Kelly Gibbs wakes up crying in the middle of the night. Since she and her father, Gunnery Sargent Leroy Jethro Gibbs had been home three days before, she had woken up several times after having a nightmate. Usually, they involved either her father dying, leaving her alone in the world. Her mother is already dead. Kelly is now worried about losing her Dad as well.

Jethro is jolted awake by Kelly's cries. He would never grow used to hearing that especially at two in the morning. He ran into her bedroom and gathered his little girl in his arms as she cried. "I'm here Baby Girl. I'm not going to leave you," he whispers reassuringly. He had two months until his commitment in the Marines was over, but he wasn't going to be sent back to his unit in Kuwait. They had granted him compassionate leave until his time was up because of Kelly. He'd already started applying for jobs. He had actually been accepted at NIS, but he would have to arrange his training at FLETC this summer so Kelly could spend some time with her grandfather. It would be less traumatic for her that way if he did take the job. He'd talked the director of the program and they had told him that some minor allowances could be made given the circumstances, such as her visiting on the weekend, but otherwise they would have to follow the ten week program just like everyone else.

"Daddy," Kelly started saying over and over feeling the strength of her father reassure her that he wasn't gone. She'd been scared when she'd been told that Mommy had been killed in the accident.

Jethro felt like crying himself. His world had been turned upside down by Shannon's death. He felt fortunate to still have his daughter. She could have easily been killed in the accident that had killed her mother. Jethro knows that he has to be strong for Kelly now. She needs to know that she can always count on his strength. Jethro may not have been there afterher Mom had died, but he had gotten home to her as quickly as he could afterwards.

Kelly finally dozed off. Jethro quietly slipped out from behind her and laid her on her bed. He knows the next several months are going to be difficult to say the least, but at least they would have each other. He has a hard time imagining what his life would be like now if Kelly had been killed along with Shannon.

Jethro settles into the lonely bed in the master bedroom of their home. He hopes Kelly will sleep the rest of the night. It has been a rough time for the both of them and he knows they both need their sleep. Kelly is returning to school the next day. She needs to be well rested.