Hello my fellow readers, this is, I think, the sequel to the crossover, Winry vs Bella, if you hadn't read it, please do. If you don't wanna read it, here's a quick and not too good summary;
Bella angrily confronts Winry over fanfics she read off the internet about her and husband, Edward Cullen. Winry tries to avoid her unknowing beef with Bella because she is waiting for HER husband, Edward Elric, to come pick her up for their date. Bella insults Ed, Winry snaps and they fight. Ed has a car accident caused by Edward's sparklin' body. Bella and Winry continues their fight. Winry calls Bella's husband a pansy of a husband and Bella gets furious...then maced in the eyes. Ed and Edward come to the aid of their wives and learn how the fight occurred. Bella and Winry momentarily call it truce by trading their husbands to see who really is the best.

To those who had already read Winry vs Bella, a little clarification, if I may. It has come to my attention that most of you (my friends included) are wondering why this story is marked Complete when I wrote at the end of the story "A little help...yes I'm serious". That wasn't an ending disclaimer. I was still speaking in the story. I would have put that seperation line thingy-thing. I was also being sarcastic because I had no" power" over the characters and their decisions at the time (as you all could see when I was asking questions). But I also wanted m'fellow readers to join in on this crazy ride I'm writing as of now and I would like to have a few ideas so that I won't go off and write a whole other fic without finishing this one. (I think I tend to do something like that...) I think it'll be fun to do.

Now, I'm going to be completely honest, I don't like Twilight and I most definitely do NOT like Edward and Bella simply because of the way they are (Bella is weak but oh so perfect and Edward is the perfect guy who never had a girl a day in his 100 years alive as a vampire) yet, I don't wanna make them look or sound stupid and keep writing things like Winry bullies Edward or Bella (if ever again) gets her ass kicked by Winry, that'll be waaaaaay too boring and waaaaaaaaaaaay too repetitive. What I wanna do, or try to do, is have the Elrics and Cullens learn from their experiences in a different house, with a different family, and a different spouse. It may sound corny, but I'm pretty hopeful that it'll be a good one. Excuse me for my rambling and if I confused you even more or didn't make sense, I'm very sorry, and I'll be happy to answer questions or requests on the reviews if you do.

I hope you'll like this fic as you liked the prequel. ^.^