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"Hey Draco, I'm home!" Harry yelled as he opened the door to the flat he and Draco shared. The two and a half years since Hogwarts had done nothing but good for their relationship, and he and Draco were absolutely content with what they had.

"Hey babe!" Draco called from a few rooms away, most likely his potions room. It was the only thing Draco insisted their new flat have- Harry was unimaginably awed that Draco didn't demand marble columns and 30 acres. He now ran a mail order apothecary, though neither of them needed the money. It just wasn't like either of them to sit idle, now that Draco was no longer required to go to his mother's pureblood social functions and be paraded in front of eligible bachelorettes.

Harry dumped a stack of manila folders down on the coffee table in their family room after hanging his cloak and lounged back dramatically onto a comfy leather couch with a sigh.

"Tough day, drama queen?" Draco said as he walked into the room.

"Oh yes, it was dreadful. And I'm not even finished! We've got some minor case in the auror department involving some kangaroo animagus making off with jewelry and whatever else all over town, and no one seems to remember who's got the kangaroo animagus in the first place! I've spent the last two and a half hours flipping through records to see if the beast is even registered, and I have to look through the rest of them by tomorrow morning or Kingsley's banishing me to paperwork duty for the week. I hate paperwork duty, dragon!" Harry declared.

After a pause, Draco said, "You really do sound like a flaming ponce right now."

"Well, that'd be about right, wouldn't it?" Harry said resignedly as he sat up and reached for the folder on top of the mountain on the coffee table. He was thwarted by Draco's chest as he moved to block Harry's hand. Harry looked up and immediately came to attention. Draco's mocking smile had morphed into a distinctly predatory one, and he was leering down at Harry in a way that made his gut tighten.

"I sure hope so, or I think you would be distinctly opposed to me doing what I'm about to do right now…" Harry groaned as Draco's hand teasingly caressed his rapidly growing erection over his pants.

"Nope, can't say I'm opposed…" Harry said, and Draco's smirk became more pronounced as he slid to his knees between Harry's thighs. His hands smoothly unbuttoned and unzipped Harry's jeans, and Harry lifted his hips so Draco could pull them down his legs.

"A flaming ponce who goes commando, hmm? I don't think I'm opposed, either," Draco said before sucking the tip of Harry's proud erection between his lips and swirling his tongue around it. Harry groaned and let his head fall back against the couch cushions. Draco put his mouth to use, sucking and bobbing on Harry's cock, and Harry rested his hand against the back of Draco's head as the man pulled deep noises from the back of his throat. 'This is what I love about an established relationship', Harry thought offhandedly. 'They know exactly how you like- Oh my fucking Merlin!'

"Draco, Draco, Draco…" Harry's fingers tugged halfheartedly at Draco's now mussed hair in warning, but Draco sucked the tip of his cock determinedly and Harry came with a yell, lost to the waves of pleasure crashing through him.

"Has your day gotten any better?" Draco asked rhetorically while wiping his mouth. Harry hmm'd contentedly, eyes closed and pants still halfway down his shins, and Draco got up to sit against his languid body on the couch.

"Thanks dragon, that was… just what I needed," Harry said into Draco's neck.

"Sure, hon. But just so you know, you owe me one."

Harry chuckled. "Ever the Slytherin, I see,"

"How could you expect anything less? Now let's get this paperwork done," Draco said, and sat up, dragging Harry upright with him.

"First, pull up your pants. I refuse to help you with that distracting me." Harry hmm'd noncommittally, but apparently the prospect of help going through the paperwork got through his post-orgasmic haze, because he tugged his jeans up half-heartedly until they covered the aforementioned distraction.

"Okay, so we're looking for a kangaroo…" Draco said, pulling the top folder off the pile. Harry followed suit, sorting through one folder after another. Shuffling papers and the occasional comment were the only sounds in the cozy living room for a while…

"Oh, that's unfortunate. This poor guy's a giraffe animagus. Not much you could do with that, huh? Kind of hard to miss."

"I wonder if a pelican's beak really can hold more than its belly can."

"If you're a poison dart frog, can you accidentally poison yourself?"

"My albino peacocks were so much prettier than this normal girl's peacock…Hey, this little snake looks remarkably like Pockets!"

"What? Lemme see!" Harry scrambled for the folder and flipped to the little wizarding pictue inside. The small, jet black garter snake was shown slithering through some grass. His shiny little head and row of lighter colored scales down his belly that looked like buttons made Harry gape like a fish.

"You're so right!" Harry's eyes flicked over to the name scrawled under the image:

Severus Snape- Snake animagus.

