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Chapter one

"Marry me Bella." I was motionless watching him. He couldn't be serious. How could he even think that was what I wanted? I hardly knew him. I knew it wasn't me he wanted. He was just the same as every other man I had ever met.

"Sorry Mike. You took me off guard," I laughed.

"I have blown it haven't I?" Mike put his hands through his hair. "Shit, I knew I shouldn't have rushed in."

"Mike, this is only our second date," I tried to hide my snigger. "We aren't even really going out are we?"

"I'm sorry Bella."

"Night Mike," I opened my door, leaving him standing on the front porch, as a fit of giggles hit me.

"Was it a good night Ms Swan?" Monty the butler asked as I entered the main hall way in my parent's mansion, unaffected by the splendour.

"Not really, Monty. I had another proposal." I rolled my eyes at him as he helped me out of my new designer coat.

"My goodness, that is the second one this month."

"What can I say? I am just so lucky," I sighed. "Goodnight, Monty."

"Sleep well, Ms Swan."

As I sank into my king size bed all I could do was stare at the ceiling. I had resigned myself to the fact that no one really saw me. My parents were too rich, but was it really too much to ask for just one decent guy who wanted me for me? It seemed the harder I tried to find him, the further he seemed to slip away.


"Good morning sunshine." My mother beamed over the breakfast table. "How did your date go last night?"

"Not good," I replied helping myself to the fruit platter in the center of the table. "He was so . . . boring."

"In what way," my mother laughed.

"In every way."

"Well, maybe on your next date . . ."

"I won't be seeing him again," I interrupted.

"Oh right," my mother smirked at me. "Shame . . . he comes from a good family."

"You mean a rich family."

"Isn't that the same thing?" My mother grinned getting up. "Have a wonderful day darling."

"I'm sure I will," I replied sarcastically as my mother disappeared from view. She really had no idea about my life. Did she really think it was easy being the only child to parents who were multi billionaires?


"So, retail therapy it is then," Rosalie laughed. "I did warn you about Mike."

"I know. Did I tell you he spent most of the night trying to stare down my top?" Rosalie laughed even harder. "Rose, it's not funny. Why are all guys the same?"

"It's because they all have a penis, Bella. You have to play them at their own game sometimes."

"I think I am trying too hard."

"Bella, just because you are twenty one and never had a serious relationship, it doesn't mean you are doomed."

"How many boyfriends have you had?" I raised my eyebrow at her.

"Bella, that's different. My parents aren't as protective as yours."

"There not protective. They just want me to date someone as rich as them."

"Look, that new bar 'Twilight' is opening tonight. Why don't we find you a stunning dress and have some fun tonight. We could play some men at their own game and have a real laugh. Please Bella, we haven't done that in ages. It will make you feel better. I promise."

I had to admit that I loved the idea. I hadn't let my hair down in months. Rosalie could really pull men in and leave them bleeding once she was done with them. It seemed like the best plan since I was totally anti men at the moment. Maybe being a major bitch to one would make me feel a little better. After all, was it my fault that men only wanted me for my money? One unlucky man would have to pay.


Rose and I were dressed up to the nines. I had opted for a tight black lace dress, that honestly only just about cover my ass cheeks, but I only wanted to attract one sort of man tonight. Rose looked stunning in a red silk wrap over dress that pulled her in all the right places.

We entered Twilight night club, all eyes were on us as we walked up to the bar.

"Damn, girls have you just walked here straight from heaven?" One guy asked, blocking our way to the bar.

"Back off asshole! Trust me when I say you wouldn't last one round with either of us." Rose pushed him out of the way, swinging her ass as she walked off. All I could do was chuckle.

"Oh, come on." The guy begged as we walked past him but Rose and I didn't even turn back to him.

"So we will have a few drinks and then find our prey," Rose smirked looking around.

"How will you know what to look for?"

"Trust me Bella, if all you are looking for is a quick lay. I will find you one."

"You make it sound so romantic."

"Bella, it's not meant to . . . . It's just sex." Rose turned to the barman whose eyes looked as if they had almost pop out of his head as he got his first glimpse of her. "Two wine spritzers please and two chasers."

"Sure," the barman smiled. He was pretty hot with short black hair and had one hell of a body. I could make out his muscles under his black work T-shirt. "I'm sorry, but I have to say you are stunning."

Rose did a little girlie giggle, which was a good sign, Rose obviously though he was hot too. "Are you always this up front Mr Bartender?" Rose bated her eye lashes at him.

"Only in the presence of pure beauty," the bar tender smiled handing over the drinks.

"How much do I owe you?"

"Nothing, they are on me." He smiled. "The name is Emmett."

"Rose," she smiled shaking his hand "Thanks."

"Just promise me the last dance when I knock off work."

"Maybe," Rose smirked at him as she sipped her drink.

