Dressed in his favorite Polo shirt and pants, Alfred brushed his teeth and looked himself over one last time before making sure he looked flawless. Smiling that perfect smile, his white teeth were ready for the first day of school. His twin brother poked his head into the bathroom, dressed in a red and white striped shirt.

"Al, the bus is going to be here soon," Matthew said in his silent shy voice that was so unlike his brother's loud, prideful, and annoying voice. Alfred nodded, putting his tooth brush away and turning off the lights. He grabbed his bag and threw it over his shoulder. With his brother at his heels, they waited at the end of the driveway.

Alfred and Matthew lived in an average two-story house with three bedrooms, one full-bathroom, a half-bathroom, and an attic. The kitchen and dining room were one large room that led into the living room.

The bus driver stopped at their driveway and opened the door revealing a young blonde woman with red lips and an angry look on her face. Not wanting to anger her more, they quickly hopped on the bus and moved to the back seats. Matthew sat next to a sleeping silver-haired guy. Alfred sat next to a guy with green hair, green eyes, and six piercings in one ear. The guy looked at Alfred from the corner of his eyes and frowned. He wasn't pleased to see such a preppy looking guy next to him.

"Tss," was the only sound the green-haired boy made of his disapproval before pulling out an MP3. Alfred then gave the guy a friendly smile. The green-haired teenager rolled his eyes at the gesture. Alfred couldn't believe how bright and brilliant those green eyes were. He couldn't help but stare at them.

Matthew felt rather uncomfortable after the bus hit a bump and a sharp turn that caused the silverette next to him fall into his lap – still sleeping soundly. Not wanting his pillow to go anywhere, the sleeping guy wrapped his arms around poor Matthew's waist. A girl in the seat across from them snapped a few pictures with her neon-green cell phone. Smiling, she winked at the blonde and showed the pictures to the formally dressed guy sitting next to her. Matthew stared at the guy sleeping in his lap. He was tempted to wake him.

"Let him sleep. He'll wake up when we reach the school; but I must say, Gilbert looks pretty damned tired," the girl said smiling brightly. Matthew gave him another look. Gilbert had dark bags under his eyes and chapped lips. He snored softly and pulled Matthew a little closer.

"Umm, what happens if he doesn't wake up by the time we get there?" Matthew asked over the faint peaceful snoring.

"Just tell him to wake up, but don't shake him," the guy next to her said.

The girl nodded in agreement. Matthew looked out the window as the school was coming into view. The bus pulled into the long driveway.

Alfred smiled, seeing the red bricked building fill the windows on the other side of the bus. His insides tingled with excitement. He readied himself to get off the bus while the teenager next to him rolled his eyes and mumbled, "Freshmen," under his breath.

As soon as the words came out, Alfred turned to him. "Hey, say that again!" He asked with a smile on his face.

"Say what?" The green-haired teen asked, lifting an eyebrow to the other, "Freshmen?" His voice was heavy with a British accent. Alfred nodded his head vigorously. "Freshmen are the only ones who get stupidly hyped up for the first day of school. Believe me kid, it's nothing special," the teenager said with every word going right over Alfred's head.

"You're British," Alfred beamed, making the green-haired teen face palm.

"Didn't you hear a word I just said?"

Alfred nodded, "I ignored it. So, do you have a really British name like Charlie or umm, Fredrick. I'm Alfred F. Jones and I play football," He said, smiling as the bus stopped and people started to crawl off.

"I'm Arthur Kirtland," Arthur said as he stood to leave.

Matthew gulped seeing the silver haired guy still asleep, holding him in his lap. Gilbert snored softly. "Umm, Gilbert, you need to wake up. We're at the school now, wake up please." Gilbert opened one eye slightly and closed it again while moaning. Slowly sitting up, he stretched his arms out and looked over at Matthew, He grinned smugly.

"Hey there cutie," Gilbert winked at him, causing the blonde to blush. Matthew stood up and climbed off the bus. Gilbert laughed to himself, "He totally wants me," He said to the girl across from him. She rolled her eyes and got off the bus and followed by the formally dressed guy. Gilbert smiled and followed after too.

Alfred found his locker and saw that it was in the same hallway as Arthur's. Arthur didn't even seem to notice the freshmen staring at him. Arthur popped his locker open and tossed his bag inside. He looked around, trying to find other punk styled teens. But the American styled of punk was different then it was back in England. Making a "Tss" sound he walked, with his knee-high boots shimmering as the light reflected off the safety pins, to his class. Arthur bit his lip and walked into his classroom, a class filled with freshman. Alfred walked in soon after the green haired teen did.

"Hey, looks like we have math together," Alfred smiled and took an empty seat.

"Bloody hell," Arthur growled bitterly, taking a seat in the back where he slumped down into a chair and plugged his MP3 player into his ears. He hated the first day of school more than any other day of school. More than test day or whatever other school day there was. Hearing the same rules over and over all day long could make his ears feel like they were going to bleed. He looked out the window, ignoring the teacher and the fresh meat that surrounded him.


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