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We sat at some sort of lookout point over the big inner city of Bellwood. It was like a huge sprawling spider, streets of legs stretching out endlessly in every direction. All the twinkling lights looked like the gleam of sunshine upon a thousand eyes. The blackness of the buildings and shadowed alleys gave it the dark feel of something similar to an arachnid. I couldn't help but drink in the night's refreshing aid and just take in the sight of it.

I never knew Bellwood could be so beautiful.

"Told ya you'd love it," murmured my boyfriend, his words sneaking into my ear as he leaned in nice and close so that his warm, minty breath found my collarbone. Shivers rolled down my spine and longing clutched at my throat with an iron fist. "The city's almost as gorgeous as you."

I gave his hand a little squeeze; he quietly returned the gesture as we sat on the hood of his beloved Camaro. I knew this was one of our moments. They were rare due to my idiotic cousin always being around, but when we had them, Kevin was so perfect. He always seemed to know what to do to be romantic. The best part was that he didn't even feel the need to try. He was just that perfect.

"It's amazing," I said. The lights kept twinkling and glittering as moonlight rained down on it. Blackened buildings seemed to shimmer and become even more beautiful right before my very eyes. "How did you find this place?"

Kevin gave me a sheepish smile and his gaze diverted from mine. "I like to explore places where I'm not supposed to be, ya know?"

I didn't press. I figured he had learned about it through years of dealing to illegals in these parts. But whatever. I loved him and he was being romantic. I harass him and lose the moment or let it go and let life move on. It wasn't a hard decision.

"I don't think I've seen anything so... magical." It was hard to find a word. Amazing didn't seem good enough. Brilliant wasn't right. Incredible didn't fit. Magical was as close as I was going to get to describing the sight of cars the size of beetles zipping along roads with flickering lights that seemed like flashlights racing through the darkness. It was all so incredibly amazing.

My hand received another squeeze from his. "I wish I could show you Chicago," he laughed. His obsidian eyes twinkled with amusement in the darkness of the night that seemed to be swallowing us whole. I loved his smile. When he smiled, my heart melted. "If you think this is good, imagine bigger and brighter. That place really knows how to do skylines."

"This is perfect," I told him, leaning over to kiss his cheek. My lips touched his heated skin and I felt a zing of electricity surge through my system. He was so perfect...

Kevin's fingers found my hair and we were soon kissing harder and putting more passion into it with every passing second. My lips mashed against his and I knew it would be a long night as we put all our love into these few moments we were able to share alone together.

I had fallen in love with the sight of the city, but I had always been in love with city boy.

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