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Lord and Lady Phoenix; The Stone

Chapter One

The Birth of a Phoenix

The village of Godric's Hollow was small, and just saying that was an understatement. Its tiny square held most of the small shops and cottages, plus the church and graveyard. There was a corner pub and nothing more. The residents of the quiet town each had their own life. They had a home and a family. They went to work each day. Lived their lives. However, there was a secret hidden inside Godric's Hollow. A secret of utmost importance, that if discovered could open the way to a whole wide world, completely secret and unknown to theirs. This secret was simply known as the Potters.

Lily and James Potter were both twenty one. They had both just gotten out of school as head boy and girl, with outstanding grades. Three years ago in their graduating year of nineteen seventy eight they started dating each other. Right after they got out, James proposed and Lily immediately accepted. The wedding was small, just friends. James couldn't take his eyes off Lily as she walked toward him in her long white dress. He only wished that kiss could have lasted forever. Fate gave them their first son, whom they named Harry James Potter. The family seemed just like any other in the village, except for one small little detail. James was a wizard and Lily was a witch.

Their lives had changed the day they had gotten a letter saying they had received an invitation to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Its walls were filled with many kinds of magic from the simple Levitation Charm to the brutally long process of learning how to become an two were inside their home just a month ago when an owl swooped in from the window. Owls were commonly used for the post in the Wizarding World.

"Who is it from dear," asked Lily as she entered the room after just putting their just now year old son Harry to bed, joyous for their son's birthday party they were planning for next week. Lily had long red hair falling to her shoulders. She was a very pretty woman who was kind and courteous and was always willing to help another, even if her own life was at stake. Her most distinctive feature however was her emerald eyes that she had passed on to her son.

"From Dumbledore," replied James, who was reading a newspaper. He had jet black hair, glasses, and loved to play practical jokes of any kind on anyone he could find… The two were total opposites. Lily was responsible and James was almost a complete U-turn. She once caught him trying to see how well Harry could fly a broomstick around the house. She told him off after helping the baby down. James could only smile at the thought of how many international teams would be begging his son to play for them.

He read on, "says he wants to talk with us today at twelve about something real important."

"Does it say about what?" his wife asked.

"No, just to stay here until he graces us with his presence. It also says do not leave the house under any circumstance."

He heard Lily sigh.

"Well guess we just have to wait."

The meeting with Dumbledore was quick. Dumbledore told them about the dangers they were in. The self-proclaimed Dark Lord, Voldemort was now beginning to search for them. He told them scarcely of the beliefs the Dark Lord now had of them being a danger to him, without informing them where the info had come from.

Dumbledore informed (commanded) them of his wanting the Potters to go into hiding 'He waits to tell us now about this and doesn't even tell us why he wants us to go hide like cowards' thought Lily as she was packing in a rush. 'He knew things were getting bad, but to withhold this kind of information?' She picked up the sleeping Harry and walked out of the room. "He just waits until he thinks it's the best moment for him to strike and it ends up hurting everyone used in his plan. We're his pawns" she mumbled to herself and stopped speaking as she approached the now solemn looking James.

"Asked Sirius about being the Keeper?" she asked in a hushed voice. "Yes, but he was reluctant, said it would make it even more dangerous for us all."

"We already are in danger, what's a little more going to do," she replied before they disappeared from their home, never to step foot in it again.

The next two months had gone by without much thought as they lived in their new home in Godric's Hallow. Lily had gone to her non magical sister Petunia to invite her to her son's party and to try and start over with her, only to receive a much expected screech of "YOU!", one of her nephew Dudley's numerous tantrums followed by a crash, and a door slamming into Lily's face. Her sister however did not see the tears in those emerald eyes as Mrs. Potter left Number Four Privet Dive.

Sirius Black soon came in late October. He spoke to the two about his role as secret keeper and asked them a question, to which they agreed half heartedly, though they both knew he was only trying to help. There were rumors about a spy for Voldemort flying about, and they knew Sirius wanted to make sure they would never be hurt. They knew it was for a good reason but the choice was not very wise, for all three of them.

Nightfall had arrived on October thirty first. Many small creatures roamed the night, going door to door, receiving treats and giving tricks. But the tall robed man who appeared so suddenly in Godric's Hallow was not here for the tricks or the treats. He was here for one purpose and one purpose only.

A small boy in a grim reaper costume, clutching a bag full of sweets looked awed for his costume far outmatched his. With an excited "Nice outfit mister." he ran back to his friends who were waiting for him at the door of another house.

