Hello everyone. I am sorry that I haven't updated in awhile I do plan doing so soon. But I was writing my own piece of work over on . I would love it so much if you guys could go take a look. Its fictionpress, I believe its run by the same people that do . My user-name is still RedEyedGirl100 and if there's any other websites you want to check me out on my user-name never changes, I do this so its easier for you guys to stalk me.

The story title isn't real creative its called Oliver Queen: The Nobles

Its a part of a series I plan on doing. Each of the main characters have some sort of title as there last name. There's Oliver Queen, the villain Noah King, there Jeremy Knight (who is a female to male transgender). I would die from happiness if you guys did read it.

The titles of the stories will start with the star's name and end with The Nobles.

So give it a read pretty please it would make me the happiest person in the world seeing that I want nothing to do with my friends right now. They aren't the people I believed them to be and they did something horrible and I don't want to pick sides but I'm afraid if things keep going like this I am going to have to.

God I thought the drama in my life would end after highschool..