Uzumaki Naruto was walking down one of the long, twisting streets in Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves; when up ahead a figure was thrown out of a door way. Naruto recognized them to be Hyuga Hinata.

He rushed to her and asked "Are you okay? What just happened?"

Hinata didn't notice him though, she was too busy banging on the door shouting "Can I at least have my jacket back?"

The door opened and her jacket was thrown in her face before they snarled "Here! Don't ever come by here again you bitch!"

For the first time, Hinata noticed that there was someone else near her. She turned to Naruto and asked "What do you want, Naruto? And don't you dare tell anyone what you just witnessed."

"Who was that? And, are you okay? He seemed pretty pissed about something." came Naruto's worried response. When Hinata went to put on her jacket, Naruto noticed how she grimaced in pain whenever she moved her shoulder. He also noticed bruises up and down both of her arms and shoulders.

Hinata saw him looking at her arms and said "I'm fine. I just did something to anger him so he beat me up. I'll heal in a couple of days and please don't make a fuss about this to anyone. I'm not dating that bastard ever again."

"He's beaten you up more than once, hasn't he?" Naruto asked hesitantly; wondering why she never dumped that guy in the first place.

"Yeah, but he had promised to never do that again so I came back. Not that he ever kept the promise; he would just buy me flowers and give me a sad face saying how sorry he was. I'm going bet that tomorrow I'll find some flowers outside my door as another apology." she said quietly.

"What happened to you Hinata? You used to be so kind and shy, but now here you are dating that loser and getting beat up by him." said Naruto. He remembered back at the academy that Hinata was quiet and shy; now she was confident, calm, and strong but making wrong choices. She used to stutter and blush when she looked at him instead of glaring, like right now.

"I got tired of being called weak and waiting for you to notice me. I became strong so that my father wouldn't hate me anymore. I'll see you around." after she said that she left. On her way home she ran into Kiba and Shino.

Kiba asked her "Are you okay? Did you get in another fight with your boyfriend?"

"Yeah and Naruto saw me get thrown out of his house. I'm not going back there anytime soon. What are you guys up to?"

"Akamaru ran from me when I said that it was time to go to the vet, now we can't find him anywhere. Do you think that you can help look for him?" asked Kiba. He was really, worried about Akamaru; he had never run away before. Usually Akamaru just hid for a couple of hours until he thought that Kiba had forgotten about taking him to the vet. This time Akamaru bolted and Kiba couldn't find him anywhere.

"Sure I'll help. Do you know which direction he was heading?"

"I saw him run past me heading in the direction of your house Hinata." said Shino.

"I'll look around near there and meet you in front of your sister's house in two hours Kiba. I bet that I can find him in that time. See you." Hinata left Kiba and Shino to looking around while she headed to the roof of her house to get the best vantage point. There she activated the byakugan, her kekkei genkai, and looked around the village. Near the academy she saw Akamaru with Naruto petting him so she took a deep breath before taking off in that direction.

When she neared the academy she ran head long into Naruto before getting knocked off her feet by Akamaru. Akamaru was licking her face in delight while Hinata pushed against him trying to get him off her. She kept saying "Get off Akamaru. Ha-ha, get off of me you oaf. You have Kiba worried sick about you, he's looking all over for you." Hinata looked up at Naruto and asked "How did you find him?"

"I didn't, Akamaru found me. I turn a corner and then I find this fur ball trying to climb a tree to get at a squirrel. I tried to get him to stop then you come along and he runs right up to you. So why did he run from Kiba?"

"Kiba is taking him to the vet and Akamaru is a scardy cat so he ran away. Kiba and Shino are out looking for him right now. Shino said that he saw Akamaru running in the direction of my house so I used my byakugan to see where he was; now I have to head in the direction of Kiba's sister's house. I guess that I'll see you later Naruto."

"Wait! I'll come with you in case he tries to make a run for it." said Naruto. He wanted to talk to Hinata about some stuff that she had said earlier. When she said that she was tired of waiting on him he realized a little too late that she had liked him at some point of time and that he felt so, stupid that he didn't realize sooner. He wanted to apologize to her and ask if she would consider dating him. As they neared Kiba's sister's house he tried to get the courage to ask her.

