-Three Weeks Later-

(Edward's POV)

"No!" I yelled, laughing. Jake raised another water filled balloon.

"Don't think I won't," he said.

"Jake I swear to God if you throw that balloon I will end your life!" I yelled.

"Bet you won't!" he yelled back. He threw it and it hit me in the chest. I chased after him, dripping water and nearly slipping on the linoleum in the kitchen.

"Hey!" Esme yelled. "Take your wet butts out of my house! I just had the carpets done!" Instead of listening, which in retrospect would have been the smarter plan, we ran up to my room and shut the door.

"Finally alone," Jake said, wrapping his arms around my neck and pulling me close. I kissed him and pushed him back onto the bed. Only half listening to what was being said downstairs, I heard Alice's phone ring.

"Hey, Bells," she said. My head snapped up. "Sure. Sure yeah I can ask but I can't guarantee you a yes." She paused. "Now I can. We'll be there tomorrow then. Bye, honey." My bedroom door opened. I was so used to people walking in already that I didn't even jump off Jake in a panic.

"What did she want?" I asked, looking over my shoulder at Alice.

"The eight of us are going to Ashima's birthday party tomorrow afternoon," she replied. "Be dressed and ready to go by two-thirty." She left. Ignoring the whole situation, Jake kissed at the hollow base of my throat. I got off him and began to pace. I hadn't spoken to Bella since the night we broke up. And the only time I ever saw her was around school. She wouldn't even talk to me in science.

"Are you okay, lover?" Jake asked, propping up on his elbows. I shrugged, unable to speak. I had so many thoughts running through my head. What was Bella planning by inviting Jake and I to the party? What was I going to say to her? And the big one: Did I even want to see her?