"I will come and find you. I don't care who you are with," Emmett teased.

"I'm counting on that," Rose whispered as she turned to me. "Come on Bella. Let's go and have a walk around."

"God Rose, we have only been here ten minutes and you have pulled already," I giggled as we walked across the dance floor. It was pretty early so not many people were dancing yet.

"I might take Emmett home with me tonight. Did you see that body?" Rose sighed. "I bet he has some stamina."

"You are unbelievable."

"Come on let's find you a toy for tonight," Rose giggled downing her drink before linking her arm with mine.

We sat in a booth for the first hour, watching some of the talent that wondered our way. Emmett had turned into our personal bar tender. Every now and then he would bring drinks over to us. The power Rose had over men really was amazing.

"What," Rose asked as Emmett walked off after placing down another round of drinks.

"How do you do that?"

"I told him I liked watching his sexy ass walk away from me," Rose laughed. "Which is true. Have you seen it?" Rose licked her lips watching him walk back to the bar. "Mind you his friend who has just joined him is just as hot." Rose suddenly said, stretching her neck for a better look.

I turned in her direction to see who she was talking about. My eyes caught the other bartender standing next to Emmet. He was laughing with Emmett. His bronze hair was in sexy ruffles. I was so captivated by the gorgeous smile on his face.

"I think we have a winner," Rose whispered, my heart almost stopped thinking she meant the sexy bartender I was looking at but as I turned to her, I realised she was no longer looking at the bar.

"Who?" I asked confused, still reeling at the vision I had just seen at the bar.

"Him," Rose pointed in the far corner of the room to a tall muscular guy with jet black hair and a well-tanned body. He was hot but not in the same league as the bar man I had just laid eyes on. "He has been checking you out for the last hour and is getting the courage to come and talk to you."

"How the hell do you know that?" Just as Rose was about to answer, the man began his way over to me. Damn Rosalie, she was good.

"I'm sorry but I noticed you from across the room and wondered if I could buy you a drink?" The man asked, beaming a set of perfect white teeth. I turned to Rose, she just grinned in agreement.

"Um . . . sure," I smiled "A glass of Champagne would be great." Rose winked at me proud that I had gone for the most expensive drink on the menu.

"Why don't I come back with a bottle?" The guy smiled. "I'm Jacob by the way . . .Jacob Black." He held his hand out to me.

"Bella," I smiled, taking his hand.

"I'll be right back - Bella," Jacob smiled, strolling over to the bar.

"That's my girl," Rose whispered. "He will be putty in your hands. When you throw him in the trash in the morning, it won't be your heart breaking."

"Are you sure about this? He seems pretty decent."

"That's the best way. He will want to see you again after tonight, and it will make you feel amazing that you can just throw him to the curb when you are done with him. I thought you wanted a bit of revenge for all those guys after your fortune not you?" I did until I had seen my sexy bar man but I couldn't tell Rose that.

"Yeah," I smiled. I guess I could have a little fun with Jacob, what was the harm. I suppose the barman might not be that sexy. I had only seen him from a distance.

Jacob came back over empty handed "The bar man is bringing it over," Jacob smiled as he noticed my confused face and sat next to me "So, do you always have expensive taste?"

"Usually," I smiled. "Is that a problem?"

"Not with me," Jacob laughed. "I like a woman who knows what she wants."

"Trust me, Bella knows exactly what she wants," Rose giggled.

"Is that right?" Jacob turned, moving closer to me. He was making this way to easy. Shame - I would break his heart in the morning.

"Well, I know I like what I see," I smouldered towards him. Suddenly the barman came over with the champagne. This time it wasn't Emmett.

My eyes met a beautiful shade of green and my breath stopped as I took him in up close. He was utterly gorgeous. I could feel a blush hit my face as I sat with my mouth open, gawking at him.

"Your Champagne, Mr Black." The barman smiled, placing an ice bucket and four glasses down.

"Thank you Edward," Jacob smiled waving him away. Which annoyed me a little until I realised Jacob knew his name. 'Edward' his name was 'Edward'.

"Are you sure there is nothing else I can get you?" Edward asked, darting his eyes towards me for the slightest moment. I could think of a few things he could have done for me.

"No, that will be all," Jacob smiled. I watched Edward walk across the dance floor back to the bar. His body was lean but muscular. I pictured just what it might feel like to be wrapped around that body. Damn, the thought was hot.

"You seem to be well known here Jacob," Rose replied as Jacob poured the champagne.

"Well, I should be. Seen as I own it," Jacob chuckled.

"Really," Rose replied, surprised. "Do you know much about Emmett?"

"He is popular with the ladies," Jacob laughed. "But not as popular as Edward mind you." I could see why as I caught another glimpse of Edward serving a group of ladies at the bar. Some on them were almost leaning over the bar drooling at him.

