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Summary: Gin says that he likes Byakuya, and that he's also happy Hisana died. Of course Byakuya is angered by the statement, and vows that he's going to get revenge on the fox-man, but their barely existent relationship will soon change.

Pairing: GinxByakuya.

Rating: M. [this chapter] T-ish.


Silver Sakura

Chapter 1

"Is there something you wanted to say Lieutenant?" Byakuya asked. He was sitting at his desk in his office, and was looking over a large pile of papers.

"I just wanted ta say 'sorry' 'bout what happened ta yer wife. I thought ya twa were gonna be tagether forever." Gin Ichimaru sat on the corner of the noble's desk. He was smiling as usual, although the subject being addressed was in no way a good one. Byakuya might have actually believed the silver-haired shinigami if he hadn't had that look on his face like he was talking about the happiest thing in the world.

"Thank you." Byakuya answered, not wanting to be rude, because it wasn't something that was going to help his image as a noble. "Do you want to say anything else? If not, leave. I'm sure that your captain is looking for you anyway."

"Aw naw. Captain Aizen isn't lookin' fer me. If he was, he woulda found me by now." The lieutenant lay down on the desk, so that his face was underneath the captain's. Byakuya's eyes narrowed in irritation, and his leg began bouncing underneath the desk.

"I'm trying to do work." The noble said, but Gin refused to move. Instead, his mouth lost it's usual smile, and his usually closed eyes opened. Byakuya inhaled sharply at the sight of the enchanting blue irises, and his hand jerked, as it wanted to move to let the noble's long fingers trace around the rarely seen beauties.

"Do ya not like me, Captain?" Gin asked seriously, and his hand came up to twist in Byakuya's hair.

"I... I…" Byakuya was unable to answer. He hated it, but he was slowly becoming more, and more entranced by the eyes of the shinigami below him.

"'Cause I don't want ya ta hate me." Gin continued. "I want ya ta like me, 'cause I like ya."

"What?" The noble asked, snapping back to reality.

"Yea. I like ya Captain Kuchiki. Yer so beautiful, and yer such a good person, I'm actually kinda happy yer wife died."

Byakuya stood up abruptly, and scowled, pointing to the door. "Leave Lieutenant. Now."

"Aw, yer such a downer Captain!" Gin sat up, and walked to the door, smiling again, and looking back over his shoulder before exiting. "But I can overlook yer flaws, 'cause it's what makes ya so much more beautiful."

"Go." Byakuya growled.

"See ya." The silver-haired man waved, and left the room.

Byakuya collapsed back into his chair. He could feel himself slipping back into a deep depression, every second that passed by. How could Gin have said that? How could he have said that he was glad that Byakuya's first and only love had died? And was he just egging the man on by adding that he liked him too? If the noble could cry, he certainly would have at that moment. He had just been starting to feel better, and then that stupid Lieutenant had to go and bring back that terrible subject.

The noble looked up, and turned to gaze out his window. In the distance, he could see the Squad Five Captain taking a walk, and Gin was heading towards the older man. The two met, and Aizen pulled Gin close. He seemed to be yelling at the younger, until their lips slammed together, and Gin was pushed back against a wall.

Byakuya's eyes narrowed, and he could feel his blood boiling. That trash. He had insulted the noble's wife, then confessed that he liked him, and after all that, he went crawling to Aizen, because that's who he really liked. Byakuya wasn't jealous of either of the men, but he couldn't give his full hatred to the silver-haired one. Those blue eyes still had him under their hypnotism, and his hand reached out to touch them, as if the beautiful irises were right in front of him.

He was snapped back for a second time, when he saw Aizen turn around. The older man smiled devilishly at him, before walking away with Gin under his arm. The noble gripped his desk, as he glared after the other two men. He was in pain, he was angry, and he was going to kill someone.

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