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"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."

~Blaise Pascal

"I really don't think this is a good Idea." Lois Lane turned to look at her photographer Jimmy Olson.

"Oh geez Jimmy, get it together" replied Lois. "This group is not only one of the newest gangs to hit the streets, but they've become the most dangerous, and formed some sort of cult. This is news."

"Um, don't you think that would be a reason to NOT sneak around their secret meeting?" said Jimmy, his voice getting progressively more quiet as they walked along, deep into Metropolis park. "By the way, how do you even know about this thing tonight?"

"I have my sources, now shush" said Lois, making a motion across her lip, the universal sign for "zip it." The two snuck through the park, ducking behind trees and bushes whenever they thought they had heard something. Eventually, they found the group in a large clearing area in the park, with several designs carved into the ground. There were nearly a hundred of them, wearing black ceremonial robes. The area was fairly well lit, hiding the flash that came from Jimmy's camera. He was unaware he had left the flash on.

"Jimmy, we need to get a picture of those designs" whispered Lois, pointing up into the tree.

"Oh, no way" said Jimmy. "I'm staying at ground level, where I can run if need be" he whispered back to him.

"Jimmy, just get the pictures, and then we can leave" whispered Lois, pointing up the tree.

"Fine, but you owe me" whispered back Jimmy, beginning to climb the tree. He got high up onto a branch, crawling out on the limb, with camera in hand. He was at this point high enough to see the full designs, and was amazed by them.

Carved out in a large circle, were eighteen twisted lines that connected at nine points around the circle, giving them the appearance of forming an odd nine-pointed star. In the center of all of this was another circle, with a smaller circle within that. Between the second and third circle were three teardrop shaped markings that were carved so that they appeared to be circling the third circle.

As what appeared to be the cult leader, based on the fact that his robes were more decorative, and he was carrying a large tomb, walked into the center circle, Jimmy prepared to take one more picture. However, just as he snapped the picture, the lights all went out, making his camera flash fully visible, catching the attention of the group.

"Oh man…" said Jimmy, jumping down from the tree, before he and Lois took off running. However, the cult members were slightly faster, easily closing the distance and capturing the reporter and her photographer. The two were brought back to the clearing, where they were addressed by the leader.

"Well, it would seem that we have a reporter poking her nose where it's not supposed to be. But, maybe these two could be good sacrifices for our Lord" he said in an Australian accent.

"What the Hell are you going on about?" asked Lois, glaring at the man.

"Oh, how rude of me" said the man. "I guess this is the part where the "villain" tells his entire plan? Well then, I'll tell you. We are going to summon the most powerful evil the world has ever seen" said the leader. "Long ago, our Lord and his brethren attempted to raze the world to the ground, in an attempt to get their revenge on the rest of humanity. However, in their first attempt, they failed, and in so doing, nearly destroyed themselves. But we shall revive him, and in so doing, when the world finally is destroyed, we shall be spared from his wrath." Several members of the cult shouted in agreement.

"You don't honestly think this will work, do you? Even if he is real, if he hates humanity there really is nothing stopping him from destroying you too" said Lois.

"You DARE question the existence of the great Ninth?" shouted the man. "Then you will be destroyed by him. Tie them up; it is time to commence with the ritual." As the men holding Jimmy and Lois took them away, the leader pulled out a small box. Opening it, he pulled out a necklace, a green crystal adorning it.

"Do not worry my Lord. You will soon once again take your place in this world" he said, placing the necklace around his head and stepping into the middle of the symbol. Opening the old book, nine others took their places at the nine points of the star, beginning a chant. From where Lois and Jimmy were sitting, tied up tight, they could hear the muffled chants, which seemed to resonate over the entire area. The leader then began reading, as clouds overtook the sky and it began to rain.

"Let the Evil from the past" he began, "Breathe again, with fiery blast." As he spoke, thunder and lightning flashed and crashed in the skies above, which began swirling steadily, directly over where the cult leader was. His necklace also began glowing from within with a dim red light, which was growing progressively brighter. It seemed to vibrate a bit as well.

"Let the dark wind, whip the night" he continued, "To blow away, the force of Light." As if by his command, the wind picked up, swirling around him like a tornado or mini windstorm. The entire area was becoming shrouded in a red light, which shone from the crystal on the necklace, which also seemed as though it had come alive, and was trying desperately to remove itself from the man's neck.

"Now I summon Ancient Power…" he said, and the circle he was standing in turned red, with the smaller inner circles and the teardrops turning black. The nine points on the star seemed to glow with an ominous red light as he spoke, before the teardrops actually began circling the innermost circle. More and more lightning flashed overhead.

