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Iceland sat silently in the cabin of one of Denmark's ship, pondering on his late events. It had taken the Dane more than two weeks to realize the Icelandic had been abducted by the Ottoman Empire, or to be specific, his pirates. Strangely enough, the Ottoman Empire had no intention in colonizing the island but merely to sell his people into slavery. Iceland, on the other hand, had been brought to the Ottoman Empire's home to serve as a slave. Upon realizing, Denmark had immediately taken action to bring back Iceland's sold slaves and the nation itself from slavery.

Truth to be told, Denmark had been too busy focusing on his relations and trades with Norway to provide enough protection to Iceland. The Kingdom of Denmark itself had no need for Iceland's fish and homespun wools thus Denmark's king asked Denmark to focus on his trades with other countries, neglecting the little island. But despite that, Denmark and the king still felt the need to rescue Iceland and his people from their days of slavery.

However, Iceland never once thought of blaming Denmark for the occurrence of this unfortunate event. He never expected Denmark to provide for him in the first place. He was never so close to Denmark, Sweden and Finland to categorize them as his friends. They were merely his acquaintances, people whom Iceland felt no need to rely on or communicate with. His only close person was Norway. If Norway couldn't save him, then Iceland would have to save himself. He couldn't stand relying on other people anymore. It was both unreliable and pathetic, in Iceland's eyes at least.

"Hey Ice," Denmark greeted as he entered the cabin.

Iceland gave a stare at the Dane's use of one of his nicknames and no consideration of how he might have felt about somebody entering the room he was occupying. Nevertheless, the island was still under the Danish rule. It wouldn't do his nation good to offend his benefactor.

"Is there something you needed?" Iceland asked in a composed manner, getting rid of any emotions.

Denmark scratched the back of his head awkwardly. Iceland was like a copy of Norway, only colder. The Dane had no idea how to approach him without accidentally offending him. In most cases, he would just let his bossy side take over him but this small island had just been raided. No matter how bossy the Dane could be, he also had a side of consideration, if only he knew how to show it.

"Are you alright there?"


"Is there anything you need?"


Denmark let out a sigh. This kid was tougher than he thought. Iceland had really lived up to his name, as cold as ice. It wasn't a surprise considering how much he had isolated from the other nations and was only visited by Norway of all people.

"Well if there is anything you need, you know where to find me." Denmark offered.

Iceland stared at him, not knowing how to react to his act of generosity. This might be even the first time they had exchanged more than two words that weren't related to political affairs. He offered the Dane a small nod and watched as the Dane gave him a grin in return before closing the door behind him on his way out.

Just how many people in this world were like him? And more importantly…

Could he trust him?

187 years had passed since the Turkish Abductions. This time, the treaty of Kiel was imposed on them causing the kingdoms of Denmark and Norway to separate with the latter forced to cede to Sweden. It was one of the worst moments of Denmark's life, the other being Sweden and Finland's departure. During this time, Iceland was still struggling with his economy and survival but could not help but notice the Dane's lack of enthusiasm he always radiated. It was just like the aftermath of the conflict between Sweden and him before the former's departure, only more solemn than rage.

A few bottles of beer stood themselves in front of the Dane, some emptied ones were either pieces of glasses on the floor or rolling on the table. It was nearly impossible to get the Dane truly drunk but enough for him to carelessly speak his mind.

"Denmark?" Iceland called out after much thinking on whether he should confront Denmark. After all, they hadn't talked much for them to be friends but enough for Iceland to acknowledge him.

Denmark lifted his head up from his arm reluctantly. "Ice," he greeted back. It sounded forced, as if he had decided to drown himself in his thoughts of the turns of events instead of talking to anyone. But it was rare for Iceland to start a conversation so the Dane thought he might as well humor the little nation.

Iceland shifted his feet. Why did he decide to do this again? "Are you feeling alright?" he asked carefully.

Denmark snorted, "Just fine."

"Do you need anything?"

"Not right now."

"Alright. In case you need anything… I'll be nearby."

It felt like déjà vu only their roles were reversed and the Dane actually spoke more than just a word. Iceland may have acted uncaring to the world but he did feel for the Dane. Now he knew how Denmark felt when he tried to get him to open up. Nearly impossible.