"Would you mind if I danced with Emmett for a little while then Mr Black? It would mean you and . . . Bella could get some alone time?" Rose pouted towards him.

"Not a problem." Jacob got up and walked over to Emmett who was serving a table on the other side of the room.

"What are you doing Rose?" I glared.

"Bagging myself Emmett so you can get it on with Jacob," Rose winked at me. "I can't believe he is the owner. I wouldn't drop him right away Bella. He may be useful." I had to agree. At least I would be able to find out about Edward.

"Hey beautiful, couldn't wait until the end of the night I see." Emmett smiled across the table from Rose.

"Well, what can I say? When I see what I want, I do not like to wait," Rose smiled getting up. "Have fun Bella," Rose smirked as she disappeared onto the dance floor with Emmett.

"So, that leaves just me and you then Bella," Jacob moved a little closer to me. "I was wondering if you wanted to take this somewhere a little more personal. Like my office?"

"Sounds good to me," I breathed tracing my hand down his shirt. This really was too easy.

Jacob's office was pretty impressive. I laughed a little at the tropical fish tank in the center of the room.

"What is it?" Jacob asked watching me giggle.

"Sorry, it's the fish tank," I laughed.

"It helps to relax me."

"Oh right." Jacob moved closer towards me. I could feel the heat coming off his body and to be honest I was looking forward to just getting on with it. A girl has needs after all.

"You have got to be the sexiest girl I think I have ever seen," Jacob replied, putting his arms around my waist.

"Flattery will get you everywhere," I breathed moving closer towards him. Jacob lowered his head and was about to move in for the kiss when his door flung open.

"Jacob, we have a problem!" A brown haired girl charged in, panicked.

"Alice, could you at least knock," Jacob yelled, glaring at her.

"I'm sorry but a fight has broken out." Alice complained.

"Damn it," Jacob put his hand through his hair. "I won't be a moment, Bella. I will get a member of staff to bring you in another drink." With that Jacob rushed off with the small pixie like Alice.

I wasn't really sure what to do, so I just sat on the red leather couch waiting for Jacob to get back. I couldn't wait to get it over and done with. God, how bad did that sound. Was I that messed up that I needed to get laid to make myself feel better? If I did sleep with Jacob would I really feel any better tomorrow, probably not? If however it was Edward, damn, I was sure just looking in those green eyes all night would set me straight. Just as I was thinking that, the door opened, my mouth went dry and my whole body felt as if it was on fire.

"Mr Black told me to bring you another drink. He won't be much longer. He is just sorting the cops out," Edward smiled handing me a wine spritzer.

"Thank you," I smiled becoming lost in his eyes. I had never seen anything as breath-taking in my life. My body was actually burning, imagining what it would be like make love to him. I needed to get a grip.

"Well, if you did need anything else, just let me know," Edward smiled. 'Your body on top of mine.' Was all I could think of.

"I will," I all but whispered, trying to get the thought of him naked out of my mind. Thankfully, he left without another word.

Jacob came back soon after.

"Sorry about that," Jacob smiled, wondering in. "There is always one. The club is fairly new. I really don't want a reputation that we are a push over with trouble makers."

"No, its fine," I smiled.

Jacob locked his door and slowly made his way over towards me. "So where were we?" He grinned running his hand up my leg. I was so over excited from the sexual tension I had just witness with Edward that I needed relief, so I let Jacob take me on his couch, fast and almost animal like, thinking about Edward the entire time.

"Will I see you again?" Jacob asked as I slipped back into my dress.

If I wanted to get to know my sexy bar man I would have no choice. "Yes Jacob. Don't worry you will see me again." I smouldered over to him kissing him passionately as my hands ran down his bare chest. I could feel him shudder to my touch. I loved the power I had over him. The fact he lay naked on his couch craving more of me.

"It better be soon Bella," Jacob muttered against my neck. "I am lost in you already and I know nothing about you."

"I'll call you," I smirked taking a business card from his table and strutting out of his office. I actually heard him deflate as I unlocked his office door and left.

I was laughing to myself as I collected my coat. I guessed Rose was long gone with Emmett, so called Monty to order a taxi for me.

The taxi didn't take long to arrive. Just as I was about to get in to the car those damn green eyes caught mine again.

"Good night, Bella," Edward smiled, opening the taxi door for me.

"Good night, Edward," I smiled as I got in. I turned as the car drove off to see Edward still on the side walk watching me leave. Suddenly two things hit me.

One- How did he know my name? Two - How did he know my favorite drink was a wine spritzer, when all Jacob ordered from him was champagne?

I hadn't even thought about it until now, but suddenly I was realising Edward may have been just as interested in me as I had been about him tonight.

I could hardly wait until my next visit to 'Twilight' and it had nothing to do with Jacob Black.

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