ankles at the back.

"Really? Thank you" Alice smiled and kissed my cheek

"Have fun kids and please be back before school starts tomorrow" Mum smiled and leaned her head on dad's shoulder

"Will do" I smiled and held my arm out for Alice, who wrapped her arm around mine and together we walked out the door, when we got the car I let go of Alice and opened her door.

"Thank you" Alice smiled

With Vampire speed I was in the car next to her in seconds

"I have to say I love being a Vampire" I laughed

Alice giggled

"Hey think Dad would let us try out of the basketball?" I asked as I put the car in drive and speeded off

"I don't see him saying yes" Alice giggled

"Damn, you would have looked very sexy in a cheerleaders outfit" I replied smiling

"Well if that's all you want I could but one" Alice laughed

"You're killing me woman" I growled playfully

"So where are you taking me?" Alice asked

"Not telling" I smiled

"I hate not knowing" She companied

"I know but how else am I going to surprise you?" I asked

"True" She smiled

With my driving we arrived in no time, stopping the car I smiled as Alice's eyes lit up

"I pull in a few of my favours" I smiled as I got out of the car and walked over to her side

"You did this for me?" Alice asked

"Of course I love you" I whispered and captured her lips

"Let's go" Alice cheered

I had gotten Eric to close down the cinema and on the front I had asked him to write 'special showing at Tangled 3D for Alice Cullen'

"Come on love your film awaits" I smiled

"I love you Jasper, Forever"


"God Am I so happy I made that bet" I laughed as Alice hit me