Chapter 9

Draco and Hermione and the rest of the students returned to school to notice that two of their classmates were missing. They would be finding out what was going on the next day when it will be in the Daily Prophet. If you looked up at the head table you would see twinkling blue eyes that belonged to the headmaster and Severus rolling his eyes at said headmaster.

Of course the two professors have heard from Lucius and Narcissa about the events that had happened. Severus was happy to see his godson and his wife safe and happy. Lucius had showed him the memory of what happened before Lucius went to the past to change the events.

The students were excused from the great hall and they went to bed with many questions.

The next morning at breakfast it was utter chaos after the Daily Prophet was delivered. Some were angry at Ron and Pansy and some were angry that Hermione was accepted by the Malfoy's. You see there was a notice in the paper of Draco's and Hermione's vow renewal. Some of the pureblood girls in Slytherin were hoping for the chance with the Malfoy Heir.

Draco just sent glares at those girls and told them that they never had a chance and to just give up and move on. The girls took the words to heart knowing that the Parkinson's were now banned from Society and they didn't want that for their fate.

Theo said congratulations to Draco and went back to his breakfast. The Gryffindors on the other hand were shunning Hermione for marring the enemy until Harry stood up.

"She doesn't need nor care for your approval she has mine and yes I was there along with Ginny at the wedding so if you have a problem, well to fucking bad and mind your own business." Yelled harry for all to here. He received a standing ovation from the other houses and professors. It seems that Hermione and Draco's marriage will bring house unity to Hogwarts with Harry's help.

With that Hermione and Harry, Ginny and Draco left the great hall heading to their classes. The rest of the day Hermione and Draco received countless of congrats. They finally headed to their rooms to sleep.

The rest of the term went by with students getting stressed the closer that OWLS/NEWTS came. But finally the tests were finally over and now Draco and Hermione with the teachers finally put the final touches to the great hall for the graduation ball.

"We are finally done with school and we only have our vow renewal to come and go and we can live our lives in some peace and quiet. Maybe have a few children running around and you finding your dream job even though you don't have to work. But I know you want to." Said Draco hugging Hermione from behind.

"I have been thinking about starting my own business. I want to be a graphic designer. What that is that I will design logos, ads, stuff in that area for companies and business. And eventually own my own Magazine or Newspaper company. What do you think?" replied Hermione.

"Anything you want love. You can join Malfoy Inc. and be our PR and start your business there." Replied Draco.

"That would be great Draco. Thank you for loving me." Replied Hermione giving Draco a mind blowing kiss.

Two weeks later was Hermione's and Draco's vow renewal and Hermione was in her room getting the final touches done on her hair when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in" said Hermione.

"Hermione you look beautiful, just like a Lady Malfoy always should. But I was wondering if you wanted me to walk you down the aisle." Said Lucius.

"I would love for you too but my brother wants to do it. He was always my protector when we were young. I hope you don't mind." Replied Hermione.

"Not at all dear and you may call me Lucius or father, whatever wish. And you are very beautiful." Replied Lucius kissing her head and leaving her room.

The wedding went beautifully just like the first time around but this time Draco had Harry, Theo, and Blaise as his Groomsmen and Hermione had Ginny, Luna and Minerva as her bridesmaids. Severus was sitting next to Hermione's mom and Lucius and Narcissa on the other side watching Severus flirt with Mrs. Granger shamelessly.

Towards the end of the reception found Severus and Mrs. Granger in a heated snogging session. Hermione was happy for her mom to find someone that would treat her right and Hermione hoped that Severus would become her second stepfather. Hermione found her brother making out with Astoria Greengrass. Hermione was happy for her family but she was happier that she was going to have a big and loving family she always wanted.

-years later-

Hermione and Draco had 3 children 2 boys and a girl. They are still happily married and loved and doted on their grand children. Lucius and Narcissa loved having the manor filled with children and laughter.

Severus did marry Hermione's mum and became the Headmaster when Albus and Minerva had passed on. They had a son together who grew up to be just as smart as Hermione and the potion master and teaches potions.

Hermione's brother had married Astoria Greengrass and had 4 children 2boys and 2 girls. And many grandchildren.

Harry and Ginny Married and had 3 children as well, 2 boys and 1 girl. And many grandchildren.

Pansy and Ron served 25 years in Azkaban and left London to the Americas to marry and children of their own.

Everyone else lived to live their dreams and happy fulfilling lives until they passed.


The part of the story where Hermione was raped by her father and stepfather really happened to me. I have found others that I consider fathers to me. I never did marry and I don't plan to. I live day to day with the pain and hurt that my father and stepfather had caused but day by day I live my life to the fullest. My rapist have gone to jail for their crimes but not their full terms due to them being on good behavior. Now I live thousands of miles away from both but I will always never feel safe. But I have my friends and the rest of my family for support. Thank you for reading this story I hope you enjoyed it. It helped me heal a little more as well. Have a good day and god bless.