Denmark looked at Iceland for a moment before deciding to speak, catching Iceland by surprise. "Do you know how it feels?" he inquired, pausing for a moment. "To have two of your best friends no longer here to talk or look at. Fin is my close friend too but not as close as Sweden or Norge."

How could Iceland know how he felt? He only had Norway ever since he founded him. And the struggle of his economy took away the time he needed to establish a solid relationship with him. Norway visited occasionally but had to leave after some time in order for Iceland to focus his attention on maintaining his survival.

"Not really. I don't have anyone besides Nor." Iceland admitted, plopping onto the couch. "And we hardly talked because I was too busy."

"Well it hurts like hell," Denmark gritted his teeth, as if trying to push back his utmost hatred for Sweden instead of unleashing his fury in front of the small nation. "Damn Sweden. First Fin and now Norge."

Iceland looked at him from the corner of his eyes. He couldn't say anything. Not words that might cheer Denmark up. He knew nothing about Denmark's feelings. He had never experienced what the Dane had. All he could do was listen to what Denmark ranted in his ears the whole night while trying to get himself drunk. He had long shifted himself to sit beside Iceland, leaning his forehead on Iceland's lap. Iceland may have been uncomfortable at the contact but couldn't push the Dane off. He had offered himself into this and there was no way he could bear to back out.

"I thought that… the three of us would still remain together. This whole thing is so messed up," Denmark finished, feeling a whole lot better after getting his pent up words off his chest.

Iceland held his hand inches above Denmark's head hesitatingly before bringing it down to caress his head. This was what Norway usually did when Iceland was young and he liked it even though he never showed it now. "It's going to be alright," he said finally.

Denmark gave a slight nod, remaining on Iceland's lap. "Ice… you won't leave too, right?"

He froze at the sudden question. No one had cared about his existence, or so he thought. Even so, Iceland still had no idea how to answer him. There was no telling what might happen in the future. Especially when his boss had just concluded that there were only limited things they could do under a person's rule. As for Iceland, he was confused to how he should approach his problems. He was afraid of making mistakes. But even if he didn't want to leave, his boss's words were his law.

"I won't," he said finally.

That seemed to reassure Denmark. "That's good," Denmark mumbled, turning his body so that he could see Iceland. It was the first time he could look at Iceland without any distractions. And by distractions, he meant Norway and other things he usually focused on. "Has anyone told you how beautiful you look?" he murmured.

Iceland was taken by pure shock at the sudden compliment. To Denmark, it was natural since he had complimented countless people but to Iceland, this was a whole new issue in his life. "Denmark. I think you are drunk," he concluded firmly.

Denmark snorted, "I don't get drunk. I'm sober enough not to slur over my words," he pointed out. "But seriously Ice, you don't look half bad." He grinned.

What's with this sudden change of attitude? Wasn't he deeply hurt before? Iceland thought. "Thanks, I guess." he mumbled, looking away. "So I guess you are feeling better now?"

"Better than just now. Thanks to you, Ice," Denmark pointed out.

Iceland quirked an eyebrow, "I didn't do anything."

Denmark shook his head and chuckled, rested his hand on Iceland's head. "There is a lot for you to learn."

"Stop that." He frowned and swatted Denmark's hand away. "If you are feeling better now, I'm going to sleep," he announced, getting up from the couch slowly. It was as if his cool exterior had returned to him and whatever he felt before was put behind him with ease except for the embarrassment when Denmark complimented on his looks.

"Night Ice." Denmark waved lazily, deciding to sleep on the couch for the night.

"Night," Iceland mumbled and headed to his room.

After Norway had left, Denmark and Iceland had gotten closer. More than Iceland would have allowed to any other people. It was a long way for Denmark since being friends with a doubtful person like Iceland was a feat. And then, their worst fear had been discovered when Iceland's boss decided to announce their independence. Iceland knew it before but never confronted Denmark about it because he held some hope that he would be able to change his boss's mind.

"So I guess you are leaving too, huh," Denmark muttered when Iceland approached behind him.

