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"Buffy we can't but it off, not any longer." Giles said.

"I know Giles I just don't trust the council. I don't want them here in Sunnydale." Buffy shot back. The rest of the Scoobies plus Dawn, Spike and Joyce sat around the table in the Magic Shop.

"We don't have a choice any more. We haven't found a single thing. Glory is getting stronger; she attacked you twice in as many weeks a few months ago. The council has access to more information than we could ever hope to gather. I don't like this any more than you do but its time." Giles argued.

"I know, I know. Fine we'll do it. We'll call the Watchers Council here. But they can't know about Dawn, not the truth. As far as they're concerned Dawn in my daughter from a thoughtless one nightstand. They get the same story everyone else got. Willow, Tara can you check the glamour thing you did again? I don't want to give them any reason to look closer at Dawn." Buffy turned to the two witches.

"That shouldn't be a problem at all." Willow said, "We can make sure the glamour is all glammy."

"We can even strengthen it a bit." Tara spoke up, "Now that the original glamour is older and so is Dawn we can use the details people naturally forget to fill in any blanks they might have."

"That's great." Anya said, "But what if check for new spells. Demons will also notice if we do anything to big to soon. Witches magic smells funny. They'll know it was these two." She pointed at the witches.

"Can we mask that?" Buffy asked, desperate to keep anyone finding out about Dawn. She couldn't explain the maternal pull she felt for the infant but it went unsaid between Spike and herself that the slayer was as much of a parent to the baby as the vampire was.

"Yes we can." Willow shot Anya a glare, "We'll do it the same way we did the first glamour. Build it slowly. Give us two weeks. One to build it and one for it to settle. We'll weave the second glamour into the first. By the time the council comes they won't be able to feel any new magic. Just old magic which in a town like Sunnydale they'd expect. What with the hell mouth and all this place is drenched in magic. That's why the glamour held, it clung to the magic already here." Willow explained.

Satisfied Buffy nodded. "Three weeks." She decided to be on the safe side. We'll call them in three weeks."

"We need a gavel." Xander said. The group all turned to look at him.

"What? I think a gavel would be perfect. When Buffy makes important decions she can bang the gavel." He said smiling. The group quickly caught on to what he meant and all began to laugh.

Once the chuckles died down Giles cleared his throat. Everyone turned to look at him.

"So that's the plan," he said, "Buffy, Spike keep patrolling. Everyone else, research. Maybe we'll get lucky and find something before the three weeks are up and we wont have to call the council."

"Speaking of phones and calling," Xander spoke up, "couldn't the council give us information over the phone, not come here at all? You know be all 'Allo Buffy, here's stuff we know, pip pip and stuffiness?"

"Yes," Buffy said clapping her hands, "I like that. Council on phones, we can do that right?"

Giles smiled happy to see some of the tension lifted, "No I'm afraid I don't think they'd bother to be that cooperative."

"Giles I have say it again. I don't trust them. They almost killed me with that test and than again when I was Faith. I really can't deal with almost being killed right now. Not with trying to take care of Dawn."

"Look on the bright side," Willow said, "they did think you were Faith last time. Maybe now they wont care enough to try and kill you."

Buffy smiled at Willow, "Its more than that. I don't want them looking over my shoulder when I don't even know what we're dealing with."

"I know Buffy," Giles said, "But that's why we need them. Because we don't know anything. I'll try to keep them from coming here but in the end it might not our choice."

"Well we haven't seen Glory in a while, maybe she got bored and left." Buffy said with false hope.

Glory lay on the floor of her apartment. No longer looking beautiful her face was shallow and pale. A layer of sweat covered her panting body. Every now and than she would start to shiver, a look of pain contorting her features.

The door burst open and two of her minions dragged in a mailman.

"Wonderful Glory, we found one." The minion on the right said.

"Who are you?" the mailman asked frantically, "Please don't hurt me. Just let me go."

"Hold him!" Said the right minion. The left minion grabbed the mailman holding him tight. The right minion rushed over to Glory grabbing her and pulling her to her knee's. He helped her over to the babbling mailman and lifted her hands to each side of his head.

"Drink." He encourages her.

Glory in a burst of strength plunges her hands into either side of his head. White light leaves his head and begins to fill her. After a moment she pulls her hands out and begins to laugh.

"I know your watching me. All the time. I need my hat. Where's my hat?" the mailman babbled before wandering off.

"Get him." Glory commanded no longer pale and sweating. One of her minions bowed and left to follow the deranged mailman.

"Next time don't cut it so close." She said turning to the remaining minion, "you have news?"

"The alingnment, the signs show it is happing faster than expected."

"Good. I've been here long enough. This town is starting to bore me, to many demons not enough retailers. All I need is my key, I bet Mousey the Vampire Slayer knows where it is." Glory picked herself up and flopped down on the bed.

