Author's Note: Sorry about the delay. Been mulling some other serious (well as much as a series like PSG will allow) Fan Fic ideas. As you can probably tell I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. :p


John Freeman didn't know exactly what was to do but knew he had to do it because he was only one who coud change the world for good and piece and haapyness. John Freeman searched hi and low for litle girl who was lost aparently with kean eyes. Days had gone bye and trail was cold but John Freeman didn't care.

"We will find little girl and shell be safe and sond like own sun!" John Freeman proclaimed loudly.

"Umm, Mr. Freeman?" Breif said, tugging on his pant leg. "There was a trail we were supposed to be following." He pointed off into the distance to a trail of brightly colored bricks, running perpendicular to their current path. "Maybe we should-"

John Freeman's face scrunched with anger. "HOW DARE YOU QUESTION JOHN FREEMAN!" John Freeman said and knocked boy threw air fast like speed of sound. He floo back reel fast and hit tree and was paned.

"Miss Kneesocks," Scanty said to her sister, both trailing behind the other two by a ways. "Would you be so kind as to remind me why exactly we are following these blithering dolts again?"

"I haven't the faintest conception, Miss Scanty," Kneesocks replied, resting her chin on the back of her hand. She smirked, bearing her fangs; "Perhaps feeling schadenfreude at the pathetic attempts of these mortals amuses us, does is not dear sister?"

Scanty clapped her hands, returning the devilish grin. "But of course, Miss Kneesocks!" Her face then soured. "Although," she clutched her fist tightly. "What Lord Corset did to us….bah, he played us like fucking fools from the very beginning, didn't he."

Kneesocks looked at her, slightly concerned. " Do not worry yourself over this, dear sister. We will have our revenge, with or without these vermin." She said, smiling.

John Freeman turned around fast like fast and store with fierce in eye ferce like explodding sun at read chicks. "YOU CALL JOHN FREEMAN VERMAN?" John Freeman sad with passon.

The Demon Sisters leaped back, a horrified expression on their faces. "No-Not at all, Mr. Freeman!" Scanty tried to explain. "We mean-"

And John Freeman kicked real hard at red girls real hard like power of big atom bomb and scream and flew threw sky too orbit and twinkle like star.

"THAT'LL TEACH YOU TO MESS GORDAN FREEMAN'S BROTHER, JOHN FREEMAN!" John Freeman said to red girls who weren't their no more.

Brief stumbled out from the bramble, his face caked in dirt and blood. He craned his head up to see the Demon Sisters disappear into the stratosphere. Brief's lips quivered. "Wha….What's happened now?"

"No time small boy," John Freeman said with quickly. "We must move like fast to compelt mission as what to do." John Freeman grabed the boy and mooved him down long with him. "You two cute dog" John Freeman said to dog who be having ben hump leg and who come too.

"Panty…." Brief moaned as John Freeman dragged him down the road. "What have I gotten myself into?"

John Stalvern was weighting. he new the time would come but not when it was. He knew it would come though. He knew.

The spac station was dunk and grimmy. Lights blinkered off and on, gages spun in meeningles cicrles, meaningless like life itself. The space station base of the UAC Was wasn't in around mars but earth anymore because that's where it is was needed. John chackled at the folishness. The demons would find there waigh no matter.

cernel Joson was usless as usual, reminded John of his dad rally. "both fools both old fools," he said to self. Joson hadn't was not listening to warnings more than usual. Teh bass was a deth trap, an unholly sanctury to evol. Stalvorn waited patiently for time to come again like always did.

sudanly ther was big crash and ship shake. "What hapen?" Joson said threw radio. "Something hapen in base." John said back through radio. "Invesotgate at ones," Joson ordered. John stighed, lifting palsma gun up. al in a days wark, John thought to himself.

Kneesocks shook some of the debris off her, helping her sister up. She looked at the hole they had punched through, down at the emerald and cerulean surface of the Earth several hundred miles below them. "You alright, dear sister?" Kneesocks said, clutching Scanty as she lifted her to her feet.

Scanty propped herself up against the wall of what was evidently a space station. "I'm fine, I'm fine, Miss Kneesocks, just…" She looked through the hole in the fuselage, gazing down on the blue marble below. Her eyes widened. "How the hell did we end up up here?"

"We'll worry about later," Kneesocks said, dusting more of the detritus off. "We just need to worry about getting down from-"

John flushed his light over and could not beleve his eyes. There were demons in the base. "Cernel Joson," John said tensoly, drowing his palsma rifle. "There are demons in the base."

"This is Joson," The radio crackered. "You must fight the demons!"