'Stupid Muggle Brat' thought the man as he grazed slowly over to a certain house. The house of the Potters.

The robed man walked to the closed gate and pulled from his robed a long wand of yew. Silently he cast dark magic to opened the gate and break through the protective magic surrounding the house. It worked.

He slowly crept up the path watching the family through the living room window. The father was lighting red sparks from his wand's tip, amusing the boy as he made different patterns erupt from the end. The mother of the child watched on in amusement, laughing at the sight before her, as the father twirled around. The man snorted in disgust at he sight, walk quickly, and blasted the door open, . He heard the father tell his wife to run, and he entered the other end of the hall, no wand in hand. The robed figure chuckled to himself at the defenseless man, daring to challenge him. This would not take long.

Lily had run with Harry up the stairs to the nursery, knowing that she and her husband were going to die. But she would not allow anyone to take her only son. She sat Harry into his crib, saw a flash of green light creep under the door, and heard a thud… She hadn't told anyone about what she was about to do, only her husband.

When anyone could be the spy, she would not take any chances at all. After all, she had been planning for this for a month. She placed a hand onto his forehead and spoke in softbut commanding words,

Meklēt phoenixes "zelta krāsā

Atrast vienam otru, mīlestību un burvība taisnība

Divi kļuvusi par vienu kopā, izmantojot saiti

Un pierādīt cienīgs vainagu uz phoenix tālāk

As she finished a gold hue had surronded from Lily. The light went from her to her son. Lily had not told anyone of her true birthright, and what was Harry's true birthright. And then she whispered to Harry's mind.

"When the time comes, you shall know of who you really are. You will not play part of anyone else's plans or dominations. You shall find the one who will have the same role as you. My son, you will discover your own true destiny. Go to the Potter's Secret Vault, there you will know who you truly are, my son." The light became even brighter then began to fade, moving slowly to the window.

Lily Potter turned to face the door, with no wand in hand. She knew that her protection would protect Harry until he could visit the vault. There, she knew none could enter without her son. Dumbledore did not even know of its existence.

The door shot open, and standing there was the man. She knew what she had to do and she also knew that Voldemort would not find out what she had done, not for a very long time.

Lily Potter refused to step aside as the Dark Lord commanded her, begging him to take her instead. He offered her the chance to live, as long as she allowed her son to be given to him. Lily did not step down. Another flash of green light filled the house and was followed by a thud.

The man stepped over the dead, unmarked body toward the crib. The glow had ceased before the figure conversed his deceased mother. Seeing that it was someone not familiar to him, he began to cry.

The man could not stand crying children, especially from the… well he could not stand them. With the wand of yew level with the boy's eyes, he basked in his own power. How could a mere child be a threat than he, Lord Voldemort? He wanted to see this one's light leave his eyes. He had never wanted to kill someone more than he had tonight.

After tonight, none would ever be hopeful again. All who resisted would be slaughtered. The parents were just there and in the way, no this was the one who needed to be dead. He summoned all of his power. The stick of yew humming with an invisible force, as its master screamed,


Time slowed down. The green jet of light speared towards the boy's forehead, his emerald green eyes becoming impossibly greener as the curse came ever so closer. The one who conjured the spell grinning like a madman, for he was already one. But his sneer turned into a look of pure horror. His killing curse, the unavoidable death, the most feared curse in the world aimed right at the boy turned back and speed straight back to its creator. The spell exploded and the entire village shook from its force and might. Though it seemed that it rumbled the entire world. The village's inhabitants could only ponder in fear the next day as to what could have caused the Potter House to become a green inferno.

The house of the Potters turned to a blazed ruin. The green fires had eventually died during the night. There was no sign of a robed man. The bodies of Lily and James were buried under the rubble that had fallen during the inferno. The strange thing was the sole living thing in the house. A crying baby with a curiously shaped scar on his forehead, shaped like a bolt of lightning.

This boy's famous story would begin today as the conqueror of He Who Must Not Be Named. Every child of the wizarding world would grow up hearing about the tale of the boy who lived.

This boy's name was Harry James Potter and what no one noticed was that while a certain scarred baby was flying in a motorcycle in the arms of a giant, a beautiful bird had just been born and was now flying after him across the heavens.

This bird was the Golden Phoenix.

A/N: Some of the text in this chapter comes from the Harry Potter Books. No infringement was intended. I do not own the series. I wanted to write a Harry Potter story based on the series, but with a more "Secret behind the scenes plot".

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