"I can't believe this is happening" shouted Lois over the wind. "This shouldn't be possible." Several trees throughout the park began creaking before breaking and flying toward the center of the circle, as though they were being pulled in by the effect of a whirlpool. When they made contact with the wall of wind surrounding the cult leader, the entirety of the trees were shredded to bits.

"This Is Evil's finest hour!" shouted the cult leader, throwing away the book and spreading his arms, looking toward the sky.

"Come forth my Lord! It is your time to rise again!" he shouted, before all the lightning in the sky seemed to converge in the center of clouds above him, sending a massive bolt of lightning down on him. When it connected, there was a massive flash and the leader was blasted out of the circle, unconscious. However, the necklace remained, floating, electrified, before the red light focused into a beam toward the ground, which shone so brightly with the red light that the members of the cult couldn't bear to look at it.

Once it faded away, everyone looked to see something rise from the ground. Or more specifically, the portal created. As it rose, the necklace slipped itself around his neck, before the portal beneath the being closed. What they saw was not human. It also seemed to be transparent, as though it were a ghost. Instead of normal ears, two elongated fox ears adorned its head, in a way that almost resembled some sort of horns. It had no hands, but instead claws utilizing opposable appendages. Three cuts were on each cheek, giving the impression of whiskers, and nine erratically swinging tails extended from its tailbone.

The figure, which was obviously male, wore nothing on his upper body but the necklace, and wore what looked like the bottoms of red and black robes. He opened his eyes and everyone in the area saw two, giant, omniscient eyes appear to open in the air above him.

"At last, I am free!" the being shouted. His voice seemed to take three tones. One Dark and powerful, one sounded like that of the young man he appeared to be, and one tone rose above the others, in a slightly higher pitch than the first two. "Free to exact my vengeance upon the world."

"My Lord?" The figure turned to see the cult leader who had regained consciousness. "You are not fully free. The ritual only allows you to manifest in a visible form, but you aren't exactly…solid" said the man.

Well then…" said the figure. "Perhaps you all can be of even more use to me." The figure was enveloped in a red glow before tendrils of the energy shot out and grabbed one of the cult members, drawing him in, where he disintegrated upon coming in contact with the figure, his body reworked into something else. A strange mass within the figure. When it slowly began pulsating, the onlookers realized in horror that their cult brother had just become a heart. The tendrils began shooting out faster, grabbing more and more of them, each becoming part of a new body for this…thing.

"My Lord! Why? You said you would protect us, spare us from the destruction of the world?" shouted the cult leader, as tendrils of energy grabbed him as well. The eyes that floated above the figure merely narrowed.

"And I am. I never go back on my word. The terms of our agreement were you were to be spared from the horrors of my world destruction. We never agreed upon HOW you would be spared from it. Now you all won't be alive to experience the pain of it all" said the figure, pulling the screaming man in, before continuing taking in the members of the cult, all of who were too frightened to run. Lois and Jimmy watched in horror as the energy tendrils came toward them, but felt themselves whisked away. Both looked up to see the one who had saved them, the one and only Superman, holding them by their restraints, flying them to safety.

"You two really need to be more careful" he told them as he set them down outside the park.

"Hey, don't look at me" said Jimmy. "It was her idea" he finished, pointing to Lois.

"What was that thing?" Lois asked Superman.

"I don't know" he replied. "But I intend to find out." With that, he launched at incredible speed toward where the thing had surfaced. He landed just as he had assimilated the last of the cult. Looking upon him, he looked to be maybe in his early twenties, though he was decidedly not human.

"Who are you?" asked the Man of Steel, making the being turn toward him.

"I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune, I am the destroyer of humanity, and I am the apocalypse of which legend speaks" said the being. "Who may I ask am I speaking to?" This time his voice became decidedly more human, which made him seem a little less intimidating to the Man of Steel, who was honestly a bit unnerved.

"I am called Superman, one of the defenders of this planet" he replied, causing the other to narrow his eyes and give an appraising gave at the super hero.

"Hmm, you're not one of those vile humans" he said. "That automatically means you are higher on my list of those I respect."

"You never answered my question" said Superman. "Who are you? What do I call you?"

"My name is Naruto, but you can call me whatever you wish, it won't matter. Soon this world will be gone, and I can finally have my revenge" said Naruto, turning away, beginning to walk casually away.

"I can't let you do that." Naruto stopped, before turning around with a dark smirk on his face.

