Mistakes Lead to Love



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This oneshot is going to turn into an actual story eventualy, but I am only posting this little sneak preview until I can get the story completely done, because as some of you may know with my other stories I publish them and they never get done. So just incase it doesn't (and I don't care if you guys bug me about it either because then I know your reading it :) so bug me if you want but i'll try and have it done as a little maybe valentines day present for you guys or something lol) I am just going to post this as a oneshot until it is finished


I hand just got off the phone with Edward, he had hung up on me for at least the tenth time this week. I don't know why but we had been fighting a lot more lately, and about the supidest things that I could imagine. I honestly don't even know why we bothered fighting about them in the first place. I mean we've been together for a long time, and recently been engaged, you would've thought this fighting would've been over already.

Plus I don't even know what he sees in me anyway, i mean i'm just an ordinary 21yr old girl. He's just been in one of his moods more often lately, and I don't know why. Was it something I said? I thought back as far as i could and couldn't think of a single thing that I had done. Knowing him though it wasn't what I did its what I didn't do.

I look down at the beautiful engagement ring that he had bought me, about a month ago, before all this fighting had started. I was begining to wonder if I should give it back and be done, but the thought of that almost broke my heart, I loved Edward. But if he was going to be like this the rest of our lives, I didn't know if I knew him at all anymore.

I decided to go over to his house and maybe try and cheer him up, I didn't know what good it may or may not do but I had to at least give it a try. I quickly run by the store and grab all of his favorite junk foods and movies, then head to his huge house that he still lived in with his Dad and Step-Mom, (which in my oppinion she sould not be, because she is only about four years older than i am and he is 34 years old.) When I get there I see that Edward is not there. I sigh, thinking that all of this effort was pointless before I heard some people yelling in the house.

It was mumbled from outside but I could tell that Carlisles voice was screaming over someone elses, i was guessing Esme's. I got a little closer to the house and I could now hear what they were yelling. I cringe as I hear him yelling at her, and I felt the need to defend her and care for her. I've never had such a strong feeling before, it overtook me so much that I went inside and tried to find them. But then after that my courage decipated like water from a hot pan.

I listen for a minute to try and figure out what they were talking about. "YOU DECIDE NOW, AFTER ALMOST FIVE YEARS OF MARRIAGE TO TELL ME THIS?" i hear Carlisle say, i could hear Esme crying from the room. I felt so sorry for her, no one should be yelled at like that.

I hear Esme say in a very small voice. "I didn't want you to get hurt, and i havn't known for the whole time. I've only been thinking about it for about a year"

"ONLY A YEAR? THEN WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THEN YOU STUPID LITTLE BIT-" I had finally had enough and knocked on the door, opening it quickly to see them looking at me, Esme thankfully and Carlisle was furious as if i had just interupted him trying to beat the shit out of someone.

"Um I was just wondering if any of you guys knew where Edward was? Sorry I know i'm interupting." They both calm down, thinking that I didn't hear anything.

Carlisle sighed and ran his hands through his hair saying. "I don't know, he went out with his friend Jasper a while back and never told us when he would be home." I nod and begin to leave, but before I did I knew that I needed to save Esme, I don't know why or how I was going to do it but I knew it was right.

"Um Esme, would you like to come over to my house? I mean my mom is coming over later and we're going to be doing some redecorating and stuff and I'd really like your help. Will you come?" i say in the most innocent voice I could muster even though right now i'm pretty sure I wanted to kill Carlisle.

"Ya sure Bella, I'd love to." She says smiling through teary eyes, I felt a major relief when she said she would come with me, then I knew that she would be safe.

"But Esme, we were just having a discussion I really think that we should finish." Carlisle said, dominating the room with his voice. I look at him like i'm shooting daggers through his heart, he slowly shrinks back, he actualy looks kind of scared of me. I smile inwardly at the sight.

"Well Carlisle, that will have to wait, because our future daughter in law needs me." she gets up from where she is and comes over to me, puts her hand on mine and we leave. I feel an electric shock on my hand, I want to pull away, but i can't because It's almost exactly what I've been searching for. I look over to her and she smiles this smile that leaves me breathless. I mentaly smack myself for this, what was I thinking? I was in love with her step-son and she has Carlisle, well on that last one I wasn't so sure of anymore but still.

We get to my car and drive to my house, once we're there we both get out and she looks at me and says, "So when is your mom getting here?"

I smile as we both get into the house and said, "She's not realy coming over, I just said that to get you out of there, I heard part of the fight you guys were having, I don't know what it was about but I knew I had to get you out." I finally look at her after all of that and I see tears in her eyes. I quickly go to brush them away. As I do I get a good look at her, I had never noticed how beautiful she was, Her golden eyes boring into mine, and the curve of her cheek on my hand. I start stroking her cheek ever so softly, I feel her lean into my touch as i look into those amazing gold eyes.

