Summary: Gin says that he likes Byakuya, and that he's also happy Hisana died. Of course Byakuya is angered by the statement, and vows that he's going to get revenge on the fox-man, but their barely existent relationship will soon change.

Pairing: GinxByakuya.

Rating: M. [this chapter] Sexual Situations.


Silver Sakura 7

"He'll live." Unohana smiled , her reiatsu healing all of Gin's wounds, new and old.

"'A course I'm gonna live." Gin smiled back, grabbing Byakuya's hand and kissing it. "Why would I die, when I've finally got what I've been waitin' fer?"

Byakuya blushed slightly, and his grip tightened on Gin's hand. "Thank you Gin." He said.

Unohana giggled, her hands dropping to her sides. "I was able to heal all your wounds, Captain Ichimaru, but I couldn't get rid of your scars. They're too old."

"Scars?" Byakuya asked, looking over at his lover's body, but Gin covered up with the Squad Four bed's blanket.

"Nah, they're nothin'. Ya don't need ta worry Bya." He said, but the noble gave him a skeptical look. "Sa can I go naw?"

"Of course! You're free to go!" Unohana said. "I'll bring you some robes to wear home."

"Nah Nah, I ain't showin' ya!" Gin wrapped himself up in the robes even more.

"Show them." Byakuya ordered, stepping closer to the silver-head.

"How 'bout I just open my eyes instead?"

"Don't make me force you."

"Ya knaw, fer someone under my hypnasis, ya sure are free-willed." Gin backed against the bedroom wall, his hand squeezing the robe shut tighter as Byakuya approached him, getting as close to the taller man as he could.

"Gin…" The noble breathed, grabbing the robe, and gazing up at his lover with a sensual look. "Please open the robe." The silver-head gulped, his grip relaxing. Byakuya took the chance to grip the material tighter, before ripping it apart. His eyes widened, as he saw scar after scar covering his lover's body. They marred his chest, stomach, even his upper arms, and most looked like they had been deep when they were still wounds. "W-what?" Byakuya asked, his hand running over the damaged skin. "Why would you let him do this to you?"

"Captain Aizen found me, and saved me from Rukongai, sa I thought I owed him somethin'.

"You don't owe him anything, if he's hurting you. And after all these years too." The noble's lips touched the scarred skin, before he turned, walking towards his bed.

"What're ya doin'?" Gin asked.

Byakuya untied his obi, allowing his haori and kosode to fall from his body. His scarf was pulled from his neck, thrown majestically to the side. "I'm going to help you forget all that that man did to you. You said yourself that you don't love him, so I'm not going to let you think about him anymore." The noble's black hakama fell to the floor, revealing his hardened cock.

"Bya…" Gin chuckled, and hugged his lover. "We don't need ta do that ta make me ferget him, I just wanna be with ya."

"But Gin, I want to. I've wished for it every since we first kissed." Byakuya wrapped his arms around the taller one, his body rubbing up against the other's to create friction on his aching erection.

The silver-head chuckled again, and moved his hand to rub the noble's cock. "I guess ya are ready. But Bya… I don't wanna have sex with ya yet. I'm not ready like ya are."

"What do you mean?" Byakuya moaned. "Are you frightened?"

"I'm just not ready ta be submissive again."

"Submissive?" Pulling away from the taller, Byakuya looked up with a worried expression on his face. "Why would you think you'd be the bottom?"

"'Cause that's all I've eva been. Captain Aizen always dominated ova me."

"Then… if you want to dominate me… you can…" The noble said quietly.


"You can top… if you want… I don't mind…"

Gin's eyes opened, only to let him blink at the noble. "Are ya sayin' that just 'cause yer under my hypnatism, or are ya really willin'?"

"Both…" Byakuya hugged the silver-head closer, trying to pull him to the bed.

"Bya…" Gin breathed, allowing himself to be led.

"Please Gin, make love to me…" The noble fell back onto the futon bed, his arms outstretched and his eyes lidded, filled with lust.

"I…" Gin fell over the smaller one, before kissing his lover deeply. Their tongues met, swirling together, and exploring each the other's orifice. They pulled away, and Gin started placing kisses all over Byakuya's neck.

