The characters aren't mine they belong to the great and genius J.K. Rowling.

Chapter 1

It's the end of the war against Voldemort and the light side had won. There was a few surprises after the battle like the Malfoy' were working with Severus Snape to help take down Voldemort. But the light side has lost people like Mad Eye Moody, Dennis Creevey. Tonks and Remus were at Saint Mungo's still in critical condition. The golden trios were getting ready to leave the hospital after their last check up.

Hermione and Ron have been dating since they were on the hunt for the horcrux'. Their relationship did go through a tough time when Ron had left Harry and Hermione in the tent. But what Hermione didn't know was while Ron was gone he had meet up with Pansy Parkinson. Pansy was dating Draco Malfoy at the time as well but he wasn't paying her too much attention so she decides to cheat on him with Ron. Ron loved the fact that he would have taken something from Draco. Pansy and Ron decided to still see each other even after the war but to keep it quiet.

After the golden trio left the hospital they went to the Borrow. Ron went and sent an owl to Pansy to see if they can meet up somewhere. Then Ron went to take a shower and an owl had come back and Hermione took it to hand it off to whoever it belonged to. She saw it was to Ron so she had put it in his room on his bed and then went back downstairs to help finish making lunch. Ron had finished his shower and was getting dressed when he saw the note he thought Harry had left it for him. So he read it and left it in his sock drawer.

"Hey mum I am going to meet up with Seamus and Dean in Diagon Alley; I will get something to eat at the Leaky Cauldron. K." said Ron on the way out the door.

"Hermione can you be a dear and take the laundry off the line and put them away. I would appreciate it and I can finish lunch." Asked Molly Weasley.

"Of course I will do it now." Replied Hermione.

Hermione went out and folded the clothes and was on the way to Ron and Harry' room to put their clothes away. Upon opening Ron's sock drawer Hermione saw a note and pulled it out and put his socks inside and the letter back as well until he saw it was from Pansy Parkinson. Hermione sat on Ron's bed and read the letter to find out it was the one she had put on his bed and that Ron had left to meet up with her. She started crying and Harry and Ginny just walked in and saw her.

"Hermione what's wrong?" asked a worried Harry. Instead of answering Hermione ran out of the room and the letter falling to the floor. Ginny followed Hermione to their room and pulled Hermione to her so she could cry on her shoulder. Mean while Harry read the note, to say he was pissed would be an understatement. Harry went to the girls' room and pulled Hermione to him and handed the note to Ginny. Ginny was pissed and just sat on her bed combing her fingers through Hermione' hair talking silently to Harry.

When Ron came home he noticed that Hermione had red puffy eyes and Harry and Ginny glaring at him. He walked over to talk to them but was stopped by his mother.


"Mum wha-" Ron was cut off by a slap to the face from Hermione.

"How could you cheat on me? I have done nothing to deserve this. I even forgave you leaving us in the tent. I hate you Ronald Weasley we are over" said Hermione. Molly drew Hermione into arms and sent a glare to Ron when she saw he was going to say something.

Ron stomped up to his room pissed off. 'how did she even find out I was cheating on her' he thought. He just went to bed. Harry had asked if he could sleep in the Charlie's or Bill's room from now on and Mrs. Weasley agreed.

The next day Harry and Ginny took Hermione to Diagon Alley to cheer her up. They went with her to Flourish and Blot's and Harry paid for any books she chooses. On the way to the Leaky Cauldron they ran into Draco Malfoy. Harry, Hermione, Ginny and Draco made amends after the war.

"Hey Potter, Ginny, Hermione" said Draco in greeting. He noticed that Hermione was quite and had a distant look in her eyes. He looked to Harry and Ginny and saw they shook their heads. Harry pulled him from the girls after telling Ginny to go ahead and order for him. Ginny nodded her head and went inside with Hermione.

"What's going on Potter? What happened to Hermione?" asked Draco.

"Well yesterday she was helping Mrs. Weasley by folding the laundry and putting them away and when she went to put Ron's clothes away she found a letter from Pansy Parkinson to meet up here at the Leaky Cauldron. Wait stop here read this if you don't believe me." Replied Harry cutting Draco off from interrupting him. Draco was furious thinking that Harry was telling him a lie. After reading the letter and check for any spells that will say it was a fake he made a copy and handed the original to Harry before storming off.

Harry knew what Draco was going to do but right now he needed to get inside and be there for Hermione. Ten minutes later Draco walked back in with a slap hand print on his face. He headed towards their table upon arriving he pulled Hermione to him.

"Don't you think for one moment that you are not worth anything because you are. Ron was so stupid to cheat on you and Pansy is a slut. So I want you to keep your head up and put a smile back on that beautiful face. Now how about I join you guys and then we can go do some shopping." Said Draco. He nudged Hermione's chin up and saw her give a small smile and then he nodded and sat down after he helped her back in her seat. Draco noticed Ginny had tears in her eye but she was smiling along with Harry.

The four sat and had lunch and then went shopping again. But this time Draco took them to a boutique so the girls could get new outfits. He told the sales lady that anything that Hermione got it was to be put on his bill. Harry did the same for Ginny. At the end Hermione got 3 pairs of pants. And 3 halter tops in green, purple, and red; 2 camisoles on in pink and the other in silver. She also got 1 cardigan in black, 3 skirts in Black, White and Red. She then got 6 pairs of ballet flats in green, silver, pink, purple, black and red. She gave Draco a hug and said thank you for her new outfits and shoes. He kissed her temple and told her it was nothing. Ginny go the same things but all heels in green, silver, pink, purple, black and red. She figured that since Hermione and she wore that same size shoes they could share.

Everyone agreed to meet up in a week to go school shopping and Draco asked Hermione if he could owl her and she agreed. With that Draco left to the Manor and the other 3 went back to the Borrow.

Upon entering the Borrow they were meet with an irate Ron at the door.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" Ron said to Hermione.

"Back the hell off Ron, you aren't her boyfriend anymore. And she was with me." Replied Harry. That's when Ron threw a punch in Harry's face and Harry punched him back until Molly came into the kitchen and order them to stop.

"Now who is going to tell me what this fight was about?" said an irate Molly.

"Well I was just asking Hermione where the Hell she has been and Harry got in my face." Replied a pissed Ron.

"Well Ronald you have no right to even ask Hermione where she has been. She broke up with you last night after finding out you cheated on her. And you are grounded until you head back to Hogwarts for school. So march up to your room now." Replied Molly while Ron stomped to his room and slamming his door. "Harry dear come here so I can get rid of that bruise for you and thank you for standing up for Hermione. You do know that I think of you and Hermione as my children so don't worry about fighting with Ron."

Harry nodded because he was actually worried that Molly would kick him out for fighting with Ron. So after getting fixed up he helped carry the girls' bags to their room. Once done he pulled Hermione to him and told her not to worry that he will keep Ron from her. She nodded and went to the bathroom to change for bed.

"Thank you for my new outfits Harry. And also for protecting Hermione" said Ginny giving a hug and a goodnight kiss. Harry left the room to Bill's old room to bed.

Hermione returned to her room with Ginny and climbed into bed. And cried herself to sleep with Ginny holding her.