"Dean- No I can't I have a boyfriend..." Harry trailed off as the mouth on his neck moved up to his ear and nibbled softly on the lobe.

"He's an asshole."

"But-Dean..." Contrary to his words Harry's arms slipped around the Americans neck.

"If you want me to stop, one word from you and I won't kiss you for the rest of my stay in England.

"I- Okay." Dean went to pull away but Harry's hand on his bicep stopped him, "No I mean stay. Stay here with me. Be with me."

"Okay." The taller male wrapped Harry in his long arms and pulled him closer while their lips found each other again.

"Dean..." Harry moaned softly under his breath.


"Don't hurt me." Dean looked down into Harry's wide emerald eyes and ran his fingers through the messy mane. He was reminded at that moment just how small his beautiful little Harry was and how fragile his body was even if his magic was the strongest in the world.

"I'd never hurt you." Harry seemed to accept that as an appropriate answer because he leaned up and claimed Dean's soft lips. He allowed Dean to lift him in one smooth motion and wrapped his legs around the slim waist at the Hunters insistence. His hands became tangled in short light brown strands as Dean began slowly walking towards the main bedroom. One of his large hands was on the back of Harry's thigh and the other was supporting his upper back just in case he leaned backwards. When they finally reached the closed door to Harry's bedroom Dean was forced to pull away from their kiss in order to open the door, much to Harry's disappointment if the slight whimper was anything to go by.

Dean allowed the two of them to fall onto the bed locked together in yet another passionate kiss. Harry's hands unlocked from his neck once he realized that there was no way he could possibly fall to the ground and allowed himself to trail his hands down Deans frame. The pads of his fingers outlined toned pecs and abs over the thin black shirt which certainly hadn't left much to the imagination. Harry just needed to make sure everything was as perfect as the shirt made it feel so he slipped his fingers under to meet warm skin. He was pleased to note that everything was in order as his hands moved up Dean's shirt, as his fingers moved up Dean's stomach the muscles under his fingers concaved and a laugh escaped through their joined lips. He was ticklish, that was news to Harry, and he decided to let it go but store the information away for later use.

Dean once again broke their kiss and Harry pouted as Dean sat up, moving the welcoming weight from Harry's body. The Hunter smirked but tugged his own shirt off before moving to also pull Harry's off. The soft slightly pale skin that was laid out in front of him for his eyes to feast on was perfect in its own imperfect way. Dean's lips descended on one particular scar that ran diagonally across Harry's body from his shoulder to his waist and he had to wonder how much that would have hurt. He didn't want Harry to ever be hurt again; he was too good, too selfless for what life had thrown at him.

Harry pulled Deans mouth from the white scar with impatient hands. He guided those soft lips back to his own with an urgency that shocked even himself but Dean grinned and leaned back down to meet him halfway. Harry relaxed into the gentle touch from those rough fingers and allowed Dean to take control of their situation.


"You're beautiful." Dean murmured as he ran his hands through Harry's hair and over his face as they laid together in a post-coital bliss.

"I'm male."

"So? You're still beautiful." Dean moved a lock of hair behind Harry's ear and grazed his soft cheek in the process, "He doesn't deserve you Harry." He whispered with a sombre tone.

"He'll never let me go."

"Then don't ask." Dean pressed a soft kiss to the slight bruise at Harry's temple, "Just leave."

"He'll come after me." Harry leaned into the touch unconsciously, his eyes drifting close as Deans fingers trailed from his waist to his hips, "He'll always come after me."
"Not if you leave with me. If the FBI can't find us then neither can your derranged boyfriend." Harry broke out of Dean's grip and rolled away from the Hunter.

"I...can't. I can't. I shouldn't have done this, I love him, I do... And he said, he said he'll never do it again he's just stressed because of the team."

"Harry, how many times has he said that?" Dean followed Harry out of bed and pulled on his underwear in the process. He didn't quite understand why Harry had changed his attitude so suddenly but at least they could address the subject instead of leaving it simmering between them or days.

"Dean, don't..."

"Harry," Dean took his shoulders in his hands and gave him a slight shake, "Don't you understand. He's not going to stop and it wasn't just once."

"Stop it." Harry knocked Dean's arms away from him and went to search for his clothes which were scattered around the room, "Just stop it."

"It wasn't sex. I know what sex feels like and what we just did...was so much more than that."

"Leave Dean. Just...please leave."

"You know I'm right though." Dean said and he shut the door behind him.

Harry collapsed onto the side of the bed and buried his head in his hands. To anyone that would ask, he wasn't crying, he just had something in his eye.


