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Three years. That is how long they had, three years of relative peace before a new threat emerges, one that had already covered the world in shadow in one time-line, and could not be allowed to do so again. So the warriors went their separate ways to start the long preparation for the horrors that where to come, with one man determined to prove his strength and regain his diminished pride. Vegeta.

Life at Capsule Corporation had never been a smooth one, well with two genii working with a vast amount of resources it was hardly surprising. Something interesting was generally happening, whether it be a new invention or project, or the threat of world annihilation for the third time that week, add that to the feisty heiress to the Corporation with her short fuse, and dull moments where hard to come by. Now a new element was introduced, the equally proud and stubborn Prince of Sayians...Vegeta, and already the sparks where flying between the two.

The blue-haired beauty looked as if she where in a trance when at her computer, her hands dancing gracefully over the key's , with only the slightest tough before moving on, and her eyes, focused and determined on the screen. When Bulma was working she normally attempted to block out all distractions, but since the arrival of a certain prince, that was proving difficult to say the least.


Her new title rang through the house in Vegeta's rough voice as it so often did, though she barely showed any recognition as she continued to work.

"Woman, get down here!"

Vegeta shouted again, growing more and more irritated with each second he was being ignored. He growled and clenched his fists before stalking off to find the insolent earthling who he was so often at odds with. Tearing through the house he searched for her or any of her equally annoying family to tell him where she was, finally Vegeta saw her ditzy blonde mother and stomped off towards her.

" Hey, bimbo, where in HFIL is the woman!"

Oblivious to his anger turned to see an irate Saiyan glaring at her.

"Why I believe Bulma is in the lab with her father sweetie."

Vegeta growled at her cheery tone, her happy smile, and her overall lack of fear for one of the most powerful beings in the universe, He briefly wondered why she was still alive, but decided to peruse this at another time. He had more pressing matters on his mind.

He angrily pushed past her to the lab that was built into the house's basement, or rather WAS the houses basement. Still smiling called after him

"You look exhausted dear, i'm sure a hunk like you needs some refres-"


She was cut off by the door to the east section being slammed off its hinged for the ninth time since the prince had come to stay at C.C. Sighing softly she turned back to her kitchen and started to prepare a meal for later, and started to think about how similar Vegeta was to Bulma when they got into a mood.

Down in the lab

Bulma growled in frustration as she attempted to modify the plans for her latest project, originally it had looked simply enough to change, but with the new additions the plans where quickly getting muddled by the modifications. Sipping her coffee she continued to work on the plans with fire in her eyes, and a growing aura of irritation that was making everyone else in the lab nervous of the impending explosion of the heiresses temper upon whatever decided to interrupt her in her task.

As it happened Vegeta chose this moment to charge into the lab looking for her, when the employees saw his presence in the room, they immediately scurried out, fearful of the two most stubborn and irritable beings never-ending arguments.

"Woman I-"

Vegeta stopped when he saw he completely focused upon the flickering screen, growing more annoyed at this he was about to scream at her from the stairs until a mischievous thought entered the Saiyan's mind. Slowly he floated down the steps to her, and carefully controlled his breathing as he bought his face within centimetres of Bulma's ear, and screamed at the top of his lungs...


Bulma jumped 2 feet of the chair before landing at an angle on it, and briefly widening her eyes before the entire chair fell over, dumping her on the hard floor. At first she was shocked at who had the audacity to do such a thing, then at once her eyes closed into slits of anger as she saw Vegeta arrogantly standing over her and smirking at her. She shot up from the ground and instantly had her face in his, screaming at him.


Vegeta's smirk faltered momentarily before he retorted

"You call this work, I have seen children create better items than what you humans call technology"

The air around Bulma would have been boiling at this point if she had a higher Ki, but then she didn't need it to show her rage at the insufferable man, or Saiyan for that matter.

"If MY inventions are so bad Vegeta, why don't YOU fix the gravity room which I'm guessing You broke AGAIN!"

She smirked triumphantly as Vegeta grew more irritated

"Woman I am a Prince and as such do not do the menial tasks that you and your stupid race delight in!"

Now it was Vegeta's turn to smirk once more as Bulma's victory crumbled around her

"If it is so menial Vegeta, Prince of, how many was it, oh yes, TWO, Sayians, then it can wait until Tomorrow when I have finished this project!"
Turning round she went to sit down after her ultimatum but was not surprised when he chair flew across the lab and embedded itself in one of the concrete walls.

"Listen woman, I am training to save your pretty little hide and all the rest of this stinking planet from those DAMNED ANDROIDS!"

Vegeta practically screamed at Bulma, before realising what he has let slip, he tried to cover it by quickly turning towards the exit and giving her a parting remark

"Fix it today woman or I will raise this complex to the ground and no-one will sto-"

"Aww thank you for the compliment Vegeta, I knew you had it in you"

Interrupted Bulma, not being one to miss a compliment, she walked passed him and blew him a kiss before exiting the lab with a wink as he stood there frozen by pure rage.

"No gravity room today Vegeta, even a hard-ass like you needs a rest"

Vegeta stood still for another 30 seconds before realising that Bulma had denied him training for a day, upon which he let out a roar which shook the foundations of the C.C complex before setting off to the mountains to let out his frustration at the woman.