She's on a mission
but not out to space,
She's reloading her gun
and doesn't care about disgrace.

Infilirating nightclubs and gangster pubs.
Wearing her Cat suits and black leather boots.
Dropping those bodies with shotguns and hit and runs.
provoking Killians henchmen and activating code ten.

Lethal drug bars and some slick cars,
Assinating Chinese thugs and collecting some hidden keys.
Using her sniper and saving the day.
She's Killing, but willing to get her revenge.

This girl doesn't care,
but that doesn't make her unfair.
She's been through it all,
going undercover and walking tall.

Enemies beware this girl ain't kind.
Her name is Joanna Dark,
and when she's done with you,

She won't leave a mark behind.