Instead he said "I'll see you tomorrow, Hinata.", when he was around the next corner he smacked himself in the head thinking that he was such a coward about not asking her out. The next day he saw Hinata talking with Sakura, Ino, and Tenten about a mission that Lady Tsunade had assigned to them. The kunoichis were apparently supposed to go on an intelligence gathering mission to find in-tell on a small village that seems to be growing in power but solely consists of females with a couple of males. Every female there is an A-class criminal or higher so this is an important mission for the village. Naruto found out that they were leaving in less than a week so his opportunity is flying by.

He tried to get Hinata alone but every time he went to talk to her someone else would come up out of nowhere and dashed his hope. Finally the day before they left, he got to speak to her alone until her old boyfriend came up and draped his arm across her shoulders.

Hinata said "Get your hand off me you jerk!"

"Don't be like that. Didn't you get my flowers I sent you? I promise that I won't beat you up again." he said in a soothing tone but Hinata wouldn't hear it.

"Just like that last time that you promised? Yeah right, like I'm going to believe you." she said incredulously.

"Who's this kid right here? Are you cheating on me?"

"I'm not a kid. I'm just hanging with Hinata, why don't you just leave?" said Naruto. He was pissed that this guy had enough nerve to drape his arm across Hinata's shoulders after beating her up over and over again.

"I'd have to still be going out with you to be cheating on you; now wouldn't I? This is Naruto, my new boyfriend. Now if you'll excuse us we have somewhere to be." she said this while shoving his arm off her shoulders and taking Naruto's hand.

Naruto on the other hand was shocked at what happened so he let Hinata drag him for a while before she turned and dropped his hand. After she dropped his hand she said "Thanks for going along with me back there. Sorry about dragging you here and stating that you're my new boyfriend. I can't believe that he bought that. Can you?" she laughed.

Naruto almost flinched at her tone; she was practically saying that they will never go out.

"Listen, I'm sorry about that. I think that I have set him onto you so I would look out if I were you." she warned him. Hinata doesn't want to believe it but she still has some feelings for Naruto but she doesn't want him to have that satisfaction of seeing her suffer. Then she remembered what they were doing before her ex showed up.

"What did you want to talk to me about? You know before we got interrupted." she asked.

"I forgot. Good luck on your mission with Ino and the rest." he said instead. If he asked her out now she would just laugh in his face and say that it would never happen in a million years.

What he didn't know was that Hinata was hoping that he would ask her out but when he didn't she just smacked her forehead mentally for thinking that. She wasn't going to wait on him to ask her anymore, she has promised herself that she'll get over him but it was going to take some time to burry those feelings. They had been within her for as long as she could remember; she promised herself that after her mission she would find someone else to date.

The next day Naruto saw the team off with some other people. He paid the most attention to Hinata and when she looked over to him he would smile.

She couldn't figure out why he wasn't doing that to Sakura, the girl that he's been in love with for a long time. Sakura noticed this between Hinata and Naruto and wondered what was going on.

On their way to the village when they stopped for camp, Sakura went up to Hinata and asked if she wanted to get some fire wood with her.

When they were far enough away from the camp Sakura asked Hinata "What was that between Naruto and you?"

"I'm not sure. I thought that he still loved you." she replied just as puzzled.

"You don't love him anymore, don't you?" Sakura said after a second.

Hinata adverted her gaze and lied "I've moved on from him a long time ago. I decided to stop waiting on him to ask me out. Why do you ask?"

"Hinata, we both know that you are not over him. Just looking at you I see that you still love him and you are just lying to yourself when you say that you don't love him. Come on we need to head back before the others start to worry." Sakura said.

What Sakura didn't know was that Hinata was scared by how close to the mark she was on what she said. Hinata thought on her decisions and wondered if it was the right thing to do but she remembered that she couldn't wait forever for Naruto to ask her. If she did then she would be disappointed when they returned. She just couldn't get his expression out of her head when they left earlier; the look on his face was one of regret and fear.

The next couple of weeks they headed to the village and convinced the leader there that they were rogue from different villages. That they could be for hire for any assassinations, the only thing was to never invite a male into the village no matter what. And to give up on men until they left her village, when Hinata and the others agreed to the terms they were accepted into the village. As they were getting situated Sakura started to talk to some of the others and asked how it was to live there. They all replied that they were tired of how men treated them so they sought out a village just like this and when they did they readily agreed to give up men.

Over the next couple of weeks they were sent out to kill some men that have been harassing all of the women at this village. They were raping some of the women when they stepped out of the borders. When they completed each of the missions they were accepted even more and Hinata was really starting to enjoy herself more than she had ever in Konohagakure. Sakura saw the danger before Tenten and Ino, she decided to try and talk some sense into Hinata.