"You wanna play soccer with us?" Jake spun the soccer ball on his index finger, waiting for my answer.

"I don't really know how to play" I shrugged, pulling on my ponytail.

"Really? You don't know how to play soccer?" Landon smiled, his smile was perfect. White as pearls.

I couldn't help but smile back "Nope, there was never anyone to play with in my old apartment back in Nevada" I shrugged.

"Well, now that you live in Georgia, there's a lot of us for you to hang out with" Jake put the ball under his foot, kicking it up into the air.

"Hey Man, what's up?" Erik high-fived the dark haired boy.

"Hey Erik" the boy took a quick glance around. But his eyes stopped on mine.

"Oh, uh, Nick, this is Lacy, Lacy, this is Nick" Erik introduced us.

"Hey" Nick greeted me with a warm smile. I couldn't help but stare dumbfounded at his face until I realized everyone was waiting for my reply.

"Hey" I replied, I could feel the tips of my ears growing warmer.

"Just kick the ball over here!" Jake yelled at me as he pointed to the ball at my feet.

"Um, okay?" I kicked the ball, Jake stopped it and kicked it back.

This time when I kicked it, it sailed over Jake's head and hit a girl walking behind him. "Oh my gosh!" I ran over to help her.

"It's okay, really, I'm fine" she tried to reassure me.

"I'm Lacey Miller, and you are?" I helped her up.

"I'm Amei Bishop" she smiled, moving her dark, brown hair out of her face.

"Nice to meet you Ameiā€¦but, um, have I seen you before?" I studied her carefully trying to remember where I had seen her before. Her purple streak behind her right ear, her torquoise eyes looking at me, and a warm smile playing on her lips.

"I'm in all of your classes, its okay if you don't remember..." she rose to her feet, tucking her hair behind her ears.