I stop myself, letting my hand fall from her cheek, what was I thinking? I wasn't supposed to feel this way toward anyone else, especialy a woman. But I couldn't help feeling that it felt so right, unlike the past month with Edward. Nothing had felt right, especialy the sex. I didn't know if it was time to try something new or just deal with it because I know everyone has rough patches in a relationship.

I go sit down on the couch, trying to figure out everything that was going on when I felt Esme come sit becide me, leaning her whole body against mine, I knew i should be feeling this way but It felt so right. I could feel tears coming down my face now as well. I was just so confused, I felt like my sanity was hanging on by a thread, I wasn't supposed to feel this way, especialy with another woman, especialy with my future mother in law. But the way that she was stroking my cheek and her lips were so close to mine almost made me forget about all of that.

"Dont' think, just do what feels right." She whispers to me, i could smell her breath on me, it made my head spin in a million different ways. I look into her golden eyes for reassurance, all i see is love and care for me in them. I lean up very slowly and almost let our lips touch, just going on instinct, doing what feels right.

When our lips touch my heart beats double time and I feel my lips tingle in the best way. I let our lips ever so slowly melt into one another as she strokes my cheek, then my neck. I lean back all the way on the couch, letting her be on top, I let her take over in deepening the kiss. I feel her tongue slowly trace my bottom lip, making me whimper softly and opening my mouth, granting her access to it.

I feel her smile into my mouth as I feel her tongue trace over my teeth and begin to message my tongue. I moan at the feeling, this is what a real kiss should feel like, I didn't know that I was missing out on so much with Edward all these years.

I feel her warm hands slowly going under my shirt. I hesitate for a minute, taking her hands out. I see the disapointment on her face, and I say "No no I want to I really do, but i just want to go slow, i want this to last forever." I say into her neck softly, making her shiver. I get up off of the couch and take her hand, feeling that same little shock that I did when I first took her hand. I lead her to the bedroom quickly laying her down on it as we kiss again, slowly getting deeper until i feel her hands agian.

This time I don't refuse her, I let her hands travel up and down my stomach, leaving a trail of her touch on me. She very slowly goes to my chest, messaging it through my bra and leaving her intense gaze on me. I stared into those caramel colored eyes the best I could, but it was becoming very difficult because she knew exactly how to please me, making me close my eyes or roll them softly with her touch.

"Do you like this my Bella? do you like me playing with you like this." She says to me as she begins to lick my neck, making me moan and wrap one of my legs around her tighly, trying to get some friction. I wanted her now, but I knew we would have to take it slow or all too soon it would be over.

Suddenly my phone rang, I groan loudly before anwering. "What do you want?" I say in a very mean tone not really caring who it was because they ruined the best night of my life.

"don't use that tone with me." I hear Edward say in a very rough voice, my skin and blood ran cold as soon as I heard him. I knew that he wanted to start another fight tonight when he got home and I didn't feel like having to hide my bruises once again.

"I- I'm sorry sweetie, um what did you need?" I say in a scared voice, Esme looked over to me with concern as she held me close to her, not really knowing what to do.

"I need to know that you'll be home tonight because we definatly have somethings to talk about." he says sounding very angry.

I didn't know what to do, i knew I couldn't stay home but I had no where else to go. I looked at Esme for help, seeing the look on my face she whispered, "say your staying with a friend, I'll keep you safe baby." I nod quickly and begin to speak.

"Honey i can't I'm having a girls night at a hotel, It could be all night, we may even stay there." I say terrified he may catch my bluff.


"I'm sorry Edward it was just planned and you know I can't leave them hangin." I say, almost ready to cry because I was so scared.

"fine whatever but you better be home tomorow." he hangs up quickly. i drop the phone on the bed and let everything sink in before falling into Esme's hold and just crying, letting me let it all out.

"Bella what was that about? Tell me now." She says in her stern parenting voice. I look at her with such sadness, she almost begins crying and kisses me again, after that letting me go on and tell her.

"Well, since about a month ago Edward and I have been bickering at eachother, just fighting over random things, then sooner or later." I begin to cry harder and harder wtih every word "He began to become more agressive with me everywhere, not caring who was watching or what we were doing. He's left bruises on me and everything, even though now most of them are gone." I finish my story, curled up into Esme for support.

"Oh Bella" she says into my neck as she picks me up like a little child, and starts carrying me outside to my car. She puts me in the passenger side of the car and starts driving at an amazing speed while on the phone, rambling on to someone about something, I wasn't sure what they were talking about, I was too concerned about what would happen if Edward tried to hurt me again. Would he take it too far? Would something happen to me or him?

She gets off the phone finally and we begin a drive that probably should of taken us an hour at least, but with her it only took about 35 minutes, we were in Portland, going to a hotel it looked like. An expensive one at that, but none the less i was away from him and with Esme. Speaking of her, what was going to happen to us? as soon as this was over, I couldn't even think of it. I almost started to cry again, but she put her hand on my cheek and stroked it softly making all of my thoughts go away.