"Oh really? You can't let me do it?" he asked.

"I won't let you kill all these innocent people" said Superman.

"Ha…You call these people innocent? There is no such thing as an innocent human. These creatures are the foulest in the universe. But hey, if you want to give up your life for them, I guess I won't stop you. But be prepared to fight" replied Naruto.

Before a normal person can blink, Superman had crossed the distance between the two and launched a punch at Naruto. However, he wasn't prepared for Naruto to catch the punch. He was forced back a bit, making drag marks on the ground from his feet, but other than that, the blonde was fine.

"Ooooooh, impressive" said Naruto, before he slipped his hand down Superman's arm, grabbing him by the wrist, spinning and flinging the super hero like a Frisbee, knocking him through several trees. Superman hit the ground, rolled and came to rest on his back. Looking up, he saw one of Naruto's tails bearing down on him, and he put his hands up and caught it. However, the tail still had enough force to make a ten foot diameter, three foot deep crater in the ground, Superman directly in the center.

Gripping the tail, Superman gave Naruto a taste of his own medicine, spinning at high velocity before, snapping to a stop, breaking a tree with the blonde. Whipping him over his head, he slammed him into the ground with the enough force to make a crater nearly twice the size of the first.

Naruto dug himself out of the crater, shaking violently. "Ok" he said, not facing Superman. "Now I'm angry." Naruto suddenly disappeared, and before Superman could react, he took a powerful blow to the chest, and he felt an unpleasant feeling in his chest as the blonde actually broke two of his ribs with the force of the punch. However, he wasn't finished yet. He grabbed Naruto's arm, twisted it, and slammed his own elbow down on the blonde's, effectively shattering it. He then moved Naruto into a standing position before landing a powerful uppercut to his chin, sending him flying.

While the blonde was in the air, Superman focused on Naruto, before the blonde began to smoke, and eventually caught fire. He landed on the ground in a heap, screaming in pain. The guy rolled around in the dirt until the fire was out, and he lay there for a few minutes. Superman bent down on one knee. It was incredibly hard to breathe with his broken ribs.

"I have to admit…" Superman looked up at the voice, seeing Naruto getting up, every inch of his burnt skin falling off, revealing fresh skin beneath, and leaving him looking as though he had just stepped out of a shower instead of being burned alive. "I didn't think that would hurt as much as it did. It looks like while I have retained much of my power, I need time to regain the rest. Normally, I wouldn't have been tickled by those flames" finished the blonde, throwing his shattered arm out to the side, and Superman heard a very sickening crack, before Naruto once more had use of his arm.

As he neared the Man of Steel, Superman took in as deep a breath as he could under the circumstances, and blew at the blonde, who stopped against the cold wind, before he became frozen in a block of ice. As Superman began having a coughing fit, Naruto once more proved his strength, as shown when the ice surrounding him exploded from the blonde merely flexing.

"Well, you have some fight in you. Perhaps we'll meet again, but you'd be surprised at how exhausting physically manifesting yourself is, so, until then" said Naruto, lifting Superman by the neck with one of his tails Swinging the hero toward him, he launched a punch that connected with Superman's jaw, sending him flying, landing him in a pond, before Naruto disappeared, seemingly vanishing into nothing. As Superman crawled out of the water, he collapsed at the edge. He nearly slipped back in, but two people grabbed him and pulled him out. Looking up, his vision faded in and out, but he was able to make out Lois and Jimmy, the former on her phone, contacting medics, while the latter was staring astounded, unable to believe that Superman had actually been beat this badly. That was all he saw before he lost consciousness.

"Superman?" The man's eyes shot open at the voice. Looking around, he saw he was in the medical wing of the Watchtower. Standing next to him was the person who had spoken his name, Wonder Woman. Aside from her, the room also contained the Green Lantern, John Stewart, looking as stern as ever, leaning against the wall, Hawkgirl, sitting with a similar expression to the dark skinned man. There was also the Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz, and the speed demon, the Flash. He took notice of the absence of the final team member, Batman, but thought nothing of it.

"Uh, what happened?" asked the Man of Steel, rubbing his head.

"We were hoping you could tell us" said Hawkgirl.

"I really don't know" said Superman. "A storm blew up out of nothing, and it seemed like it was centering on the park, and when I checked it out, I found a group of cultists. They were known for worshipping some sort of Demonic God, and it looks like they succeeded in summoning him. I fought him, but he was too strong. I remember getting knocked into a pond, and nothing else."

