Edward looked down at Bella. Well, he was actually at her height. And standing on a chair (as he always did to make him look taller).

"Bella," He said slowly. As in really slowly. Because he had been about to say 'Beetle' and then he had remembered that that wasn't her name, and had stopped for a second to remember it, "I love

you." His terrible attempt at an American accent (though he was American) made a random stranger who happened to be watching snigger.

Yes. They were standing in the middle of the street.

"I urrm...I….I love….you...too." Bella said slowly.

She might have known Edward's name at some point, but, like everything else she might have known at some point, the knowledge had probably fallen out of one of the two holes in her head.

Some people would have called them 'ears', but Bella had never taken Advanced Biology. Or any Biology for that matter.

Edward then led her to the restaurant (after having tied a separate chair to each foot, that is). They were given a table and a waiter came to take their order.

"What do you want Bella?" He asked. She gave him a quizzical look, and he repeated his question at half the speed, "What...do...you...want...to….eat?"

Then a quarter of the speed, "B-e-l-l-a, w-h-a-t y-o-u w-a-n-t e-a-t?" He enunciated each letter clearly.

Finally, after he had made some wild hand gestures along with the slowest speech he could possibly make without garbling the words, she understood.

As they were in Mcdonalds, she knew her order off by heart. She often went to Mcdonalds, and the employees there had taught her the vocab.

"I want… eat…. Computer cable. And…for sides...I order paintbrush. I want drink...horseshoe." Bella then said proudly. She had been rehearsing this line for weeks. Edward looked at her


"Are you sure you learnt that sentence right?" He asked, with a look of loving concern on his face. Bella glared.

"You...insult my…English?" And slapped him feebly.

He laughed and said jokingly, "Your slaps do not affect me, for I am a vampire."

Bella's eyes widened. As someone who had never taken Biology, she had only understood one word: sock. With that, she ran out of the restaurant, more frightened than a frightened rabbit after

having seen a frightening fox and watching a frightening film on a frightening night.

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