Chapter 32: Back to the future

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Percy's POV

I materialized in the entrance of the building where Rachel was. I couldn't believe it. They actually took her prisoner to that war museum that is in fact Ares' temple where his war chariot is kept. The same war chariot that I helped Clarisse find, by the way.

It seemed it was closed to the public but I knew that Rachel was there. I could feel it. And that meant that Phobos and Daimos are there as well. I clenched my fist. When I found them they would be so, so, sorry.

Before I entered the place though, I decided to put an end to the rain spell because Bianca already returned to the east so she should survive. Then, I used a spell to open the door. Fortunately, there was no one in the street so no one saw me walk inside the museum.

I looked at my pocket and noticed that Riptide already reappeared. I like this sword a lot, and I would keep it because Zoë made it, but I doubt I will be able to look at Riptide the same way again. It cost me the life of the woman I loved. Twice.

I started following the trail of Rachel's presence. I always knew which corridor I needed to take. I didn't have the interest or time to contemplate on the war artifacts so I paid little attention to them.

Eventually, I saw a steel door at the end of the corridor I had just entered about 20 feet away. She was there. I wanted to go there as fast as possible but I knew that something was wrong. This was way too easy. The minor gods should have attacked me by now.

Then I heard a sudden current of wind behind my back. Following my instincts, I uncapped Riptide, turned around and slash. My metal clashed with a celestial bronze weapon longer than Riptide. I looked up and discovered that it was Phobos.

"Hello, god of fear," I said angry, "It's been a while."

Phobos blinked with confusion, and when he hesitated, I slammed my blade with more strength on his metal and pushed him backwards.

I turned around when I felt another air current and parried Daimos strike. With him I used a more complicated set of attacks until I overpowered him and knock him to the ground.

"Come on," I said disappointed. "This isn't even a challenge. You may be gods but you are not good fighters. It's kind of ironic, considering who your father is." I sentenced.

The fear gods growled and tried to use their fear influence over me. Naturally, they were stunned when it didn't work on me at all.

"I used a spell few minutes ago that would make me immune to your influence," I explained making them gasp. "You took me off guard the last time we met and I am not making that mistake again."

Then I used a similar spell to lift them in the air, like I did with Ares.

"You fear gods are like a plague, you know that?" I asked not waiting for an answer. "There is always too much terror that spreads around the world like a disease. I wish I knew how to kill you both but all Hecate taught me was how to… send you to Tartarus," I declared.

They looked at me and I almost laughed. The fear gods were afraid. I started chanting in the old tongue. This spell only works on minor gods and I need an important celestial event to use it so I am gathering the energy of the solstice to accomplish it. After two minutes of reciting in the old tongue, a wide gap was formed in the floor and the underworld could be seen from bellow. Then I threw those wretched gods to the hole and the gap closed as if nothing had happened.

I sighed. When the gods find out I can do that they are going to be pissed at me, but these particular gods deserved some time in Tartarus. Then, I approached the door and used the same spell in did with the front one to open it.

The inside of the room was like a cell. And Rachel was there, with chains around her wrists that connected to the roof. I muttered a curse in ancient Greek when I saw her. There were bruises all over her legs and arms along with a little blood from fresh wounds. Her face was intact though and for that, I was glad. Her clothes were very dirty, though. Finally her eyes snapped open and she looked at me.

At first she looked dizzy and I wasn't surprised. Who knows how much Phobos and Damios had messed with her head? Then, she seemed to focus on me, but she didn't seem surprised.

"Please just leave me alone!" She shouted.

"Rachel it's me," I said.

"No, you are just another illusion," She said afraid.

I sighed and then reached her with my mind.Thatsurprised her. Her eyes widen.

"Percy?" She whispered

I nodded.

She smiled, and I was sure that she hadn't smiled all week.

I destroyed the chains with magic and as she fell to the ground I caught her with a hug. I pushed her closer to me and she hugged me back. She just wanted someone to hold onto.

"Rachel, I am so sorry for not coming fast enough," I said with regret. "I had no idea of where you were until recently and I had to do the quest to save Artemis again or history will be more screwed than it is now."

"Where are they?" Rachel asked.

I didn't answer because I wasn't sure how she would react but I could feel her entering my mind to find out. I didn't stop her, though because after everything she went through I didn't have the heart to decline her invitation.

Her eyes widen.

"I had no idea that you could send gods to Tartarus Percy," She said surprised.

"I can't do that often but yes I can," I answered.

Then I paused.

"There is something I need to do," I said.

Then, after several days of having him inside me, I got the Percy of this time out of my body. He was asleep though, and that was my doing. He wouldn't wake up until we time traveled again.

Rachel looked at the scene in awe but before she could ask any questions, I used a long range transportation spell to send him to Cabin 4 at Camp-Half blood. Usually that would be very hard for me but the solstice moon helped me get the job done.

"Rachel, we must return to the future now," I told her.

She looked alarmed.

"Don't worry about Ares," I said and let her look into my memories of Olympus.

"Oh, well, I doubt he will attack us now," Rachel said convinced.

"So do I," I said and grabbed her hand.

I put Riptide in the ground because it already had the time traveling energy I would need to get the job done. I should be able to do it because of the moon and because I am stronger without it.

Then, I started chanting in the old tongue. The spell took me 5 minutes to make but then the usual golden vortex appear. I threw Riptide to it and it disappeared.

Rachel and I glanced at each other once and nodded.

Then we entered and I prepared to become stronger.

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