"Did this God have a name?" asked John.

"He called himself Naruto, but he also referred to himself as the Kyuubi, or something like that" said Superman, sitting up on the bed, but grimaced at the pain it caused him.

"Easy there Supes" said Flash. "This guy you fought managed to break a couple of your ribs. We've had you under a solar lamp to help the healing process, but you're still gonna be in a lot of pain."

"Wait, who long have I been out?" asked Superman.

"A couple of days" replied Hawkgirl. "We've actually had to keep you sedated. You're really not used to actual pain, are you?" she asked.

"Yeah, and you won't believe how hard it was. We originally were gonna inject you with it, but your skin broke the needle. So we had to have you breath it in instead, which took forever to take effect" said Flash.

"Where's Batman?" asked Superman.

"Where else" said Hawkgirl. "He's in Gotham. He's got his own problems to deal with."

"Apparently there was a major escape from Arkham Asylum and it requires his attention right now" said Wonder Woman.

"Right, I should have known" said Superman, grunting as he pulled himself out of the bed, rubbing his sore chest.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" asked Wonder Woman.

"He has his city, I have mine. I have to make sure the people are alright. This guy's got a major grudge against humans, and he plans to destroy every human on the planet" said Superman, making the team's eyes widen.

"He said that?" said J'onn.

"Yeah, and I believe he can. We have to stop him" said Superman, he and the present members of the League leaving the medical wing. They arrived in the hanger after a short walk through the winding halls of the Watchtower, and entered their mode of transportation, the Javelin.

Once they arrived in Metropolis, they went straight to the site of the fight, to find several police, along with, of all people, Batman.

"Thought you were in Gotham?" said John.

"I was, but as it turns out, all but three of the Arkham escapees were part of this same cult. Now they're here, looking for "The Great Lord of Nine" replied Batman without so much as moving, not even looking at the group. "I heard he was able to take down Superman?"

"He did give me quite a beating, yes" replied Superman. "I managed to do almost worse to him, but he seems to have regenerative capabilities that allow him to fully heal in seconds."

"Which means he's dangerous. Very dangerous" said J'onn, getting agreement from the rest of the League.

"I found out a little about our friend, based on one of the more loose-lipped cultists I found" said Batman, holding up a disk, used to record the information he had tracked down. "Trust me; all of you are going to want to see this."

The group entered the Javelin, and J'onn accessed the information. What followed was several files flashing onscreen, one of which was a video file that Batman selected. It began playing and the league saw the view from Batman's point of view, as though the recorder was inside his mask, which knowing who Batman was underneath the mask, it could very well have been.

"I didn't get much, but I did get him to spill this information" said Batman, fast-forwarding the video, showing the sixteen year old black haired girl, scared out of her wits.

"Who or what is the Lord of Nine" they heard Batman's voice.

"He is the destroyer of the human race. He hates us, but has promised to spare those who are loyal to him. It was only a matter of time before he would have manifested on this plane of existence anyway" said the girl, obviously frightened.

"Why? Why does he want to destroy humans?" asked Batman.

"I don't know!" shouted the girl, and the League shot Batman a dirty look when he picked the girl up by the front of her robes. They never were fans of the Bat's interrogation methods.

"I swear, if you're lying to me…" he said.

"Wait, please, I'll tell you" screamed the girl.

"Why?" Batman asked again, setting the girl down.

"Because, he used to live among us" said the girl. "According to legend, the Lord of Nine once lived among us with his brethren. However, they were being hunted, by those who wanted their power for their own. According to our teachings, this group killed his lover, stated to be his "Wind Goddess." After that, he and his eight brothers and sisters turned their back on humanity, dropping out of sight, watching the human race. They think we're vile creatures. Rape, abusing children, war…all of these things only serve to prove their point. However, our Lord of Nine, the Kyuubi, was trapped in another world long ago by the trio of Greek Gods, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. When they couldn't defeat him, they trapped him in a place from which there should be no return. But our lord is stronger than them. And now he is once again free."

Batman growled as he turned away and left the girl, cops taking her away. The video then ended.

"I did some research on Kyuubi. According to Japanese legend, the Kyuubi is a demonic spirit, which takes the form of a massive nine-tailed fox" said Batman. "Other than your basic info, not much is known. It's stated he's a kitsune, or a fox spirit, and it's also said that he has the power to level entire mountains with a swing of one of his tails. I couldn't find anything about the "wind goddess," but at this point, I don't really think it would help anyway."

