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The blade almost pierced his skin as Urchin stared in the eyes of his old enemy. Hatred flooded through him. When would this squirrel stay dead and stop terrorizing the life of those on Mistmantle.

"What are you doing here?" asked Urchin.

"What do you mean what am I doing here? I am coming home to my island, where I shall rule as King Granite."

"No one will ever follow you." Said Urchin plainly.

"Oh really, well maybe you should come and see what I plan to do to those who don't follow what I say." Granite made motions to two other squirrels in black clothing. They came forward and bonded his wrists together. They walked him out of his room and into the throne room. Where the royal family, Juniper and his family, Pandra and his family and Sepia, Spirit and Lily were standing next to the windows.

Urchin wondered where Ace and Crispin were but that was soon brushed away.

"Urchin," Pandra said. "I'm glad you're alright."

"Be quiet." Shushed one of the guards. " No talking."

"Now back to what I was talking about earlier about those who don't follow my plans…" Granite nodded to a guard who was standing near Sepia. The guard took Spirit from Sepia and walked out the door.

Urchin leaped forward but was held back.

"As it seems you all have families. This goes perfect with my plans, every time that you disobey me, one of your family members will disappear until you learn to follow my orders."

"No! You are a treacherous squirrel, I had a feeling that this night of riding stars would be bad." Juniper said.

"No they rode for me, to proclaim my victory. To show that I will soon become King. Now what shall I do with you, I have an idea, I'll put you in one of the lowest rooms that you have, the granlien chamber.

Ever since Husk, the Circle started preparing rooms for those who might be like Husk. The granlien chamber was one of the worst.

"How do you know about that?" asked Autumn.

"Your rooms aren't as safe as they once were ya know."

With that the guards, who were all squirrels, marched their prisoners to the granlien chamber.

As they closed the door Urchin whispered to his friends "we are going to get through this together, we will , we must.