ChapterOne: Freshman Beginnings

I walked up the stone steps, reaching the gateway to my freshman year. The same door that I'd be walking through for the next four years. I clutched my books nervously almost getting hit by a guy skateboarding roughly down the rail. His face hidden by his helmet and shaggy dirty blonde hair, he stopped, turned and faced me before saying "my bad, didn't see you". His face barely visible, I could see his gray eyes looking at me through his hair. He took off his helmet, holding out his hand "I'm Erik" he said after my silence.

"I'm L-Lacy" I stuttered, shaking his hand.

"Awesome, so are you new to this area? Or what?" he asked, pulling his skateboard to his side.

"I guess...I just moved here..." I held my books even tighter, my knuckles turning white. My cheeks turning pink. He was extremely good looking. Not just because of his hair either. His arms were nice, he had a tan. And he wore cargo shorts. Tell me that's NOT hott!

"Whatcha lookin' at?" Erik's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Oh...sorry" I apologized, nervously tucking my blonde hair behind my ear. I moved away from him, walking into the building.

"Hey! Wait up!" he yelled, running after me.

I didn't move "What?" I asked, looking at him as he stood next to me. Is this really happening to me, of all people?

"You, uh, wanna walk with me?"

"Um, sure, I guess" I replied, trying not to embarrass myself. Okay, so it's my first day, I almost got hit by some really really cute guy, in cargo shorts, and now he's offering to walk with me like I'm someone special.

A hand waved in front of my face "hello? You there?"

I looked to see Erik staring at me, an amused look on his face.

"Oh...sorry" I said again.

"You okay? Nervous? What?" he kept staring at me.

I paused for a moment thinking about my reply "fine, I'm fine" I nodded.

"Right..." he said suspiciously. I looked around, at the gray lockers "locker 317" I muttered.

"Say again?"

"Locker 317" I said a little louder for him to hear.

He pointed at a locker to my right. "Right between Jake and Landon Jackson's lockers." He walked closer to the locker, me following close behind.

"Oh okay" I said uneasily, slightly curious as to whom they might be.

"Here they come now" Erik pointed at two guys who looked my age. Both taller and almost better looking than Erik. They both had baby blue eyes. One had light brown hair, the other, dark auburn. They had lean, muscular figures, probably football players. The dark haired one shoved his hands in his front pockets, while the other one ran his hand through his hair. I hadn't realized, they'd gotten closer. God, were they cute. How many hott guys go to this school? "LACY!" my new next-door neighbor Rima yelled, coming towards me. I'd met her this summer, and in the time it took for me to get settled into my new life, Rima had become my best friend. She hugged me, completely oblivious to the guys standing near me.

"Hey Rima" the light haired boy waved slightly.

"Oh, hey Jake" Rima waved back at him. Jake, that's a nice name. And the other guy's name is? I looked over at the dark haired boy.

"Why don't you sound excited to see me?" Jake laughed.

"Very funny Jake, but I'm gonna help Lace out" she hugged my shoulders.

"Lace?" Jake looked at me funny.

"Actually, it's Lacy" I corrected.

"Oh, well, Lacy, I'm Jake," he held out his hand "this is my brother, Landon" he gestured towards the boy next to him. Landon, huh? Okay.

"Hi Jake," I shook his hand "Hey Landon" I shook his brothers hand also.