Chapter 16: NCIS

Warning: I don't know; maybe language and innuendo somewhere along the way.

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Abby Sciuto

When the song finished, a girl that was eerily similar in dress to Drusilla went to the front: in an all-black cape which completely covered her outfit with gloves that went up her arms, holding a black lace parasol.

"I know I should have talked before, when everyone else was saying what they wanted to say about Buffy, but what I had to say needed to be said when the service was over because that's when it would make the most sense," she babbled at nearly Willow-speed.

"Oh, I'm Abby Sciuto, by the way. A few years ago, a co-worker and good friend of mine was killed by a terrorist who was trying to make another co-worker and friend go crazy or something, but I guess that's not important right now. Anyway, I was in a serious funk about Kate; wouldn't even drink Caf-Pow because she used to tease me about it and now she wouldn't do that again and it just felt wrong to drink it when she couldn't give me a hard time.

"Everyone thinks that I'm pre-occupied with death because I dress in all black and sleep in a coffin…again, maybe more than you needed to know for this. Umm, so Buffy found me, sitting in front of the Vietnam Memorial Wall, just studying the names and wondering if we could do the same thing at NCIS.

"It was the weirdest thing; she just said that Kate loved me like a sister. The fact she even knew who I was thinking about should have made me feel suspicious, but all I could do was ask her how she knew. She told me that Kate visited her in a dream the night before to ask a favor. The guys were hurting too, but they'd deal in their own way. Kate was worried about me. To prove that Kate really had spoken to her, Buffy relayed some private stuff that nobody else knew except the two of us.

"Finally, after I cried and screamed and everything in between – which was kinda what Kate was waiting for me to do – Buffy passed along one last request from her. She understood that I needed to mourn, but then Kate wanted me to celebrate her life. Buffy said the same thing; that when she died, she wanted her loved ones to cry for a while, then cheer that her fight was over.

"So to honor her the best way I know, I'd like to give Buffy a traditional New Orleans jazz send-off, just like I did for Kate," Abby declared, opening her cape to reveal a cherry red peasant blouse with a flirty white skirt. The knee-high buckle and chain boots seemed a tad out of place, but somehow Abby was able to look comfortable in them.

Then she pulled out an MP3 player that must have had great speakers because everyone could hear the upbeat jazz music bouncing off the trees. They watched in bemusement for a few seconds as the odd woman began dancing away from the memorial site. Dawn was the first one to move to join her, which caused the rest of the crowd to shrug and start dancing too.

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