This is not a chapter!
I repeat this is not a chapter. This is an apology for not updating this fanfic. I know you all are dying like my other readers
If you see on my list of stories, Birth by Sleep is getting updated and I know I have kept all of you waiting.

Here are the good news: I'm graduating from high school soon and I will have more than enough time to start this up again!
Because I'm allergic to Twilight a dear friend of mine is giving me information on the characters and helping me so that I can get them all set in place to start Chapter 2.

*bowing* I'm sooooo sorry for not updating this.
I'm so neglectful of you all. I will try my best to keep up on this during this week and next (after the art show of course).
Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry yet again.

And to all who were wondering about the children's names; Yes. It was a rhetorical question. I'll be putting those at the end of each chapter because it's fun and I would like people to participate.