"Gin…" The noble gasped, as his hands ran through silver hair. "I love you…"

"Love ya ta…" The silver-head smiled, sliding down Byakuya's body to tease hardened pink nipples. The smaller moaned, his chest arching off the floor. "Ya've neva got this 'fore have ya?" Gin giggled, sucking particularly hard on a nub.

"N-no… it kind of makes me feel… like a woman…"

"Aw, don't worry. I'm sensitive there ta." Gin continued to stimulate Byakuya's nipples, one hand rolling the right one around, while his mouth sucked and licked the left one. He pinched and bit the two at the same time, and the noble jerked, his cock twitching and dripping immensely.

"Do it now please…" Byakuya moaned out, his hands guiding Gin's head back up to his so they could kiss again. "Please… enter me…"

"Yer turnin' sa dirty…" The taller teased, pecking his lover's lips. "Do ya have any lubricant?"

"N-no… I don't usually…" Byakuya blushed.

"I got ya. Hold on." Gin got up, and left for the bathroom. When he returned, he had a bottle of hand lotion with him. He sat back down between Byakuya's legs, and squirt some lotion into his hand, making sure his fingers became thoroughly covered with the liquid. Moving his fingers down to the noble's entrance, he slowly pushed a finger in, pumping his lover to help relieve the pain as he added another finger and scissored them to help stretch the muscles.

"Oh!" Byakuya gasped out when his prostate was brushed against. "Now Gin… I'm ready…" He moaned.

"Alright." Gin pulled his fingers out, and used his already lotioned hand to lubricate his cock, before he leaned forward over the noble's body, and slowly pushed into it. He hugged Byakuya, who wrapped his arms around the thin body as Gin was fully sheathed, and slowly rocked his hips. He picked up his pace, his rocks turning into rough thrusts as he was squeezed more and more by the tight heat around him.

"There! Again!" Byakuya suddenly shouted when the silver-head's cock hit his prostate. Chuckling at the lewd talk, Gin changed angles, and began to assault the pleasuring-nerves within the smaller's body. He licked at the porcelain-skinned neck, then bit it lightly, while Byakuya moaned loudly, the feeling of his virgin prostate being hit continuously becoming all too incredible. "G-good Gin…" He pulled the other closer. "I'm going to orgasm…"

"Bya, na one says that. Yer gonna come." Gin groaned out.

"Yes… I am… coming…" The noble followed the words due to the hypnotism.

"Touch yerself then. I wanna hold ya close when ya come." The silver-head pulled the smaller body closer, as he felt Byakuya's hand make its way between their bodies. The moans grew louder, before hot fluid spurted out onto their stomachs, spreading across their skin because of Gin's continuous thrusts.

"In-inside me Gin…" Byakuya gasped, and arched up as he felt the silver-head fill him.

"Ya naughty boy." Gin groaned, as he collapsed on the bed next to the noble. "Ya made me come when ya said that."

"I love y-you Gin…" The raven-haired Captain breathed, snuggling against the larger body.

"Aw, I love ya ta Bya." Gin smiled, and kissed the noble's dark hair. "I feel sa much happier with ya than with Captain Aizen."

"Thank you. I'm glad that is how you feel." Byakuya sighed happily.

"What was going on? They should have announced it by now that Gin Ichimaru was dead. There was no way he had survived Aizen's attack. Yet there had no word. No hell butterfly, no Captain's meeting, no revenge spree conducted by Byakuya, nothing.

Aizen growled angrily, grabbing the edge of his desk, and flipping it over, sending supplies flying all over the room. To say he was pissed was an understatement. He had failed his attempts to get rid of that trash he had once called his Lieutenant, and now he felt like just ripping the entire Seireitei apart until there was nothing left.

But that would only get him in trouble, and then he'd never gain anything. So this time, this time he would make sure Gin was dead, and he would make Byakuya watch the whole damn thing. Then he would kill that bastard noble, before setting the whole scene up as a homicide, later turned suicide on Byakuya's part. He'd be able to get rid of those two… 'distractions', while keeping the blame off of himself, and tainting the almost perfect reputation of the Kuchiki family.

And what's better, everyone would find out those two were lovers. What would people think of that snotty noble then? Not very highly that's for sure. And he knew just where the two were at the moment, the perfect place to set up the crime scene. Aizen smiled to himself, as he left his office, heading for Byakuya Kuchiki's home.

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