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"Mio amore."

Lovino stopped dead in his tracks. Antonio was speaking Italian. This could only mean one thing.

"What do you want?" he asked slowly, in Spanish to emphasize his point.

Antonio adopted a perfectly innocent, hurt expression. "Aw, now Lovi can't I just call you my love? You are, aren't you?"

Lovi narrowed his eyes. "You can say whatever the hell you want, but if you say it in Italian it means you want something, so spit it out already."

Antonio stepped closer and wrapped his arms around the smaller Italian's waist, looking down at him with soft eyes, trying to use them to dissolve any suspicion. Lovino wavered slightly under his gaze, but fought to stay on his guard. "It's not working," he declared with little conviction, "so tell me what it is you want."

Antonio ran a hand through the dark brown locks. "Your brother called me last night. He wants to have a 'family dinner' tomorrow night." Lovino's eyes narrowed dangerously again.

"With who…?"

The hand in his hair continued its movement, and Antonio reverted to Italian once again. "Oh, you know Lovi, just you and me…and Ludwig…" his voice suddenly became very small and quiet. "Gilbert and Francis…"

Lovi pulled out of his embrace with a scowl. "Absolutely not!" he shouted. "The potato bastard is bad enough, but his obnoxious brother and the perverted French frog you call 'friends'…"

Green eyes widened and a lower lip jutted out, just the smallest bit. "Please, Lovi…it would make Feli really happy…and I'll make Francis and Gilbert promise to be on their best behavior."

As he struggled to stand his ground under those big green puppy-dog eyes, the utter ridiculousness of the situation registered somewhere in the back of his mind. If only Mexico could see her great big conquistador pouting

"Fine!" he agreed at last, grudgingly. "But they're all going to be perfectly satisfied with Italian food, and I swear, if those two perverts take one step toward me or you, I'll throw them out," he warned.

Antonio's smile instantly returned, and he leaned down to plant a kiss on the frowning lips.

"Grazie," he whispered before leaving to call Feliciano.

Lovino scowled at his retreating form. He'd have to speak Italian for a goddamn month to make up for this.

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