"Glorificus, might I remind you that you don't have much time." Her minion said.

"Baby if she's all that's standing between me and my key I don't need much time at all."

"But your eminence, you don't even know where to find her."

"No but I bet little Benjy knows. Find him and get him to tell me."

The minion bowed and left quickly.

Xander unlocked the door of the apartment after the meeting.

"What's so bad about the Council coming?" Anya asked as she walked in, "Aren't they just like more Giles?"

"Not exactly," Xander answered, trying to explain, "they're all hard nosey and not hip with the Buffy. They're the same as us, they want to kill demons and the other bad things."

"Current demons right? Not ex-demons? Ex-demons are safe right?" Anya asked slightly panicked.

"I'm sure, they wouldn't kill Buffy's friends." Xander replied, hugging his girlfriend.

"But they tried to kill Buffy, twice, and she's the slayer! They don't sound ex-demon friendly. They don't sound friendly at all!"

"It'll be ok. I promise." Xander said leading her in to the bedroom. Anya still looked worried as they began to get ready for bed. When they crawled into the queen size bed she pulled him closer than normal. She didn't know what was going on and sometimes humans still confused her but she knew that something was about to happen. Something not good.

The three weeks passed quicker than any of them would have liked. Glory still hadn't shown her face but none of the scoobies could shake the growing feeling of unease.

"I have to call them today." Giles said as they gathered once again at the Magic Shop, this time in the morning instead of evening. He looked around at the solemn faces, Tara and Willow held hands, same with Anya and Xander. Spike sat stoically on the stairs staring at his clasped hands while Buffy paced. Joyce held Dawn feeding the infant a bottle while looking at her daughter. Joyce was still new with slaying, relatively compared to everyone else in the room. She didn't know who this council was, only what her daughter and Giles had told her. Either way she didn't want them anywhere near her daughter. This was just one more way she couldn't protect Buffy.

"Maybe it wont be so bad. Maybe they'll just give us the information and be done with it. Leave us alone." Buffy said hopefully.

Giles smiled at his slayer, "Maybe. I'll go make the call. We'll know soon enough."

Giles went to his back office and sat down at his desk. He stared at the phone in front of him wanting nothing more than to not pick it up. Like Joyce he didn't want the council near Buffy again. Not after the last times they'd been involved. He saw Buffy as a daughter; he knew that as a slayer danger was a part of her life. It pained him that he might have to add to that danger. Stealing himself he picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hello," A voice answered on the other line.

"Hello Quinton. How are you?" Giles asked.

"Ah Rupert. We've been expecting you to call." Quinton Travers answered.

"Oh, have you now? Well that should expidite this. You know what we're facing?" Giles asked, more than a bit annoyed with his former collegue.

"Yes, Glory. We've been made aware of the situation."

"Well do you have any information?" Giles demanded.

"We do." Quinton replied.

"Well what is it?"

"We cannot divulge that information over the phone. We'll be coming to Sunnydale presently. See you soon old friend." Quinton said before hanging up the phone.

"Yes of course you will you bloody fool." Giles mumbled to himself before standing to return to the waiting group.

"They're coming." He said, "They have information."

At his words Buffy stopped pacing and shot a fearful glance to Spike. Anya gave a squeak of fear while Xander squeezed her hand reassuringly. Willow scooted closer to Tara and Joyce hugged Dawn tighter.

"They cant know anything. Not about Dawn, not about Spike having his soul. I want them as much in the dark as possible. They come, they tell us what they know, they leave. Nothing more than that." Buffy said, "Spike you'll have to move back to your cript, Mom you back to the house. As far as they know Spike has nothing more than his chip and sometimes helps for cash."

Spike nodded his agreement with Joyce. The group sat for a bit longer before breaking up to go their separate ways and prepare.

Ben washed his hands after his shift at the hospital. He pulled his jacket out of his locker and began to leave the hospital, wanting to get home after his shift and make dinner. Just as he was leaving a hand snaked out of the supply room door and pulled him in.

"Begging permission to speak to you sir," Glory's minion said.

"Jinx! What do you want? Don't touch me." Ben cried.

"Not me sir, Glory. She wants information on the slayer." Jinx answered.

"I don't know any slayer." Ben said confused.

"Oh I believe you do sir," Jinx replied, "Short, symmetrical, blonde hair on top. Named Buffy something."

"Buffy Summers is the slayer?" Ben asked.

"Yes, that's the one sir!" Jinx said.

"How does Glory know this?"

"I do not know sir, her message was just to ask you where her dwelling was, who her friends are."

"Why would I tell her anything about Buffy? Just so she can hurt Buffy?"

"I do not know sir, that was just the message." Jinx responded.

"Yeah, well I have a message of my own for Glory." Ben said.