"No." I said firmly. I was not going to help them I was done why can't they understand that.

"Max come on! I know we screwed up, well more than screwed up. I guess made a mess of things would work or . . . " Iggy silenced Nudge thank heavens. But even then my mind was made up.

"Look I tried to help once and I lost what was left of my world because of it. Now all that I have is MY life that I made for Me. Do you know how hard I worked to get to the point I'm at. You think you've got problems well hello I've had worse." It hurt like hell to say no but I couldn't do it. The flock chose not me but Angel to be the leader AND save the world. Let her do all the hard work after all it's her fault I was in this mess and I really didn't want to be near that mind reading traitor.

"Max, look I made a mistake ok you should have been the one in charge not me. Now I'm letting you have your spot back I'm letting you be in charge again. Go save what's left of this world." Angel pleaded. But looking at all of my old flock including that asshole Dylan hurt like hell and only brought back the hidden nightmares of my life. They had no idea that they were already screwed.

"You want my help. Fine, I'll give you some advise." They began to smile, but if they only knew what I was going to say next. "Remember that chip that used to be in my arm." I began which earned me a few confused glances. "They put another one in my back. So in less than five minutes my fiancé will be here with the rest of the New Order guard." I said and boy was the look on their faces classic. They had no clue what Alex did in his spare time. "Oh you didn't know that Alex is one of the top agents of the New Order's Army of Mutant Control. He got his position for being the one to 'kill' Maximum Ride." Now that the news hit home they all began to freak. If they had done their research they would have known this mission of theirs wouldn't work.

That's when it happened. The windows shattered as Alex and his men stormed the place. The flock tried to fight but it was too late, even I knew that. One by one the flock was shoved down and my chest seemed to tighten the more I watched. Alex came over though and released me from the couch pulling me into his tight, muscular arms.

"Are you ok?" he asked me. I nodded slowly but he knew that I was still shaken from seeing them. "Get them to my personal cells. I want to be the one to show them true justice." Fang looked at me and my heart shattered. I turned into Alex and cried on his shoulder. He knew why and on purpose spoke loud enough so that they could all hear. "It's ok babe. That life is over you're one of us now. You never have to be like them again."

"Don't listen to him Max." I looked up at Fang almost instantly. "You're not one of them. You're better then them. You could have helped us change this world from the horror of these monsters and you still can." His eyes pleaded with me a long with the rest of my former flock. But what I did next changed not only me but them as well.

"No." I said. "I am not who you think I am. I will not betray him." I said looking into Alex's eyes. Alex smiled as he watched his men take them away. I had hurt them deeply. I had to make it up to them, somehow . . .