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Friends Reunited?

Abby leant forward on the plastic hospital chair. So much had happened since they had returned from the past. She had no idea what was happening to Becker as they sat outside and waited.

"Abby?" Connor sat next to her.

"Where did Emily go?" She turned to face her boyfriend.

"Back to the ARC. She's going to try to contact Sarah. See if she can break in somewhere. Apparently she was pretty good at breaking and entering in her younger days." Connor smiled as Abby finally looked up from the floor. "She reckons she can break into the ARC, no problem."

"What exactly hasn't she done in her younger days?" Abby raised an eyebrow as Connor shrugged.


"A boy?" Nick stared at the sleeping baby as the child slept peacefully.

"So it would seem." Jenny smiled as exhaustion threatened to take over her.

"You are amazing, Jenny Lewis." She smiled as he kissed her forehead. "We didn't pick any boys names."

"I know. I was convinced he was going to be a girl." She stared as the baby wriggled in his father's arms. "Hannah, Katie, Zoe. We didn't even consider a boy's name."

"Well I know what names I don't want." He smiled. "No Danny, Stephen, James, Philip or Connor."

"Connor could be a middle name?" Jenny smiled. "Joseph? What do you think to Joseph?"

"Joe." Nick smiled. "Welcome to the ARC Joseph Connor Brown." He watched as the baby opened his eyes.

"Cutter." Jenny smiled. "Can't you go back to using your own name now?"

"I hope so." He looked up as Jenny yawned. "I hope so."


"What's the status?" Lester marched along the corridor as Jess rolled her eyes.

"The same as it was an hour ago. Only we seem to be able to make contact with the outside world now. I had a text from Emily. She's on her way back here." Jess' eyes filled with tears as Lester took a seat next to her.


"And Matt is doing well. Becker was shot. Burton shot Becker. He's in theatre." The young girl sniffed as Lester closed his eyes.


"He's in hospital. Emily said Abby and Connor are with him. He's not looking well."

"What happened?" Both spun round to see Sarah stood behind them. Her wide eyes filled with tears as Jess sniffed.

"Burton shot Becker."


"He shot Becker." Jess stood and faced the older woman as Sarah buried her face in her hands.

"I have to get out of here." She whispered. "It's all my fault. I should never have come back." Lester stood and walked towards her as her body began shaking with tears.

"How is this your fault? That's just ludicrous." Lester tapped her arm as he watched her look up. Jess turned back to her computer. She tapped a few keys.

"I might be able to get through the firewalls if Burton isn't working on the Lockdown. It seems it has to be renewed every few minutes. If Lockdown isn't maintained then it will revert back to the system we had originally." Jess explained. "I imagine if Burton has shot Becker." The words seemed to catch in her throat. "Then he is either under arrest or has run away."

"Knowing Burton, he's run away." Lester sighed. "That coward would never stay and face up to what he has done."

"But." Sarah sighed.

"But we have to get out of here before we can do anything." Jess stared at them before turning back to the computer screen. "There has to be a way around Lockdown. There just has to be."


Matt swore as he pulled himself into a sitting position. For one painful moment he was convinced he had ripped open all the stitches in his wound. Swearing fluently he was glad Emily and the others weren't there to hear the industrial strength language coming out of his mouth. Gripping his side carefully he pulled his hospital gown off and struggled to get his t shirt on. The cannula in his hand was ripped out while he continued to swear. Gingerly he made his way to the door.

"Hey!" He ignored the nurse as she called his name. "Hey!"

He was out of the door before security could catch up with him. He knew Emily would scream at him, he knew that there was a very real chance that he would end up back in hospital but he had to get back to the ARC. He hadn't travelled so far and for so long to let things just happen around him. He closed his eyes as he slipped into the shadows, a glance at his phone showed him Emily hadn't gone back to the ARC as he had asked. He had no idea why.


"Lockdown was only ever to be used in extreme emergencies." Jess stated as both Sarah and Lester nodded. Danny stood behind her as she began to explain what Lockdown really was.

"But it can only be implemented by either myself or Burton." Lester stated. "I had no idea it could be activated outside of this building."

"So, Burton activated it from outside." Sarah stated. "Can we deactivate it?"

"I think so." Jess smiled.

"Well!" Danny prompted. "Well?"

