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Quick Mention: Eli and Clare never went out, they were always just friends.

"Speed dating?" Clare asked out loud, "Seriously?"

"Oh come on, Clare," Alli hung on to her best friend's arm, "It'll be a fun experience."

She rolled her eyes, "It just sounds so… weird, though."

"Look, if it doesn't work out, we can go to the coffee shop and laugh about," the brunette pouted.

Clare blinked a few times and sighed, "Fine. Only for you."

Alli squealed, "You're the best!"

At 7 in the evening, Clare and Alli were ready to go. They graduated the University of Toronto and continued to live in an apartment near the campus. Alli had broken up with Drew a few months ago and she wanted nothing more than to forget about him. They tried to make it work but he continued to remain unfaithful. She decided to stay single after the break up and only decided to start dating recently. Clare, on the other hand, wasn't in any rush to start dating again. She was content with being single after being a in a long term relationship with Nick Weston. They met during freshman year and broke up in her junior year. It was an amicable decision since he was graduating and going back home to Montreal.

Alli skipped excitedly to the door, causing Clare to giggle. They both wore dresses since it was a nice evening outside; Clare kept it simple with a yellow dress, while Alli wore a light pink dress. They took a cab to the restaurant where the speed dating was taking place. Alli had no problem going inside and practically had to drag Clare with her. They took a seat and waited for the process to begin. Each pair had five minutes to talk to one another.

She had only been at her table for thirty minutes and Clare was already getting restless. She turned her head and saw that Alli was having the time of her life. She was happy that her best friend was enjoying and told herself to just suck it up for another thirty minutes. The bell rang and Clare couldn't be any happier for the switch. The guy – whose name Clare couldn't even remember – smiled shyly at her as he left the table. Clare closed her eyes and let out a long breath.

"Having a fun time, I see."

Clare's eyes were still closed but she could sense the sarcasm. She chuckled, "Oh, the best."

She opened her eyes and was welcomed by a familiar pair of green eyes.



The former English partners stared at each other, trying to comprehend how they could meet somewhere so random.

Eli spoke first, "Speed dating?"

"Alli dragged me here," she rolled her eyes and pointed to her best friend.

He recognized the petite girl, "I can see she's hitting it off with my roommate."

Clare turned around to see Alli talking to a slightly muscular, dirty blond guy. She didn't know much about him but Alli seemed happy. Clare turned her attention back to Eli.

"Did you get dragged here too?" she asked.

"Yep," he said, "And just like you, I'm having the time of my life."

She laughed, "I can tell."

The bell rang, meaning it was time to switch partners. The pair looked at each other with sad eyes since neither of them wanted to leave. Suddenly, Clare came up with an idea. As everyone was up and moving to their new spots, she looked around and tried to sneak away. Eli looked at her with curiosity.

"Well," she raised an eyebrow, "You coming?"

Eli smirked at the familiar words and followed her out of the restaurant.

An hour later, Clare and Eli strolled along the sidewalk with a cup of ice cream in their hands. She had vanilla and he opted for rocky road. They spent their time catching up on college, family, and friends.

He looked at her cup, "Vanilla? Quite the daredevil, Edwards."

"I snuck us out of that speed dating, didn't I?" she replied.

"Very true," he chuckled, "Thank you."

"Are you still pursuing a career in writing?" she remembered.

"Yeah," he answered, "I'm working on a book right now."

"What is it about?" Clare asked.

"Let's just say Clara Edwin makes an appearance…" Eli smirked.

She narrowed her eyes at him, "Are you serious?"

He nodded, smirk still intact, "My roommate, Jeremy, thinks it's golden."

"Oh gosh…" she took another bite out of her ice cream.

"What have you been up to?" he asked.

"I'm going to be a counselor at Degrassi, actually," she answered, "I just spoke to Principal Simpson and I got the job."

"Congratulations," he said, "You always were good at helping people out."

Clare looked up at Eli. He had a look of sincerity in his eyes and knew that he was talking about his issue with hoarding. She remembered helping him clean out his room and going to some of his therapy sessions. Their partnership in English led to a great friendship, which slowly disappeared when they got to college.

"It was great seeing you again, Eli," her voice was soft.

"You too," he kept his voice low.

Clare's phone started to ring, causing them to break their gaze. She looked and saw that it was a text message from Alli, asking where she was.

She sighed, "I should get going."

He nodded, "Maybe we could catch up again?"

"My number is still the same," she hinted, earning a smirk from him.

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