We pulled up into the place they take your cars and things, we went straight to a room (i'm guessing she was on the phone with the hotel) She opened the door quickly and took me into her arms just as fast, making me giggle and put my head into her neck. She laid us down on the bed, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me with so much love that I almost lost control of everything.

She put her hands up my shirt again slowly doing the same things she was doing to me earlier, i moan in excitement as she begins to message my breasts agian. She smiles at me and says, "no one can hurt you here sweetheart, your always safe with me." she says smiling to me and the minute she daid it I knew it was true.

I sit up quickly, with her looking at me questioningly but before she could do anything I quickly took off my shirt and my bra quickly laying down again and putting her hands where they had been, they felt so much better there without any clothing on. I moan into her touch as her hands to devious things to my breasts. Pinching them slowly and rubbing them, this was the most amazing woman I had ever met in my life, she knew exactly what I wanted, but to me it seemed a little too perfect.

It didn't matter what I was thinking because all coherent thought flew from my mind once her lips attached to my nipple, making me arch my back and moan in the greatest pleasure. I'd thought her lips were magic when they were kissing me, when they were playing with my breasts there was no comparison to anything in the world. "Fuck Esme, don't stop please,:" I moan quietly to her as she swiches, kissing over to my right side and giving it the same love as her hand came up and rolled my other nipple, making sure it was being pleased.

I was a mess on the bed, moaning and sighing as she played with me. She came up to my face and kissed me with want and need, I've never been kissed like that before, so carnal and needy. I moan into her mouth, making her moan with me. She brings her hand down ever so slowly to my soaked and clothed pussy, rubbing it through my pants making me scream softly and thrust myself into her hand hard wanting her more now than ever.

"Baby please, please I need you so much." i say breathily as she unbuttons my jeans quickly and takes them off along with my soaked through panties, making me moan when the cold air hits it. She places her hand on my lips, slowly playing with them as she kisses me very deeply, making me spread my legs and almost beg for her to hurry, but i didn't need to anymore. She began to very slowly pump one finger in and out of my wet cunt, teasing me to no end. I wish that she could fill me all the way.

"Do you like this Bella? do you like me playing with your sweet pussy." She moans into my ear before looking at me with such an intense gaze. i moan louder and start kissing her neck up and down biting occasionaly as she adds 3 more fingers in me ever so slowly. I knew I was kind of tight but this was just amazing, she filled me up all the way and knew the spots to hit that would drive me insane. Before I knew it I was cumming all over her hand.

"Esme baby, shit i'm cumming fuckfuckfuck.." I scream as I feel the knot in my stomach explode, sending waves of pleasure all over my body. I began to see little white and colored dots in my vision, my head hit the pillows with a thud as my breathing goes from hyperventelating to loud panting. I look up at her smiling before I take her head in my hands and kiss her softly.

"Your so amazing." I say after I kiss her softly and smile up at her sweetly. I see her eyes sparkle into mine and I want to cry. This is a very bittersweet moment, I didn't know what to say or do, or whether this was just a one time thing or not, now that it's happened i preay that this is not just a one time thing and she'll say it was a mistake like with almost all the other guys i've dated or screwed.

She smiles at me and kisses my nose before saying that she was going to get us something to drink. She got up and I already missed her by my side, but she was back quickly, with loss of a few articles of clothing. I smile at her and take the water she gave me, drank it quickly and then cuddled up to her like a little girl and turned on the TV and just laid there as she stroked my back soflty, occasionaly kissing my hair. I smile up at her and kiss her cheek softly saying "thank you so much."

What for sweetie?" she asks me.

"For saving me, I now realize that there was love in other places becides Edward, which i'm not even sure if he loves me or just loves beating me." I say the last part and it was almost like a realization that I had just had, maybe he doesn't love me. Maybe he's just been keeping me around for a little punching bag.

"I wouldn't know sweetheart, but what I do know is if it happens again you better get out before I have to do something about it," she says to me softly, I smile and nod cuddling into even tighter.

"umm, so where do we go from here?" I say very nervously of the answer to the question.

"umm, i'm not really sure, but what I am sure of is that we have ourselves a very complicated situation here. Umm, I don't know, but what else I also know is that as long as you want this to go on I will let it, because Carlisle and me,,, Well, I'm not sure, but if you ever need me call me okay? I will always come get you anytime anywhere and we can have another "girls night" okay?" she says the last part with a laugh, making me laugh as well.

Hey why don't we get on to bed then huh? I think you need it by the looks of it." she says smiling as she sees my head bow quickly and jerk back up. I look at her and smile before getting us comfortable. I look into her eyes, and all I see is love for me hopefuly, and there was some slight concern but that's understandable. I kiss her nose before smiling and saying in a small childs voice. "please don't ever disapear from me okay? I want us to be like this forever." I say before falling asleep in her arms.