"Sorry." Was all Iceland could provide. He felt a light yet forceful tug on his heart, as if he didn't want to go. How weird considering he would never have cared who left or who he left before. Thinking back on the times he shared with Denmark made him emotional. Especially when he had reassured him that he would never leave like Sweden, Finland or Norway did. Sadness and solitude just don't suit the Dane. "I-I didn't want to leave."

Denmark knew it was Iceland's boss's decision. But he couldn't just run up to Iceland's boss and beat him into a bloody pulp. Things just didn't work that way, he had concluded after Sweden left. It was one of the reasons why people couldn't stand him. That was why he never showed that violent side of him in front of Iceland.

Denmark let out a sigh, "You should pack up soon."

Feeling like a small child, Iceland did not know how to react correctly to this. This was the first time Iceland had to leave someone. Was this how Norway felt when he was forced to cede to Sweden? Throwing his cool and composed surface to the wind, Iceland wrapped his arms tightly around Denmark's waist from behind, mumbling words of apologies. Denmark looked back at Iceland, it was the first time Iceland showed his affections. It didn't hold as much as an average person would but it was enough for Iceland.

"Sorry, Den… I never wanted to leave. If only I could convince my boss…" he whispered, using the nickname Denmark had been bugging him to use.

Denmark turned around easily and held Iceland. "I… understand, Ice."

"No you don't," he retorted, "I don't know why but I don't feel like going at all. Not from the beginning. I-I don't understand this either. Everything before this just felt so natural. I'm very confused. I don't know what to do or react to this." Starting off a friendship with someone and leaving him. It was too much for him.

Denmark huffed, "I know that, Ice. But… I learnt that I can't solve this like I solved problems before… unless you don't mind me beating your boss into a bloody pulp."

Iceland sighed in exasperation, rolling his eyes. The Dane did not get his point. "Never mind, Denmark."

Denmark chuckled and kissed his forehead, causing Iceland's eyes to snap wide open. Looking down to hide his blush, Iceland balled his hand into a fist and tried to punch the older nation square in the face until Denmark caught his fist. "Why are you acting violent? I thought you would've gotten used to it." Denmark laughed lightly.

"I would have if I gave you permission to do it in the first place," he gritted out.

"It wouldn't be fun that way," Denmark stated offhandedly.

Iceland looked up at him, glaring with the same blush spreading across his cheeks. "I'm not for you to have fun with," he reminded.

Denmark chuckled, wrapping an arm around his waist and resting his hand on the Icelander's cheek. He liked to tease Iceland in this way, mostly because this was what Iceland would react most adorably towards. "Course you aren't."

"Denmark, I'm not joking!" he warned, struggling to break free from the Dane's hold.

"Good. You never joke anyway," Denmark pointed out, grinning in satisfaction.

Iceland finally broke free from Denmark's hold and looked away, refusing to meet the Dane's face. "Try to take me seriously for once," he grumbled.

"I did. It's just that you never noticed," Denmark pointed out.

Iceland looked at him, "You've been getting close to me physically even though I told you not to."

Denmark shook his head and smiled, shoving his hands inside his pockets. "It would take at least a hundred years for you to understand what I'm trying to do."

"Sexual harassment?"

Denmark snorted, "That's what YOU think."

Iceland groaned, completely not understanding what Denmark was trying to say. "I have no clue of what you are trying to say."

Denmark shrugged, waving it off. "It's alright. It's not like you will die before you notice." He suddenly grinned, thinking of how Iceland would react to his next statement. "By the way, I proposed a personal union with you for twenty five years with your boss. And the best part is that he agreed to it."

"You did what?" Iceland exclaimed before thinking twice at his statement. "Wait, so you knew what my boss was doing before this?"

Denmark nodded, "Yup," he said cheerfully.

Iceland wanted to let out a scream of rage but that would be what he swore he would never do. He took a deep breath and exhaled before looking at Denmark seriously. "Denmark, you are an idiot," he said without any hint of malice.

"I know right?" Denmark grinned widely, slinging an arm over Iceland's shoulder. "Let's ditch this place and eat out!"

Iceland could only shake his head in exasperation and follow to wherever Denmark decided to have their meal. Secretly Iceland was glad that they would still remain close… even if it was just for awhile. And perhaps they would become even closer once Iceland understood it.

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