A note from the author: Hey guys, I know its been a while… I don't really see this story as going anywhere so this will be the last chapter. I will make it ending-ish, and Maybe in a few months if I am feeling it I will write a sequel…

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The End

*Three weeks Later*

"I am breaking up with you." Raven said,

"You're…what?" Robin asked, he turned off the TV and leaned forward.
"You are cheating on me with Starfire, and I am interested in my friend Jason." Raven said, she shrugged, "I am done."

"Rae I-"

"Don't even try." She interrupted. A few minutes passed and he stood.
"If that is really how you feel, then would you mind if me and Starfire began dating?" Robin asked, She shrugged, even though this was killing her on the inside.
"Go ahead." He left the room, probably to go ask her out. Raven stood, closed her magazine and walked back towards her room. Red X was sprawled out on her bed, dead asleep.

"Napping Are we?" Raven asked, He smiled as he was not wearing his mask, and put a pillow over his face.

"Five more minutes."

"I need consoling now though."


"I broke up with Robin." She said, He sat up and removed the pillow,
"Rae I am so sorry."

"I wish he would have said that." She replied, She sat down on the bed. "Are all boys cheating Idiots?"

"Not me, no. I think I am pretty smart." He stated, he smiled and hugged her from behind, "It's going to be okay…" He breathed, "But since you're not dating Bird Boy anymore… wanna give a villain a chance?" She looked back at him a little shocked,

"We just met the 'friends' barrier."

"Well, yeah, we've been friends for a bit… but I liked you even before."

"Well you have a lot of baggage, what with your father and mother and sister, and things of that nature."

"You want to talk baggage, Ms. Demon father? Besides I might not be in the same country as my mother but at least I stayed on the same planet. And… you don't have any sisters for me to make fun of… so I will have to make fun of my own, she is a sick wackadoodle."

"And you 'Bipolarbear,'?"

"You are pretty bipolar too, rae." He sighed, "If you don't want to go out that is fine I just-"

She turned around and kissed him hard on the lips. "Would you shut up X?"

"Yes, My little Bird."