This is what happened after Urchin and Sepia got married. Big Spoiler so if you haven't read the book, you should before you read this.

It has been years since the death of King Crispin. The life of Mistmantle is as if he never

died though. Queen Catkin still rules along with her new husband King Autumn, who

came from Whitewings in search of adventure. They have one child named Fall

(suggested by autumn). Corr became a member of a circle and visits Lord

Crown every once in a while. Hope also became a member of the circle. Apple and her

husband live in the woods talking about the

old days. Brother Juniper is still the priest and is training his own son, by marriage to a

squirrel from Whitewing's named Snow, his son's name is Clove. Fingal has met and

otter named flower and everyone is waiting for him to propose, he says he's waiting for

the right moment but nobody believes him. He's just like his older brother. .

Captain Padra is still a captain, even though his wife, now

Lady Arran, retired after the Kings death. Captain Docken denounced because he didn't

feel like a captain, so now Needle has become a captain, supervising Myrtle and her

work. Captain Urchin and Lady Sepia live in the tower, in Crispin's old captain

bedchambers. They have four children. The oldest a girl, Ace, the same pale color as

Urchin. Than Crispin. By the time Crispin was born they had gotten used to him not

being their anymore, and it felt right to have a son named after Urchin's hero. You never

know, he might turn out just like him. And then finally, Two twins, the boy Spirit, and

the girl Lily, both Sepia's fur color with the tip of their ears and tails pale.

Much was in store for this family of squirrels, they just didn't know it yet.

This is just some background information for what is to come, please comment on anything that you liked or disliked and what you hope to see in the next chapter. I hope you liked it this is my seconded entry.