Harry looked slowly up into Draco's face with wide eyes. Draco was looking at him warily, afraid to make the first move.

"You don't think that… Snape couldn't have possibly…" Harry said. But thinking back, Pockets was never around when Harry was in classes. He always slithered around a corner before Snape appeared. The shiny head. The button scales. The sudden defending of Harry to Draco over the summer. The failure to deduct ridiculous amounts of points that day in potions. Had Snape been Pockets?

"OH MY FUCKING MERLIN!" Harry shouted into Draco's face, and apparated before Draco could even regret pointing out the resemblance.

"Bugger it all. Snape, you better have thought this through," he muttered into the suddenly empty room, and turned resignedly back to the table to continue sorting through manila folders.


Harry stormed through Hogwarts with an air of slightly unbalanced determination. He'd all but sprinted through the wards and through the grounds, using one of the secret entrances to enter without a holdup. In fact, he looked rather like Snape, flowing through the hallways like an intimidating creature bent on revenge. He surged through the halls, down multiple staircases, ignored multiple students out after hours who froze when they caught sight of him, and stopped outside of Snape's office. He tried the door; it was mercifully unlocked. Harry took a deep breath and stepped in, deceptively calm, and said,

"Pockets?" in a very neutral, disarming voice. Snape looked curiously up from his desk in answer, and Harry lost it.

"What did you think you were doing, pretending to be my friend? How could you invade my life like that and expect me to never find out? I trusted you, you made me trust you, and all along you were the biggest prick to me! Why did you go through all that effort? What possible motivation could you have had for you to talk to me like… for you to possibly…" Harry ran out of steam as quickly as he had erupted. Snape's face hadn't changed from the slightly shamefaced, stoic expression he'd had since Harry opened the door, but he motioned for Harry to have a seat in the chair opposite the desk he was seated at. Harry sank into it, not knowing what else to do.

"Are you really so angry at me, Potter? Or were you just taken by surprise? Was I so bad a …friend that you cannot forgive me for trying?"

"Why did you do it, Snape? Answer me that."

"For Draco, at first, because he needed a real friend. Then I did it for you as well. As much as I am loathe to admit it, you are a good person, Harry, and you needed a friend as much as Draco did."

"So you took manipulation to the next level." Harry was taken off guard by Snape's honesty and willingness to explain, but the whole situation just didn't sit right with him yet.

"No. I merely pointed out what you two would have never seen by yourselves."

"Trying to lend me an unbiased third opinion about my situations, yeah, I remember."

"So you do," Snape said, looking subtly pleased. They sat in silence for a moment, each digesting what had been thrown out on the open.

"How is Draco doing?" Snape asked in a soft tone of voice that Harry had never heard from his professor before. He just looked at Snape, uncomfortable with the personal question. Snape regarded him for a moment before disappearing, transforming into his animagus and slithering across the floor to curl at Harry's feet, on top of his shoes. Harry remembered the familiar plea to be lifted into a pocket by the snake-man, and slowly cupped his hand next to Pock-Snape for him to coil into. Harry lifted Pockets to his knee and rested his hand there, still uneasy.

How are you and Draco doing? Snape asked again.

We… we're doing fine.

I'm glad to hear it. Has he started his potions lab as I instructed?

Yes. He only occasionally comes running out of it with something billowing smoke.

Good, good. Harry, I don't regret what I did for you and Draco, but I would rest easier if you forgave me for it.

Harry thought, then said, Only because it worked out so well. Harry smiled at Snape's sibilant laughter.

Thank you. Now, would you mind setting me back on my chair? The flagstones are awfully cold. Harry chuckled, allowed some of the tension to leave his body, and did as he was asked.

"Thank you." Snape said, and Harry stood to leave.

"Thank you, as well. You did a lot for Draco and I, and I think I appreciate it."

"Goodbye, Potter."

"Bye … Pockets."

"If you ever want to visit without me locking the door in your face, you will refrain from calling me that when I am not in my snake form."

"Yes, professor," Harry smiled and shut the door to Snape's office.


'Of course, he would have worked out how to deal with a raging Potter. Probably ages ago.' Draco thought sourly as Harry walked through the door to their flat, completely unruffled, with a smile on his face. 'It would have been nice for somebody to finally take him down a titch.'

"So, how do you feel about cashing in the blowjob I owe you?" Harry asked with a smirk.

'On the other hand,' Draco thought as Harry tackled him to the couch with a happy shout. 'A happy Harry is a happy Draco…'

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