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Lyrics came easily when I thought of my Bella. She was soul inspiring in every way, even now, ten years into our marriage.

'Playing with Fire' was the first of many songs to take the world by storm, but it would always hold a place in my heart as the first song I wrote when Bella became my wife. Bella and our children gave me so much strength, I was unstoppable. Other artists were soon begging me to work with them, and here I was, ten years on, being thanked for my influence on the music industry.

"Are you nervous?" Bella whispered in my ear.

"No. Are you?" I smiled, touching her cheek. Bella was still the most beautiful woman in my world.

"Dad." Grace griped. "Tell Jack to stop poking me."

I turned to our children, pride and love filling me. Grace was turning into quite the young lady, and had an amazing mind. Jack, our middle child, was the cheekiest of our three children. Bella said it was because he took after me. Personally, I think he had a lot of his mother in him, too. Our youngest daughter, Hope, was very musical and had the voice of an angel. I wasn't ashamed to admit that I was a proud father, but with children like ours, what wasn't there to be proud of?

"Jack, leave you sister alone." I poked him. "See? It's not fun, is it?"

"Dad," Jack giggled when I tickled him. "Get off."

"Annoying, isn't it? Sit up and eat your dinner." I hid a smile, looking at Bella, who was sniggering into her napkin.

"Dad, when do you get your award?" Grace asked.

"Soon, baby." It felt a little unreal.

My whole family was here tonight. My parents were seated at the same table as Bella and I. Alice was on a table behind me with rest of the band, Rose and Emmet.

"You deserve this award, Edward." Garret called over the table. "Your song writing skills are exceptional, timeless."

"I still think a life time achieve awards is a bit much." Emmet called over. "He has years left in him."

"He has a point." I grinned at Garret.

"No, he doesn't." Garret's smile belied the seriousness of his tone. "Edward, you will go down in history with your music. This is just the beginning."

"Please stop stroking his ego, Garret." Bella teased "I have a job getting his head thought the door as it is."

"It's time, its time!" Alice screeched as the stage came to life. Bella squeezed my hand tightly as Hope moved to sit on her knee.

My award category was last. I kept checking my tux pockets obsessively to make sure my speech was still there.

Garret walked onto the stage, rubbing my ego even more. By the time I got up, the whole room was on their feet, applauding me. It was a little embarrassing: after all, I was just a singer / songwriter – it wasn't as if I'd found a cure for cancer.

I waited for the applause to calm, feeling the heat of the spot lights beaming down on me. I pulled out my speech, placing it on the podium, laughing at the applause still going on.

"Okay, all. I will pay you later." I grinned as the crowd laughed and began to take their seats. "I really don't know what to say, but I wouldn't believe everything that man says." I teased, pointing to Garret. "My music was always just a hobby. Some of you may not know that I was just a bar man when Eclipse was first found by our manager, Garret. We were living week by week, playing music we enjoyed.

"I am lucky to have such wonderful band mates, who will always be dear friends. I never really had a dream until my wife and children came into my life. It's true what they say about love; it makes you a better person, and I wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for my family. Everyone has a muse, and my wife is mine. So this award is as much for her as me. All I can do it thank you all for understanding my music and taking it deep into your souls. And for those of you still waiting to live your dream, keep fighting for it, because when it comes... it's everything. So live you dream, and when you find that love, never let it go." I smiled, looking to the side of the stage where the rest of my band was waiting for me to perform with them.

I sat down at the piano, smiling slightly at the sudden round of applause from the crowd. A piano only meant one song to my fans: 'Playing with Fire'.

"This song is dedicated to my Bella. I love you." I called over the microphone. I began the song, lost in my music. Twisting through the keys, singing the words, remembering everything Bella made me feel all those years ago. This song was only for her. I still had to force out the words of the second verse, knowing how it had felt to lose her. Taking her love deep inside my soul, Bella was with me. I had won, I could relax. Everyone in the crowd was on their feet when I opened my eyes, and Eclipse took a bow to a standing ovation.

"Edward that was amazing." Jasper whispered.

"It helps having you with me, Jazz." I smiled as we bowed one last time and left the stage.

I finally reached my table after shaking and hugging every person who knew me on the way. Bella was wiping her eyes as she looked up at me.

"Was it that bad, love?" I teased, gently kissing her. Jack made a gagging noise, suggesting he thought what we were doing was gross.

"Jack, I'll make nanny Esme kiss you until you giggle if you carry on." My mom made kissing noises and Jack shut up.

"Edward." Bella whispered "That was beautiful."

I smiled again, kissing her harder. "I love you, Mrs Cullen."

"I love you, too, Edward." Bella threw her arms around my neck, deepening our kiss.

"Love, the children are watching." I teased as Bella broke the kiss.

"Let them watch." Bella smiled, kissing me again. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close to me, showing her she would always be my world.

We didn't stay too late at the after show party, knowing we had to get the children to bed. Bella and I stood in the hotel room, looking at our three angels, fast asleep from exhaustion.

"They had a busy day." Bella closed the door to their room.

"True." I took her hand in mine, raising it to my lips. "We have your award to look forward to next month."

Bella was an author in her own right, and the small publishing company I had bought her all those years ago was now a global success. Jane Volturi had taken over her family business when Aro died of a heart attack, Alex was still locked away. The Volturi family had been true to their word: no further attempts were made. I couldn't see Alex getting out any time soon, but if he did, I had the feeling he would be killed in the first week. That price was still on his head.

"It won't be anything like your award, Edward." Bella traced my features with her fingertips. Even after all these years, I burned for her from the softest touch. "Do you think we will always be like this?" Bella whispered.

"Like what?" I ran my lips across her jaw.

"So in love." Bella sighed as I brushed my lips against hers.

"I should think so." I chuckled, running my hands down her neck. "I still want you, exactly the same way as the first moment I saw you."

"Did you want me, even after I offered to pay you money?" Bella blushed. "I have never really apologised for that properly."

I scooped Bella into my arms, smirking. "I forgive you, but I'll let you make it up to me tonight. You're right - I never did get a proper apology; it did really hurt my feelings and bruise my ego."

"We can't have that." Bella snuggled into my chest, her voice laced with passion. "Bruising your ego, Mr Cullen... that will never do."

Even now, after all these year, that tone of voice turned me on. I all but ran to the master bedroom, my mouth inching down her neck.


Bella and I have never lost that spark. The fire we have for each other will burn for eternity. I don't regret a single moment with her. Without every single fated moment, even the heartache, I would not be with the woman destined to me from heaven above. Every day I count my lucky stars that Bella is made just for me, as I am for her. We are soul mates, two hearts, sharing one pure, unbreakable, burning love.

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