"It doesn't make sense" said Wonder Woman. "This Wind Goddess had to have really been human, because otherwise there would be no way to actually kill her."

"That's what I was thinking" said Batman. "And it would explain his hatred for humanity to a slightly greater extent if he fell in love with a human, and she was taken from him by another group of humans."

"The question is, if he has all this power, why hasn't he used it yet?" asked John.

"I think he said something about how physically manifesting drained him of a lot of power, and it would take time to gain it back" said Superman.

"How long?" asked J'onn.

"I don't know, but if I've been out for a couple days, I think it may take a while since he hasn't struck yet" replied Superman.

"I agree. If his hatred is as great as they say, he would have already begun a war on humans" said Batman.

"Well then, if that's true, where is he now...?" asked Hawkgirl.

What they didn't know was that Naruto was closer than anyone could have thought. Using his power, he carved out a massive cavern directly beneath the park. Sitting in a stone thrown, Naruto looked on at his followers, those who remained loyal even after he killed the other group. As they bowed to him, he sneered at how pathetic they were. He began to think of how pathetic he used to be. And he found his mind drifting inwards, to his mindscape.

The sewer had long since dispersed, becoming a giant, Japanese style palace.

"So what do we plan on doing now?" Naruto turned to see what could only be described as himself, leaning against the wall.

"Whatever we want. Isn't that how we work, Greed?" replied Naruto.

"He's got a point, Greed. We are great, we are powerful…" said another Naruto.

"And we will have our revenge" said yet another Naruto, this one sporting a dark look.

"Pride…Wrath…always a pleasure to see myself" said Naruto. Long ago, when he had forsaken his humanity, something happened. The sheer power gave him the means to take his revenge on the world, but unfortunately it also split his consciousness into eight parts. He himself was the first, while the other seven each became a manifestation of each of the seven deadly sins of greed, lust, sloth, wrath, gluttony, pride, and envy. He was also still the jailor of the old Kyuubi, who took up residence in Naruto's mind when the blonde took up his mantle.

"While it is nice being back in the realm of my birth, I wish to revel in my memories, so if you would…" The others seemed to understand and faded from existence. A door appeared in front of Naruto, which he stepped through, finding himself staring at himself, Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari, the last of which he was holding in his arms, crying. She was dead, and it was the Akatsuki's fault. He watched himself become enveloped in a red aura, while the sand flew around Gaara like crazy, as he was enveloped by a yellow light. Kankuro backed away from the two as both began letting off an aura of bloodlust so incredible, he couldn't breathe. When is subsided, Naruto had become what he now was, while Gaara took on animal features of his own, a raccoon tail, ears, and rings around the eyes that stretched together to look like a mask.

Laying his love Temari down, let out a cry as though he were in pain as he cried over the death of his lover.

"You know, watching this over and over won't bring her back." Naruto turned away from the memory, seeing the human form of Kyuubi standing next to him. He wore samurai style armor, had short, spiked red hair, carried a sword strapped to his back, and bore the same animal features as Naruto.

"Then what will?" asked Naruto. "I've tried everything, even the impure world resurrection. Why can't I bring her back?"

"Naruto, what you have to understand is that some people just want to move on to their next life. You want her back badly enough, but in your heart you don't want to force her back to an old life. By now, she should have been reincarnated many times?" replied Kyuubi, putting a hand on Naruto's shoulder. Naruto's face seemed to brighten at this.

"You mean there is still a chance to get her back?" said Naruto, excitedly.

"In theory. Basic personality would be similar, but it wouldn't be her" replied Kyuubi.

"But I could make it her. I couldn't bring Temari back, but I could use her reincarnation to draw in what's left of her spirit" said Naruto. "It would already be partially endowed in her reincarnation."

"That might work" said Kyuubi. "But even still, it wouldn't be the same."

"But I can try" said Naruto to himself as he exited the mindscape.

"My lord!" shouted one of his followers who ran into the room. "The Justice League is literally right on top of us."

"Well, then I think it is time to meet them" said Naruto, disappearing in a crack of fire.

Chapter end

Important, please read!

Ok, so if any of you hadn't guessed, Hawkgirl is Temari's reincarnation in this time period. Naruto will be on this whole "Getting Temari back" for a while, but it won't be permanent. There will be a point where he does decide to move on. I hope I made the characters seem somewhat believable, as I haven't watched Justice League in a while. However, this takes place sometime between the end of "The Enemy Below" but before the beginning of "Injustice for All." Also note, that while Naruto is a match for Superman in strength, he is far shy of full Kyuubi power.

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