Skiz: Hey, guys!

Liz: And she's back.

Skiz: I live here dumbass. Of course I'd be back. :P

Twiz: Skiz, be nice.

Skiz: You can't make me!

Twiz: Betcha I could.

Skiz: Betcha you can't. =_=

B*S: Cat fight! XD

Skiz: Maka, would you do the honors? I have my Civics textbook right underneath my desk. Or my dictionary on my bookshelf.

B*S: You can't hit your god!

Maka: Wanna bet?

Soul: I'd leave it rest if I were you, Black*Star.

Skiz: You know, while we're talking about Black*Star, why not get the first question out of the way? Twiz?

Twiz: Okay. First question for Black*Star. . .

B*S: Of course people would want to ask me questions! I'm their god, who wouldn't want to know more about me?

Skiz: =_= If you don't shut up, you won't be conscious to answer the question.

B*S: Psssssh! I can answer questions in my sleep!

Skiz: Is that a challenge?

Tsubaki: Black*Star, could you just for once please be quiet before you get into more trouble?


Skiz: Then I'm atheist. =_=

Twiz: *gasp* Shame on you!

Skiz: Do you want Black*Star as your god?

Twiz: Hell no!

Skiz: Then I suggest you become one too.

Twiz: But-

Skiz: Just read the question before he goes off again.

Twiz: XP Fine. For Black*Star, "Do you love Tsubaki?"

Tsubaki: *blushes* What kind of-?

B*S: Tsubaki?

Skiz: Yes, Tsubaki.

B*S: Well, she does have some pretty big-*gets hit on head with book*

Maka: Jerk.

Skiz: Awwwww! :3 Maka's jealous!

Maka: WHAT? I am not!

Skiz: Deny all you want, Maka. The facts are there. YOU LOVE BLACK*STAR!

B*S: Who wouldn't love me?

Liz: You'd be amazed.

Maka: I do NOT!

Twiz: Skiz, do not even start. You KNOW how much I hate that couple!

Skiz: My story, my rules. :P So shut up.

Twiz: =_= We have been over this, Skiz.

Skiz: When was that?

Twiz: *sigh* In order to refrain from beating you to a bloody pulp, I'll just read another question.

Patty: But Black*Star never answered his!

Skiz: Black*Star now lacks the mental capacity to answer his question.

Twiz: Next question is for Blair!

Blair: Yay~ Another question for Bu-tan!

Twiz: "Why are you a slut?"

Blair: Because we're the ones who have all the fun. Duh!

Maka: =_= Lewd cat.

Blair: ;) That doesn't insult me.

Skiz: Hey, I have another question for Blair. This is my own question.

Blair: Fire away~

Skiz: Since in technical terms, a bitch is a female dog, would you be insulted if someone called you a bitch?

Blair: Hmmmmm. Never thought of it that way.

Twiz: So?

Blair: Maybe a little.

Skiz: Well, we'll have to test that out later, shain't we?

Liz: Shain't?

Skiz: It's a word! Somewhere. . .

Liz: You're dumb.



Skiz: :) Don't mess with me. I always win.

Kid: NOOOOOOOOOOOOES! I WANT TO DIE! *cries hysterically*

Twiz: Really, Skiz?

Skiz: I am teaching Liz to never get cross with me.

Twiz: Dear Lord, Skiz.

Skiz: XP Let's just keep going.

Twiz: Fine. Next question is for-


Twiz: O.o What?

Skiz: I'm tired of asking questions. :P So boring.

Twiz: Then what do you suggest?

Skiz: Dares and requests! Duh!

Maka: Shiiiiiiiit.

Soul: Where would a good place to hide be?

Skiz: :) Since you two are so eager, you'll be the first ones to go!

Maka&Soul: We. . .are. . .screwed.

Skiz: Okay. . .Since I can't lock my closet or ANY room in my house from the outside, we're going to shove you upstairs in our attic/storage closet thingy and have someone lean against it.

Maka: Attic?

Skiz: Attic/storage closet thingy.

Maka: *blinks* Do you have that ventilation stuff in yours though?

Skiz: Pssh! No!

Soul: O_O But we'll freeze!

Maka: Yeah! It's below 30 degrees outside!

Twiz: You won't freeze if you cuddle! ;)

Maka&Soul: . . .

Skiz: Okay, so we'll have Stein lean against the door.

Twiz: But isn't Sid more heavyset?

Skiz: Yes, but just in case Spirit finds out, Stein will drive him away.

Liz: You planned that out?

Skiz: I plan everything out. :P

Liz: Damn, that means you do have a brain after all.



Liz: *face palm* And I JUST got him to calm down!

Patty: C'mon, sis! Kid's throwing a fit again! Come watch, come watch!

Maka: Okay, I refuse to be locked in an attic-


Maka: . . .Yeah that, with him! *points to Soul*

Soul: Hey, what's wrong with being trapped in a closet-


Soul: Whatever! What's wrong with that?

Maka: Must I begin to explain?

Soul: What is that-

Skiz: Do it now while they're distracted!

Sid: *comes in* What's with all the screaming in here?

Twiz: Sid! Will you carry these two up to Skiz's attic and-


Twiz: Ohmigawd, no one cares!

Skiz: I care!

Twiz: *sigh* Sid, will you take these two up to Skiz's attic/storage closet thingy and get Stein to lean against the door for a few hours or so?

Sid: I was never the kind of man to lock underage minors in a closet-

Twiz: *covers Skiz'z mouth*

Sid: - but I guess I'll go ahead and let this slip just once. *picks up Maka & Soul on either shoulder*

Skiz: Remember you guys! You get more body heat by taking your clothes off! ;)

Twiz: So when are we going to let 'em out?

Skiz: Next time.

Liz: I thought you said a few hours!

Skiz: Naah. Changed my mind. Besides, I'm pretty sure they'll have more fun with the extra time.

Twiz: She has a point.

Tsubaki: But what about-

Skiz: I HAVE SPOKEN! And now I must leave.

Twiz: Already?

Skiz: Yeah. I have to work on FiFi's AMV, remember? And I only have the first 3 seconds done.

Twiz: Oh. Well, good luck on that, I guess.

Skiz: Don't forget to send in your suggestions!

Stein: Wait, I have to stand in front of this door until next time?

Twiz: Apparently so.