Title: Forgotten
Word Count: 252

A drabble written for Sailor Moon Land. If you like writing drabbles, you should join. Also, I love Naru. She is quickly becoming a favorite character.

The news report left her feeling hollowed out and bone dry. Drawing her knees to her chest, Naru turned off the television and closed her eyes, shaking.

The headlines were always the same. Sailor Moon and her senshi fight off demons. Sailor Moon and her senshi save the lives of people all over Tokyo. Sailor Moon and her senshi save the planet from ultimate destruction yet again. Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon.

She was beginning to hate the name Sailor Moon.

She tried to be understanding. She tried not to resent Usagi. She remembered the day she knew Usagi was Sailor Moon, remembered asking for nothing but that Usagi come back safely. She tried not to despise her best friend for abandoning her and tried to convince herself that it wasn't abandonment at all. Usagi was special. She was part of something more, something magical and terrifying, something brilliant and wonderful. But Naru could no longer hold back that resentment. It bubbled inside her until her heart ached and she felt ill.

Usagi had abandoned her. Maybe not deliberately, not intentionally, but Usagi was at the head of a world Naru had no part in.

So when people at school cheered for Sailor Moon, Osaka Naru said nothing. When classmates gushed to her and asked for her thoughts on Sailor Moon and her senshi, Osaka Naru thought nothing. And when everyone around her prayed for salvation at the hands of Sailor Moon, Osaka Naru closed off her heart and felt nothing.