Hermione was sat on one of the couches in her personal library with Sam Winchester sat opposite her, she found it amusing that the book he held open on his lap was bigger than the one on her own. She was dying to speak up and talk to him about Harry and his brother but he seemed to be so immersed in the information that she didn't want to disturb him.

"What's up?" He asked, his eyes raising up from the book to look at her.

"How did you...?"

"Well when you research with Dean on a regular basis it's not hard to notice when there's a question hanging around."

"Okay, well I was just wondering if you've noticed the behaviour between Harry and Dean. I mean, is it just me or has something happened between them?"

"No, it's not just you. I've been wondering the same thing there's tension between them but I don't know what it's come from."

"Do you think you can get him to tell you?"

"No way, Dean closes off every time emotions are brought up. Unless he brings them up himself...It the only time I can get anything out of him."

"Harry seems really upset with him. I just hope they haven't done something...regrettable."

"What? Like...slept together?"


"Erm-" Sam's answer was cut off by Dean's entrance into the room with bags of greasy take-out. Hermione had apologised earlier on behalf of her husband who had once again forgotten to go shopping after his shift at the Ministry.

"Hey you crazy kids." Dean grinned as he dropped down onto one of the sofas."

"Out!" Hermione shouted, "Out! Out! Out! No eating in here!" She shooed them out, even going as far as to push them out of the library and right into Ron who was innocently walking passed.

"You took food in there didn't you?" He asked in a knowing tone after the door has slammed behind them.

"Yeah, dude she went mental."

"Tell me about it. You might as well go eat in the kitchen. I'll drag her down in a sec." He said with a grin as he opened the door.

"What was up with her? Se totally went school librarian on our asses."

"To be honest Dean a lot of those books in there are rare and expensive, I kinda get why she went mental."

"Whatever dude. Let's eat."

They were interrupted from their food by a loud and impatient knocking at the front door followed by a shout of 'Got it!' from Hermione who must have only been at the top of the stairs. Dean groaned and practically threw down his burger in frustration as he stood up and made his way to the main hallway, gun in hand.

"Will you at least make it look like you aren't holding a gun? We do have regular guests you know." Dean rolled his eyes at the witch and tucked it under the belt of his jeans and pulled his shirt down to cover it. Hermione gave him a small smile of thanks before opening the door again.

"Her-Hermione." Came a small voice as soon as she swung it open.

"Oh my God! Harry! What happened?" She exclaimed as Harry stood in the open doorway with blood trickling down his face, his hand pressed to a wound in his leg and a shirt with the majority of the buttons missing. She immediately jumped forward to help him limp into the house wearily.

"Hermione is Dean here? I need to-" His words trailed off as he saw the Hunter step forward and help him into the house.

"First-Aid kit?" He asked her as he lifted Harry fully into his arms and took him into the living-room where he laid him down onto the couch.

"I don't want to stain-"

"I'll buy Hermione a new couch. Stay still Harry." Dean pushed him flat on his back and pressed his hand tightly against, what he could now make out, a stab wound in his thigh.

"What happened? Was it...?" Dean stopped talking as a brief look of emotional pain flittered across his features.

"He got violent and you were right, he never planned on stopping. So I tried to leave and I don't know how it happened, all of a sudden I was dragged down to the floor and then he stabbed me. I couldn't stop him. I-I couldn't..." Harry's face was buried in Dean's neck and tears were running freely down his face as he sobbed.
"Oh God, Harry. He didn't try to...rape you? Did he?" Dean rubbed Harry's back as the brunette nodded against his neck.

"Son of a Bitch. I'm gonna rip his goddamn lungs out."

"He tried. I think my magic lashed out at him because he was flying across the room and I was free so I ran and apparated here."

"And now you're safe." Dean promised as he wiped away a smear of blood and kissed him full on the lips, Harry replied with a slight press back but then he feel back against the couch with a hiss as Deans hand tightened slightly.

"Shit sorry." Dean looked around to see where everyone else was and noticed that they were standing around the room, including Hermione who was standing at the doorway in shock, with a green box in her hand.

"Dean," Harry whispered, "You know when you go back home?"

"Yeah?" Dean leaned in closer to hear Harry's soft reply.

"I'm going with you." And he passed out.

A/N – So my first posted Harry/Dean, I've been writing bits of different plots for a while but I thought I might as well post something. This is just a One-Shot at the moment but it is a part of something bigger that I've had in my head for a while, if you'd like me to continue then let me know but it may not be for a while, I've got a lot going on.

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