Author's note: No, I don't own either of these franchises nor am I Squirrelking. And yes, this is a stupid idea. Just roll with it.


Chapter I

Breif's face twitched at Garterbelt's outstretched hand as Chuck drool absent-mindedly at his feet. "A-are you, are you serious? You can't-"

suddanly sky opened up like portal in sky and popped out John Freeman clatching fist with angry. "Evil combines send me through science and explosions to alternate dimension with no Henry Freeman or humens, " John Freeman said with manly tear.

Brief twisted his head ninety degrees to the right, his face frozen at the sheer absurdity of events unfolding before him. Garter merely acknowledged his existence with an annoyed grunt.

John Freeman looked round and saw scary black man and cute dog and geek boy with faces of sad. "Why sad faces?" asked John Freeman to everyone else.

"D-dear sister, " Scanty asked nervously, her mouth still agape. "W-what is going on?"

Kneesocks cupped her sister's mouth, pulling her further behind the stairwell. "Shut up, sis, or they'll hear-"

John Freeman saw the first monsters who were red like demons and had horns two. "Are you evil combines!" John Freeman said with point.

Garterbelt and Brief craned their necks to see the Demon sisters, who had been behind the stairwell the entire time. Brief's mouth widened further. "H-how long have you been here! What have you done with Panty!"

The Demon sisters threw their hands up, eyes wide and quivering in their shoes. "Fr-fankly and truthfully, " Kneesocks began to stutter. "We have no idea-"

And John Freeman attacked with hands and knees and feet to make the demon sister pay for what they had done.

"Enough!" Garter shouted. John Freeman let go dropped demon sisters who were brused and bloded. The Demon sisters moaned as they lay on the ground.

"Clearly the Demon sisters are not behind this. Corset's treachery goes far deeper than any of us could have imagined. Hmmph." Garterbelt said, placing his hand to his chin.

"Garter?" Brief asked, still utterly confused by the previous four minutes of events. "Do, do you have a plan."

"In the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls, there is a mention of a warrior from another dimension who, when our greatest warriors fail, will lead goodness to triumph."

Brief stared blankly at him. "You're just making this shit up now, aren't you?"

"Perhaps. But that is unimportant, " He spun around, striking a dramatic pose. "Now, Brief, Chuck and..." He stared at the man who appeared before them, realizing he didn't know his name.


"Yes, and you, ONWARD!"

Scanty and Kneesocks lifted themselves to their feet. "What about us?" Scanty said woozily.

"Errr, you too, I geuss."

The stage was set for John Freeman to complete what had to be done by him to help these other people do what they had to be done by them to something to defeat the enemies. "It is time for me to once again live up to my family name and face FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES."