Short one-shot of one of my favourite vampires Sam and how he felt the night he got staked in Midnight Alley. S/A


Samuel Glass waved goodbye to the various friend's he had made that hour, put his empty coffee cup in the bin, smiled at Oliver who glared coolly, and exited Common Grounds coffee shop as twilight fell.

He took a deep breath, the familiar scent of night giving him that thrill that all members of the undead got when the shadows turned longer and the alleys turned darker, giving them all the more places to hide, and then…pounce. He glanced at a vampire hovering at the entrance of a nearby alley and gave him a brisk nod. He didn't particularly like some people, but if he didn't like everyone, well what good would that bring him?

And maybe, maybe if she heard of - but no. Sam shook his head, unruly red curls flopping in his eyes. He mustn't think of her or else he'd never be able to stop… her hair like ice and frost to everyone, but not to him, to him they melted in his embrace and turned to soft snow and silk that was pure heaven to touch. To them her eyes were a storm grey that flashed with anger, but to him, him, that one look, all those years ago as he laid dying in her arms, was filled with glassy tears and he felt that was appropriate. He was a Glass, and so were her tears that threatened to fall in those eyes he could get lost in, those pools of morning light shrouded with mist, that could soften and turn you into mush. Well, him. Definitely him.

His chest ached at the mere thought of her.

He distracted himself as always, because if he thought too much, the feelings gnawed at him and he had to contact her.

She never returned his calls. He ran a hand through his hair, looking at his watch. One thing about being immortal was that you could easily get bored. Sam didn't understand though- he had friends, but all the human ones, well they were never completely themselves around him. He didn't like that, he didn't want to scare people, And this town, he thought grimly as he heard a shriek didn't need to work very hard at scaring people. He took off running fast, and soon found the source.

A vampire, Sam was sure was called William, was pressing a girl against a wall and biting savagely.

"Hey. William" Sam touched his shoulder. No response, so Sam dragged him backwards and punched him out cold before going to the girl who looked up at him wide-eyed.

"Shhhsh" He whispered, lips curling into a smile. "It'll be okay, I'm going to help. Can you stand up?"

"I- I don't know" She trembled and Sam extended a hand. The girl gratefully took it, swaying gently. The wound on her neck was bleeding freely and her arm had no bracelet. A college student then, that had had her life turned upside down on one night.

"Wait a second" Sam said, and ripped the hem of his shirt and dabbed at the wound. The girl looked at him awestruck.

"Y-you" She squinted in the dim lights, too far away to properly distinguish who it was in front of her. "Your not biting me"

Sam smiled, looked coldly at the vampire on the floor who stirred, awakened and fangs flashing snarled at them. Sam pushed the girl behind him and tackled William.

"I should have known. Sam Glass, the vampire protector" William hissed mockingly.

"There are blood banks in this town William" Sam said. "Go and get a bag from there and spare a young girl's life"

William snorted. "Wasn't going to kill her"

Sam sighed delicately. "Of course not. Now go William" With a push he sent him away and to his shock he actually went.

"I'll be back" William warned, like a pathetic villain before disappearing into the mist. It clearly had effect on the girl who whimpered, shaking hysterically.

"Shhsh" Sam soothed her. "I need to get you to the hospital"

She nodded, teeth chattering. "O-okay. Please don't eat me, please don't hurt me I thought you were kind, you saved me"

"Why would I hurt you?" Sam was completely bemused. If he was going to eat her why on earth would he have saved her? William was a rough vampire, as were 95% of the vampires in Morganville, and Sam didn't prey on humans. He used the blood banks, like all sensible vampires should. But they were becoming less and less sensible…

He took off his jacket and placed it around the girl who sniffed.

"Thanks" She muttered. "I don't need to go the hospital"

"You've lost at least a pint of blood" Sam observed as he hustled her into his car. "You need to go and get well again" He shot her a fond smile and the girl swooned. Not that Sam noticed. No Sam's heart belonged to another. Her's. It was always hers.

As he pulled the car up to the Hospital and opened the passenger door, the girl looked at him.

"You seem sad" She observed. "I was talking about my family, and my friends and you barely noticed"

Sam smiled. "I'm not sad"

A lie.

The girl looked at him sceptically. "Your lonely"

"Yes" Sam admitted it, looking into the darkness wistfully. "Yes because when the one you love doesn't want to know…you get lonely"

But there was one other person he loved, and he could go see him. He didn't have to be totally alone, and she had spoken to him for a whole fifteen minutes the other day. Sam really did have to thank Claire again- give her some money, or some flowers, or chocolates. Sam didn't think anyone could understand how much it meant for her to even speak in that short chat after more then fifty years apart.

Yes, he decided. He'd go see his grandson. His Michael. He could help him, and then she would see how proud of his grandson he really was and maybe- no. Of course not.

It was too dangerous to love her here. In this town.

A small hand fluttered on his. "She'll love you too eventually" The girl said warmly, flushing slightly. "I can tell. Because I would"

And she turned and walked to the Hospital front doors.

"Thank you" She turned around and smiled. "Thank you so-"

"I can stay here" Sam volunteered with a worried frown. "It's night and-"

"My friend's coming to pick me up" She said. "But thank you Sam"

"How did-"

"Everyone know's you Sam. Your good" She said softly before entering the Hospital.

Sam stood, brooding for a moment and mulling over her words before going back to his car.

The girl had said he was good. But not good enough for- her because she…

He shook his head. He would go and see Michael. He wanted to be there for his grandson, for being a new vampire was an experience nobody would like to go through alone. He knew Michael thought it was weird them being the same age, but he loved him all the same. They both loved each other fiercely, and Steven had certainly passed his father's genetics onto Michael.

Maybe Michael could speak to her.

He knew that was a low blow, but he was desperate. How was she? Did she miss him too? In that chat about Michael, she had avoided the questions he needed the answers too, and she knew it too. And she just looked at him with that heartbreaking smile and dismissed him when they both knew he had to go or something would happen…something would happen that she would regret and he knew she hated that.

Her and her feelings.

Sam smiled happily, and turned the negative energy into a positive one. He had to, or he would never be able to continue. He knew someday soon she would talk to him properly, but until then he had to hang in there. Had to. No choice because it was her. And he would do anything for her.

Anything at all.

Ironic that he was thinking this as he got out of his car and approached the Glass House standing majestically there in Lot Street.

Sam could sense Michael was not there so backed away into - pain. A human, he could hear the heartbeat, had yanked him out of his car and tasered him before he could react.

Sam jerked violently before feebly trying to move.

"Got you now Michael" A gruff voice said gleefully as Sam struggled to get up- one more second just one more-

The stake stuck into his chest with a sticky sound that sounded odd to his ears. In fact, everything was going odd, the voices…colours…his lips formed words that didn't come. He could feel himself slipping… he took a gasp, his eyes rolled, and then he went still, welcoming the blackness like an old friend. He knew he looked like Michael, that was good, he could be saved, if they thought he was Michael…

He said he would do anything for her…and if he had to die, well so be it.

Wakening hurt. A lot. His whole body arched as pain rang through every pore, and he'd never hurt so much, the blade in his gut when he was human was nothing, nothing and the slight burns from the sun was nothing and-

"Samuel…Samuel come back to me"

And he was hallucinating too, because that was her voice. He fought the tiredness and opened his eyes to her.

She was there right beside him, inches from him in fact, actually touching him, her soft fingers brushing his forehead.

He tried to form words- Michael was he okay? Was she okay? He couldn't bear it if she was hurt…and she was. Hurting for him. Him.

"Breathe in. I'm here Samuel, I won't leave you" Her fingers flitted on his forehead, and he blinked, focusing on her, drinking in every atom of her image like an alcoholic in a winery.

She would never leave him.

It was like it was just the two of them, like them nights oh so many years ago when he was human and warm, and he had Steven in his arms and her by his side. The whole world was just them, and that was fine because to him she was the whole world. It was like a wordless communication had opened both of their minds, and stripped down to their souls.

Oh Sam…you fool. He could very nearly hear her say it, as her eyes glistened like glass. At him.

She tenderly held him as he finally dragged his gaze from her to the vampires- Oliver, Hans, Gretel and more…Michael?

Panic overwhelmed him and he managed to mouth his shaking lips into a word he could not say no matter how much he tried.

He was a failure, in front of her, he was weak. Oh he was so weak…he could feel it now, not so much weakness, but…hunger.

He knew it well, had fought it for weeks, months in the years. But it had passed, as everything passed.

The love she held for him did not pass. He knew the love he had for her only grew stronger.

She knew, no matter how much she denied it. Dizzily Sam focused on what she was saying.

"Michael is safe, Hans bring him here"

Sam relaxed, hand creeping up to cover her's. She looked at him wide-eyed and vulnerable, like a little child.

Please….you don't have to do this. I'm fine.

If your sure, Sam…

She nodded and let go, and Sam became more stronger as each second passed, able to focus on more people in the crowd, hear the murmurs outside, smell the heartbeat of a girl.

Claire, he could see her there looking at him wide-eyed.

Good girl, she was.

His chest hurt awfully, violent shudders of pain, but they were gradually getting dimmer and further apart, so he scrabbled upwards.

She helped him rest against the wall gently, as painless as possible.

"Can you tell us what happened?" She asked softly, voice trembling. Not that anyone else would notice, only him because they were so in tune. He knew the words she wanted to say when she didn't, and no matter what her face said her soul said different. He knew her, inside out. And she knew him too. Knew he would crawl to the end of the Earth for her, sacrifice himself for her, as long as she was safe…

He was a worrier. He knew that. But if he could worry about anyone, he saved it all up on her, and Michael.

Sam spot Richard Morrell crouch with notebook and pen and tried so hard to talk, for his voice to come out strong, so she wouldn't worry, but his voice came out a breathless whisper.

"Went- to see Michael" Sam said softly.

"But Michael was here, with us" She said, bottom lip wobbling slightly. Just a quiver so slight no one else would notice. "We summoned him during the night"

He knew that voice, she was guilty. She couldn't be guilty! It was no one else's fault but his own and he'd much rather be him suffering then her.

She knew that. She knew every secret, every thought, every lie he told. She knew how much he loved her and she didn't try to deny it. Didn't confirm it either, but he just…knew.

Sam lifted his spare hand helplessly, trying to comfort her, but gave up exhausted. "Sensed he wasn't home so backed out of the drive. Someone opened the car door- Taser, couldn't fight back. Staked me while I was down" Sam said hoarsely.

"Who?" Richard asked, and Sam closed his eyes. He could hear a heartbeat…Claire's…but no, no. Heartbeat but no face. Shadow. Not even shadow. Nothing but voice.

"Didn't see. Human. Heard the heartbeat" Sam swallowed thickly. "Thirsty"

It was almost a plead, and in front of her he was embarrassed, but his throat hurt and his stomach churned and every limb felt overused and weak.

"You must heal first" She told him gently. "A few more moments. Is there anything at all you can tell us about this human who attacked you?"

He would do anything for her.

Sam opened his eyes again, nearly immediately closing them once more. "He called me Michael"

He dragged his aching eyes open to see Michael, his grandson, his beautiful talented grandson rush into the room and crouch beside him, eyes wide with fright and horror.

"Who did?" He demanded urgently. "The one who did this?"

Not worried for himself, Sam thought numbly. Worried for him which was stupid. He would be dead if he was in this position, Sam, Sam was strong. He had her to help him.

Sam shook his head. "I don't know who. Male that's all I know. He used your name. I think he thought I was you" Despite himself, Sam's lips lifted into a smile. He had saved his grandson from getting hurt and that was what counted. He didn't care he had almost died, he'd take that over anyone else anyday.

"Guess he didn't see the hair before he staked me"

Richard nodded, investigation done and tucked his notepad into his pocket. Michael helped him up, and she, she went to talk to little Claire.

He knew she was agitated and stressed and scared. He hoped he didn't take it out on Claire.

"Oh granddad" Michael said to him the title he rarely used and gave him a hug, half supporting him even as he pulled away and helped him down the hall to where blood bags were kept.

"At least it was me" Sam said. "And not you"

Thirst was making him disoriented, faint.

Michael sighed, looking at him. Almost identical. Almost, but not quite.

"I don't want any of us getting hurt and that includes you Sam" Back to first names. Sam smiled softly.

"Rather me then you. Or her"

Michael studied him for a second before handing him a blood bag. Sam tore into it eagerly and after his fifth finally felt satisfied. Michael had gone, and only one of her guards remained.

He smiled coolly, distant but glad he was- alive. As alive as a vampire could be.

"She wants to see you"

Sam thought he would burst with pleasure and joy and his palms felt sweaty. He nodded, a lump in his throat. Not nervous, excited.

Sam raked a hand through his copper red hair as he knocked on the door.

"Come in" Her quiet voice floated to his ears and he opened the door slowly.

"You may leave" At first he thought she was talking to him, but realized it was the guard's. They went past, staring at him partly out of awe he survived the staking, partly knowing the connection. Between them.

Everyone knew it, except her.

She still denied it for her town. Her people.

And that was one of her parts she loved the most.

"Sam" She said, with her back faced towards the wall, and her voice was filled with love, and relief and joy and worry.

"Amelie" He responded, slowly walking up and placing a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and she knew he would not move. She could show her fangs, but they both knew it was defence.

The tough no-emotions filter she had, Sam thought lovingly as he gently rubbed her shoulder's. Although with a Father like Bishop no wonder. But he was dead, and Sam was not.

"When that stake…" Her voice wavered and she paused before continuing. Brisk-like, professional. "I'm glad your alive Samuel"

"I know" Sam said nodding in agreement. "Are you okay?"

She nodded wordlessly, and they looked at each other. Sam cupped her face between his hands and gently, very gently brought his lips to hers.

And it was magic, and fireworks and how could he have lived without this? It was beautiful, magnificent, powerful, raw.

They were feeling, both feeling what she fought so hard to deny.

And then the moment was over, and only a few seconds had passed.

She stepped away from his embrace and straightened her already straight suit.

"You should go" She whispered, eyes glassy. For him. He was a Glass.

Samuel Glass. And he loved her.

Sam nodded and turned to the door. "I know you won't say it Amelie…" He looked deep into her eyes with burning intensity, meaning every word with his body, heart, soul.

"But I love you"

And he left, shutting the door quietly.

And as he walked down the hall, he could almost swear he heard a fragile voice behind him.

"I love you too Samuel"

He paused. Maybe it was his imagination.

Maybe not.

But he had a while to figure it out, because he wasn't planning on leaving soon. Not until she admitted she loved him.




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