"Look with Becker in hospital I think Burton has either been arrested or legged it. The effects of Lockdown are wearing off. Thats why I can text Emily."


"So it shouldn't be long before Nick and Jenny can get baby Joe to hospital and Sarah can go to Becker. Does he have any family?" Jess stared at him.

"A brother, also in the army. Currently serving in Iraq." Lester stated. "His parents died when he was 16. Car accident on the M4."

"Oh God." Jess shook her head. It explained the need he had to protect them all. He was always the most over protective on the team and since she had joined he had become a surrogate big brother to her.

"So, we get you to the hospital." Lester stated. "See if you can get hold of Connor and Abby." He turned on his heal as Jess nodded. Seconds later a computerised map appeared on the screen in front of her.

"What gets me." Danny spoke calmly as both women turned to him. "Is why there hasn't been a single anomaly since Burton did a runner."

"Maybe he did more than just tamper with the machine Connor was using. You said it yourself." Sarah ran a hand through her long dark hair. "He is intelligent. He is Helen's cousin and he want to stop the ARC working. I think that all that stuff I uncovered before I left has come back to haunt him."

"Which means?" Danny stood and crossed the room.

"YES!" All eyes turned to Jess who was sat smiling.

"You did it?"

"I said I would. Didn't I?" She smiled as Danny clapped both hands on her shoulder.

"Get Jenny and Nick. I'll meet you all by the car." Sarah almost ran from the room. Danny nodded as Jess stood up.

"You heard the lady." He smiled as he jogged towards the med bay as Jess called out for Lester to join them.


The sunshine made the stately home look almost regal as Emily pulled her leather jacket closer to her chest. The police cordon was still there, a sign stating there had been a police incident stood alone as Jess slipped under the yellow tape. Her heart hammered in her chest as she heard the familiar squeel of brakes behind her.

"Emily!" Abby jumped out of the car as Connor killed the engine. Emily rolled her eyes as she watched the blonde run towards her.

"What are you trying to do? Get me killed!" Emily hissed as Abby raised an eyebrow.

"I think you are doing a good enough job of that yourself. I just called Jess, they are able to leave. I dunno how but she got around Lockdown."

"I always said she was a clever girl." Emily smiled slightly.

"Yeah." Connor ran towards them. "I'd have thought the same about you, until about two minutes ago. Don't you know what he is capable of?"

"He is the reason Becker is in hospital. That Matt." Emily looked away. "Was hurt."

"Yeah, and you turning up here is just going to get us all killed." Connor hissed.

"Hardly." Abby looked through the window of the house as Connor and Emily stared at her. "It's deserted. The place is empty."

"Well, we know the police haven't picked him up." Connor stated.

"So, where the Hell is he?"

"I don't know Abbs." Connor sighed as Emily frowned. "Legged it, I guess."


Becker ached in places he never knew he had. The nurse had given him more painkillers but nothing seemed to be working. He was terrrified something had happened to Connor and Abby. That he had let them down again.

"Morning." He frowned as he heard a familiar voice next to him.


"Abby said you were asking for me." She squeezed his hand as he turned to look at her.


"You can be such an idiot Becker."

"Thanks." He sighed.

"Well, getting yourself shot. Hardly sensible." He looked towards the end of the bed where his boss stood. "She may find it heroic. And I am sure Emily thinks Matt discharging himself against medical advice adds to his charm but I find it an inconvinience. Especially now as I have to sort out sick pay and cover your absence. I think it's a good job Cutter has agreed to come back to work at the ARC."

"He has?" Becker watched as Sarah bit her bottom lip. "What about Burton?"

"He has." Sarah smiled "Everyone is back, well not Jenny obviously. She's on maternity leave."

"Right." Becker yawned.

"And as for Burton." Lester looked out of the door before turning back to the SAS man and his girlfriend.

"What about him?"

"He's gone. I doubt this is the last we'll here of him. But he's gone."


The bedsit was not what he was used to. The grimy wallpaper and the dirty window was a far cry from what he was used to as the head of the public/private partnership. He glared at the mobile phone on the counter as he waited for her to call him. He had to tell her all about his attempt to destroy the ARC. He may have failed but his cousin would know what to do. And as Helen had always said. There would be a next time. There was always a next time.


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