Chapter 1: Déjà vu

Don't read this story if you hadn't read its prequel.

The first chapter of the sequel is here! I know it hadn't been too long since I finished the first story but I really wanted to begin as fast as possible. Besides, I had a plot in my head for the second story of the saga for a while now so I am pretty sure where it is heading. By the way, I was thinking on a name for this saga and I decided to call it "The Time Chronicles". The reason? Well, remember that I said that there will be 3 stories more and that this one will take place during The Titan Curse? The thing is that I am planning to write that at the end of this story they will travel to the future again just that they will only travel a year further. So the story after this one will take place in The Battle of the Labyrinth. The last one will take place during the Last Olympian. As for how will the stories unfold; you will have to wait and see.

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Percy's POV

The last time travel trip we had was fast. In just a few seconds we reached the past. However, this one felt that it lasted for several minutes around the glowing golden light. I wasn't sure why but I thought that going from the past to the future takes longer than from the future to the past is because the future is always in movement. Anyway, that is just my theory.

When the light lost its brightness a little, I heard Rachel scream.

"Let me GO!" She yelled.

I couldn't open my eyes yet because of the light was still too bright. So I focused on what Rachel was seeing through our mind link.

Her vision was still affected by the light but I could see clear enough a hand grabbing Rachel's arm. I couldn't see the face of the guy but I scanned the area with magic to feel any presence.

Unfortunately, whoever it was seemed to have noticed that I was using a spell because he started to pull Rachel out of the light. Before she banished form my sight she managed to thought me something.

"Percy, it's him!"

Suddenly, our mind connection broke.

Before I could start to think straight about my current situation though, the light faded completely.

I landed on the ground and my mind started to spin like a whirlpool.

What happened to Rachel? Who was that man? What did she meant that it was him? Why can't I contact her through our mind link? Is she… dead?

For a few seconds I was terrified like I hadn't been in months but later I found out that Rachel wasn't dead. I could still feel her but the presence was weak.

Someone has deliberately weakened our mind link with a powerful spell.

That made me very angry. Who know what he could be doing to Rachel? However, my anger turned in shock when I looked at my surroundings better. The déjà vu was present at that moment.

Not too far in front of me there was a limousine, and…I had seen it before. It was Aphrodite's limousine.

And the one who opened the door and went outside… was me.

There it is. I know its short but my time is nearly done in the internet café. Don't expect the next chapter coming too soon though because not even I know when I will have the chance to get internet connection again.